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  1. Wow.. I will answer as best as I can.. I'm new and have made mistakes! Please don't shoot! Ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 0, ph 7.6. I don't know about the tap water... I didn't think to test it... I'm using API master test kit. Pond is 500L. Have been doing 20% changes every other day. Fish are baby comets. About 5cm. It's been running a couple of weeks. I have no idea about the filter, my partner set all that up. It turns over 1000L per hour. Only added dechlorinator. No unusual behaviours, the sick one has been the most active until tonight.
  2. Sorry, duh! I should have given more info, slightly panicking. I can't believe I'm so attached to a goldfish I've had for a week... He's in a new outdoor pond. No it wasn't cycled. I didn't research and had no idea it needed to be water seems ok, ammonia and nitrites are 0. Lots of plants. Only additives was the dechlorinator. I've been doing 20% water changes every second day. Have been feeding them flakes, but have since read that pallets are better so will get some next time I'm at the fish shop. He doesn't look sick. I can't see anything physically wrong with him, but I also don't have much of a clue what I'm looking for...
  3. Hi, I bought 5 goldfish last week. This evening I went to feed them and noticed my favourite (the most social!) looks like he's on deaths door. He's not swimming, clamped fins, just... Floating. Help!! How do I help him?!
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