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  1. The tap reads 0 for Ammonia, and comes out at 7.6 pH.
  2. Tank: Ammonia: .25ppm, Nitrite: 0, Nitrate: 30ppm, pH: 7.8 I have a 75g tank with an Aqueon 55g external (hanging off the edge) filter with a ton of bio-beads in it, as well as a Tetra Whisper 40g internal (hanging inside) filter filled to the brim with bio-beads, as well as gravel, and some filter media inside the 55g filter, but for some reason, my ammonia will never fall below .25ppm! There are 5 fish currently in the tank, one that is 6 inches while the others are 2 inches or less, and the cycle has been going for at least a year. When I change my water, I always make sure to condition it before any chlorine can affect the bacteria, so what am I missing? Is there not enough oxygen in my tank to support the bacteria's growth (i dont have an air stone)? Im stumped! Thanks to anyone with some insight!
  3. - Please disreguard this post, I replied by mistake. Sorry!
  4. The zits never pop, they simply shrink and disappear with time. Ammonia: .25ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrate: 30ppm pH: 7.8 (Tap I would say is default 0 because I treat water with Prime with every change) I use the API test kit (drops) Water temp: 68-75 Tank size: 75g, running for 1 year with current bio-media setup (I use bio beads, more than recommended for 75gal) I use an Aquafina 55g filter I change 75+% water 1x/wk Last water change: 1wk- 75% # of fish: one 6in, four 2in Conditioner: Seachem Prime with every water change Feed: Repashy Soilent Green 3x/day, Repashy Meat Pie 3x/wk New fish: yes but they were QT'ed for 3 weeks (with prazi pro, paraguard) Meds in tank: never, unless entire tank is infected with something, then I treat accordingly. Treatments for fish: Prazi Pro about 6 months ago- full 7 day treatment. Paraguard 1hr soak treatment for 3 days about 1 month ago. Any other treatments happened a year or more ago (he has never showed signs of illness- no need to treat) Signs of illness: None other than these zits and the one lump in photo. Unusual behavior: None. He is alert, active, eats regularly, and is not constipated.
  5. So, Ive had my Hibuna for about 2 years now, and he has always gotten what look like zits on his face (only). As well as these zits (he only gets one at a time, they end up disappearing after a few weeks), he developed what looks like a tumor(?) under one of his scales, and that is continuing to grow after having it for a few months. I have a second Hibuna (he is 4yrs) that has the same lumps under a few of his scales, but it has never hindered the two fish. They are eating regularly, are active, alert, no pineconing, no red streaks on fins, no eye-popping, no fungal growths, no symptoms/ appearance of paracites, no other sign of disease other than these zits and weird tumor lumps. My parameters are: Amm: 0-.25ppm | NO2: 0ppm | NO3: 0-20ppm | pH: 7.4-8 Came here to get ideas, I have no idea what this could possibly be. Ive tried antibiotic soaks, salt, broad spectrum treatments, dewormed, you name it. I just dont want this to affect my fish later in their lives. First pic is the tumor lump, the second is of the zit. Thank you for any information.
  6. So this is his zit/tumor growth thing. This picture was taken a week ago and by now the growth is almost twice that size.
  7. Basically, I need to know how to differenciate between the two. I have a fish that has been with me for about a year, and in the past month or so I have noticed a small growth on his face that started as a nub and is now a large white lump sort of hanging off of his face. In a week the mass has tripled in size and I'm worried about whether I should remove it or not. Will it pop eventually? Is it a tumor? How can I tell? (I would post a picture but I can't figure out how, so if anyone wants to tell me how to do that, seeing the problem will be a little easier. Ive never used the forum before, as you can tell.) Thank you for any info.
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