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  1. Hey guys! I'm sorry to be posting in this area, but I am down to one goldfish due to a power outage while we were on vacation. She (I think, there's no breeding stars that I've seen and I haven't seen her chase anybody) has been acting sad this whole week. She lived with Lilly for a year+ at least, and now that Lilly is gone, she's just been hiding in one of the corners of the aquarium. I did a 50% H20 change, and put some algae wafers in there and she didn't touch those (normally they'd go wild on those), and she doesn't seem to have ate much food either. I think she would be happier with other goldfish to swim with, but with a new puppy on the way and my husband working so much, I'm afraid that we won't be able to give the aquarium the attention it needs to justify getting another fish. I'm not sure what her weight is, but she's about the size of my size 6 hand - so about 5 inches or so with the tail, maybe more. and about as close to golf ball size as can be, and about 2 years old. I've never seen her act aggressive, she just took to Lilly when we first got her and always stuck by her side. She was sold to us as a Crown Pearlscale, but really, I think she's a pearlscale/oranda hybrid. Just as cute in my opinion. We named her Cali because she looked Calico when we first got her. She's Orange and white with a broad tail now. First pic is Cali, the second one, Cali is the bottom right fish. I'm in the Dayton area, so message me if you would like to meet up somewhere, or where you would like her shipped to if interested.
  2. Thanks! Unfortunately, we haven't closed just yet, and they asked for an extension of time before we move in to give the person they're buying their house from to move out, so they can move into their new house, and we can move into their old house, to see how the stuff runs. In the mean time, what about canopy/ no canopy/ hanging light/ other type of light/ floating plant ideas? Oh, and the kitchen idea, although the tank would be going width wise, the one end could possibly butt up next to an exterior wall, if that counts for anything. Or maybe it would fit at the exterior wall, but there's an electric panel back there and idk if that's high enough to not get blocked by the tank....
  3. Hi guys!! Sorry for the long hiatus!! Hopefully in the near future I will have more time to be on here! I hope everything is going well for you guys! So, I was wondering, can a 55 (or maybe someday 75...please??) gallon aquarium be kept in any direction in the house you want it in? Y'see, we just found out about our new house today and there's three places I can think of putting it, in the kitchen/dining area and/or the same direction but in the living room, or another spot in the living room going lengthwise, instead of width wise, like the other two ideas (our house will be a ranch, so it's basically a rectangle). I'd really like for it to be in the living/ dining, but the one lengthwise (which would put it over more joists iirc) idea is Exactly where my husband wants to put his tv and the 5 point surround system he inherited. The stand I have now is custom made, and the bottom also has ply-board going down the whole bottom of it to help distribute weight, but we were thinking of caving and getting a regular one with doors as well, since it's a pain in the butt to get the fluval out of there. I haven't been down there to see which way the joists go (we still have to close), but I'm guessing generally width instead of length wise, so if I were to put it in the kitchen (my next fave spot), it would be on regular flooring. What do you guys think? Also, once we get into this new house, since we use an automatic feeder now (somehow my poor pearlies were having that mysterious bubble issue before our honeymoon, in spite of regular water changes and cleaning/ changing out half of my media every other week, and after a week on a feeder, I came back, and the bubble were Gone, so I've left it up with the exact same food. I tried switching to gel food not too long ago, for only 4 days, and the bubbles came back on 1 and we couldn't get them to go away, and they were swimming upside down, so we had to euthanize. Needless to say, not trying to feed them anything else unless it's a treat), my canopy lid is open all the time and it's annoying. I was debating for the new house, to get one of those ceiling hanging lights for the aquarium, and going without a canopy (it just grows algae and keeps the light from getting wet) and growing water lettuce or other floating plants that are larger and slightly less insane than duckweed, or just getting a clear canopy and having everything attached to the back, and using my led light after I get a replacement for the controller (which, other than the power cord, is the only other way to turn it off, or if it's safe to use the LED light (it's supported on the sides and sits a few inches above the water anyways) without a canopy. What do y'all think?
  4. Then it had the same issue as the aquarium paper. The stuff was surprisingly chill otherwise tho yo; like it didn't act like regular paper that falls apart when it gets wet. I only had it on a 10 gal though, so it didn't have much to contend with!
