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  1. Video! http://s725.photobucket.com/user/fatandfancy/media/IMG_3010_zps5eqjkdyd.mp4.html?o=0
  2. I am. The package only says to treat 4 days but do you think I should continue? (Metro and triple sulfa)
  3. Update: The fish have been moved back to a fully cleaned 60 gallon. I did not add any plants or decor, just some sand in the bottom (instead of the gravel I had before). They are swimming and showed a little bit of interest in food. The blood streaks are considerably better
  4. kanaplex still isn't here. Do you think that would make the difference and do you have an idea of what the blood spots are?
  5. Redness is new but better than when they first entered into the quarantine tank because their fins were beginning to get bloodshot and frayed like the pearlscales. Been on the tri sulfa and metro cocktail for three days, tomorrow will be 4. They are noticeably weak when I pick them up. It's better than when they were in the main tank but I'm sort of at a loss.
  6. <iframe width="480" height="360" src="http://s725.photobucket.com/user/fatandfancy/embed/slideshow/Mobile%20Uploads"></iframe>
  7. I'm sorry for the string of typos I usually post responses from my phone. Their tails are not shredded, which I take as a good sign because the pearlscales had deteriorated tails. Recruiting boyfriend to help with the photo taking now. They are being treated with metronidazole and tri sulfa. Boiled the filter media for 45 minutes and soaked in bleach for about the same amount of time. Should I bleach again?
  8. I went through with it and followed the very non scientific ratio of filling the tank full with water and dumping a lot of bleach in. I have filled and drained about 6 times (running the filters with only the bio wheels in them for 15 minutes in between each water change). I can't even smell the bleach anymore but I will rinse a few more times to be safe. Cat, I boiled my bio filter media in salt water per your recommendation. Soaked plants in bleach solution as well. It's crazy how much more crystal clear the glass looks. I will not reuse the same gravel (switching. To a really small amount of sand). Derp and Lion-o are still alive in their quarantine bucket. Their slime coat still feels strange when I handle them. Sort of sludgy and easily wiped off (not that I try, it just sheds easily). They tails are be shredded like the pearlscales. I still want to take a pic to show you all later.
  9. Uh, I wish I could just buy them to keep them on hand. I am a doctoral student and live in Miami on a teeny tiny stipend. So in debt and in the red than it seriously is a tough decision between antibiotics and groceries for the remainder of the week. I can't wait to actually make decent money so I don't have to live so constrained!
  10. I agree! I want to be overly cautious in disinfecting. Chai- Yes Ma'am, I will finish the full course of meds before I re-add them to the tank. I hate that I have lost my bio filter, but I want the plague gone from my tank! I have mixed feelings on how they are doing in the quarantine bucket. I see them swimming around a lot more but it seems like they are not eating. Water parameters are good. Fins are less blood streaked but there seems to be a red tinge over their bodies. Nothing is outright bleeding but their slime coat feels thick and sloughs off to the touch. I can try and take photos but it requires me handling them to do so, so I may wait for the boyfriend to get home to help.
  11. Update: I just did a 90% water change on the quarantine bucket and re-medicated. Knock on wood, but they are looking more lively! Derp (my bronze fantail) is my oldest fish and has survived all but the apocalypse, so I am hoping so much that he makes a full recovery. I broke down my 60 gallon last night. Scooped out all the gravel, removed plants. I was researching about bleach and vinegar for disinfecting. What would you all recommend? I also need to disinfect my python hose as that's the device I used to drain the tank. Ratios for how to mix the cleaning solution would be nice. I do not know if I can just run the solution through my filters (I have penguin biowheels) or if I have to soak the filters separately. Also, I have ceramic rings and the foam/pad material (the method Tithra described in her video on how to put filter media in a HOB filter that's not carbon) Can I even clean them? :thanks
  12. It's literally he largest container I have. I also have stability from seachem that I can add daily. Would that help the water a bit in addition to the 100% water changes?
  13. Good points all. Sadly, despite treating the water with both tri sulfa and metronidazole (I found some in store) all of the pearlies succumbed to the infection. All that is left is my young lio head and my oldest fish (a bronze fantail). I will continue to treat them. Would you advise moving them to a 10 gallon bucket with air tubing and de chlorinated water? I want the antibiotics to be as condensed as possible and I am worried that the 60 gallon is just a soup of bacteria and parasites.
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