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  1. Im talking it over with TD How much would it be hun? I sent you a PM.
  2. Im talking it over with TD How much would it be hun? I'll weigh a box with some bagged water in it real quick and get back with you.
  3. Also, I'm pretty sure I can fit the mollies in 6x6x6 priority box with insulation. Wouldn't be too expensive....
  4. It looks like I have found someone to take Myrtle. Still looking for Bubbles and the mollies.
  5. I need to re-home a couple fish. I am trying to get my school down to 8 in case I need to move them all into the two 75 gallon tanks and put my large fish in the 100 gallon tank. Also, it'll just be easier to have less fish right now for some personal reasons. There are two goldfish. I also have two female balloon mollies that I would like to re-home as well. I just ask that whoever takes the fish pays the shipping costs -- priority will most likely work for most locations, but overnight may be necessary depending on location and temperatures. If you are interested message me your zip code and I can look up what costs would be. Myrtle: Proven Female: A Jeff Hiller Veiltail: 52g: 4" w/o tail, 6" w/tail She has a more streamline shape than most fancy goldfish. Bubbles: A Female: I thought this fish was a male when I got her, but all the males in the tank have been chasing her incessantly since it warmed up in our house. 12g: 2.5" w/o tail, 4" w/tail. 2 female balloon mollies, calico. I have had them for about three months or so, they have gone through the same QT procedure that I use on the goldfish.
  6. Abanayabar is soooo teeny! You can tell even more now next to Rhonda who I always thought of as being pretty small.
  7. Looks great! What is the thing in the 6th picture?
  8. I take a piece about the size Shabazin mentioned above, rip it into pieces and soak it in water for a couple minutes, then dump it in my tank (4 fish). I personally don't mess with the clip just because of personal preference. I let it float around in the tank as small bits so the fish have something to chase and forage for.
  9. Jupiter and Raven are really cool! I love your close up pic of the scales on Tiger.
  10. Phineus is a great name! I have a fish with that name as well, except I spell it Phineas and he's a sunfish. I would definitely like to see pics of your guys if you are able to get them loaded. Do you have paint on your computer or something like that? That is where I re-size my pics and then I put them on PB.
  11. So I thought I either wasn't sick after all or getting better, but today now my throat hurts and I'm coughing.
  12. I saw this today and I thought of you: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ryukin-goldfish-decal-/141925429668?var=&hash=item210b6a31a4:m:migBJb56JiZthxkEO_PcOEA
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