  5. This might sound odd, but I used a semi-reflective Christmas wrapping paper for one of my tanks Years ago. Worked just like an aquarium backdrop that you'd buy in the store, and it was lighter (not to mention cheaper)! The only con is that if you don't have paper that fits the dimensions of your tank, then it could probably be kind of funky looking. =)
  6. Not really. There is a window by it, however the blinds are always closed and they're pretty thick so they block a lot of the light out (not blackout curtain level, but way more than the run of the mill blinds I'm used to. We don't even use curtains because of them). The tank is on the same wall as the window, except the window is up higher than the tank, but not directly above or behind it.
  7. It's not hair algae I'm dealing with (that's the long, stringy stuff, right? like hair? lol). It's a medium dark greenish brown and just forms a bio-film over anything if I don't wipe it off. It wipes off fairly easily though. It doesn't actually cloud the water, because it sticks to the surfaces of basically anything. It's so bad in some spots that it's smothering my plants out - I even had to wipe off my snail's shells! I remember it wasn't too awful bad when it first started (just on a couple leaves) until my fiance had the bright idea to wipe it off, then it spread to everything. I've noticed with my tall plants that the younger plants underneath do way better than the parts that get the most light, so I'm pretty sure the light is the issue - it's a plant LED on a 24/7 cycle that starts pretty early and goes pretty late. It goes through a whole daylight/night time cycle, with a nice dark blue light before going out. If only it wasn't causing these issues (or it wasn't a pain to turn on/ off because all it has is a remote)! I figured for sure, more light would just make the plants grow like crazy, but they were actually doing better with less I guess. My FSB filter uses, you probably guessed it, silica sand, and I also have sand in the bottom to cover the plant substrate underneath it -it's the API stuff. Besides this ugly brown/green stuff, I've seen a little bit of the green spot algae, but it's not enough to be an issue (you really have to look for it to see it). I wouldn't mind at all if you sent me some salvinia minima! The way you described it, it sounds just about like what I need, because I'd prefer to keep the lid on my aquarium, per the snails, and I was plenty worried about the duckweed stuff. I've been really lucky with my fish not bothering the plants much, other than nudging them when they're searching for food, so I don't think they'd eat it. My main concern about mailing, however, is with the time of year it is, would it end up freezing on the way over and end up dead on arrival? Depending on what day it would arrive, it could be sitting out in 20 degree weather for a while, anywhere between 5-8 hours or so.
  8. LoL you should've seen me on my fiance's reddit, trying to figure out what TIL and IIRC meant! I don't know if I would've ever gotten it if he hadn't told me! And it goes through a SunSun Canister before it goes through the sand filter, I want to say it's the HW303B model, but I can't remember which one it actually was without looking at it Why, what's up?
  9. I thought fsb was short for fluidized sand bed filter, one of these: http://www.americanaquariumproducts.com/FluidizedSandFilter.html And I guess it'd probably end up floating in the far left corner, that's where everything the fishes dig up ends up going. And a spiderweb of strings? LOL! Now I'm half tempted to do a 50/ 50 free floating and filter outtake experiment, just to see what each looks like!
  10. Cool! Do you think it would do okay loosely tied to my filter outtake? Idk why, but I feel like seeing mass floofs off stuff floating around wildly wouldn't do well with me lol. The outtake itself doesn't really have a whole lot of oomph since it has to go through the filter, then the fsb filter, so most of the movement in the water is from a separate powerhead pump nearby that I put to shoot in the same direction, more or less.
  11. I've noticed that my algae has gotten way worse since installing my new light. It's a LED 24/7 daytime/ nightime cycle light. I love it, other than this problem, and the fact that my algae has gotten so bad I need to wipe stuff down every few days, and the light is a pain to get back onto its cycle, or turn on/ off (you have to use a remote that doesn't always cooperate). Other than that, it's nighttime light is great because you can use it as a night light! And it does eventually go pretty dark. Anywho, I've noticed that my tall plants end up getting agae-fied, but the short plants beneath them stay nice and green. One day, I thought I'd pick off all of the dead, algae covered stuff, and BAM now everything is covered in algae, so, I'm thinking of investing in some frogbit, or something, anything, as long as it's larger than duckweed, floats, and will be fine in a tank with a lid on it. However, I've never seen any floating plants, save lilies (if those count, I know the roots are underwater, would those work too?) in any stores. Any ideas on how I could get my hands on any of this stuff? Thanks!
  12. http://www.aquariumcarebasics.com/freshwater-snails/mystery-snail/#MysterySnailBehavior I hope the link works!
  13. Love it!! How do you always keep your glass so clean with all those fishies?
  14. So I decorated my tank for Christmas this year, thought I'd spam you guys with some pics =D
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