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  1. Approx 500l, only small.
  2. Hi, one of my pond babies looks to have ich. Can someone please tell me how to treat this? Can I treat it in the pond with the others? I have absolutely nowhere to quarantine her.
  3. It's 500l approx, been running about 3 months. It's a container built into a garden bed lol. I have 7 baby comets (I know I'm overstocked). I have no idea about the filter, my partner set all that up. I'll go find the box and have a look.
  4. I'm still "new" at this so sorry for the stupid questions!! How often do I need to clean the pressure filter? And.. Errr... How do I do that? I really don't want to mess with the filter media, it took me so long to get right lol. Should I be getting rid of the algae? Some say it's good, some say it's not depending on who I talk to! How often should I be changing the water? I was topping up about 25% daily but only because I had a leak. That's fixed now so haven't been changing water for the last week. Again, people say different things. Thanks!
  5. So I have been reading a lot about ponds and winter, but am I right in thinking it doesn't really apply to australia? It obviously doesn't snow here, so has a zero chance of freezing over lol. But it does get quite cold (well, for me!) average max daytime temp of around 15C, night can sometimes get below zero. Pond is quite shallow, around 40cm deep. Am I ok to leave them outside over winter?
  6. Cool names! I named my fish the minute I got them, I'd be devastated if any of them died! I have Bonnie Clyde Olivia Vivian Vallenween Jonah Jane Maura
  7. No advice, but one of my fish is named Clyde too.
  8. Mine are still babies, but my current life goal is to break the world record LOL. I think it's like 44 years? Does anyone know how to tell how old fish are when you purchase them? My shubunkins are approx 2.5" body length, they're the biggest in the pond at the moment.
  9. New goldfish addict here! I want to buy ALL the fish! Although, I seem to be alone in my liking of single tails! I currently have 5 comets and 2 shubunkins, and am pining after a plain old common! Fancies, while I think some are very pretty, just don't interest me me at all! In fact, I find some of them rather ugly. Lol. Anyone else?! Or am I strange?
  10. Thanks so much shakaho! You're a fountain of knowledge!
  11. Ok, I did a rough measure with a ruler as it was all I could find, so may not be entirely accurate. 40cm x 50cm x 200cm = approx 400L. Much smaller than I thought, and means I'm overstocked Not sure what to do now.
  12. It's stupid hard to get a pic of all 7! Please excuse the crappy iPad quality photo. I'm in love!
  13. I will measure later this arvo I am so addicted... I see very little money in my future. I want more ponds!
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