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  1. Great raffle! I've wanted a fitbit for a long time.
  2. So I'm finally getting around to posting some photos of my new fish. I bought her a little over a week ago, but have had a lot going on and didn't get the photos edited and uploaded right away. She was purchased on ebay from a seller who was breeding fish he/she got from King Lyon Supply, which is where I got my purple telescope Perdita. So, in a way, they are related. I'm not sure what I'm going to name this little one yet, but if anyone has any ideas, please do share. Also, back at the end of April/beginning of May when I went to Michigan, I came back with an unexpected little friend. The fish store I used to work for years ago had some really nice Kirin telescopes. One looked just like a mini version of my big tele Goofball. I couldn't resist. He came back with me. His name is Butterball. Butterball:
  3. I have a few fish themed and related items that I'm selling. I thought I'd offer them to the Kokonuts first before I listed them on ebay. Some items I listed the shipping, others that are heavier please pm me with your zip code for quote. I'm willing to consider shipping to other countries, but for some things it may be too high. I would prefer you pay with PayPal, but would take a money order. Thanks! Sorry pics are big, paint and photobucket were not cooperating in making them smaller for some reason. Goldfish Necklace: $12.50 + 2.50 shipping. Gold plated chain, total length 19". Fish charm measures about 1.25" in length, 0.75" tall. I believe I wore this maybe once. I am just not a jewelry person and it has sat in my jewelry box ever since. Fish Journal/Notebook, BRAND NEW: $4.50 + 3.50 shipping US About 8" x 6", college rule. 2 Goldfish Books, Used but Good: $4.00 + 3.50 shipping in US. Look at second photo to read back. Vintage, but never worn, pet store T-Shirt with Lionhead/Ranchu Goldfish Size Unisex Large: $5.00 + 3.50 shipping US. 2 Plastic/Rock Aquarium Decorations: $6.00 + Shipping determined by location please PM zip code. Used, but in great condition. Have been cleaned. Have slight discoloration on parts, but not noticeable when wet. NEW 60 HR shipping warmers: $1.50 each. Up to 7 available. $3.00 shipping for one. PM zip code for multiple.
  4. Message me your address and I'll let you know the shipping cost and my paypal info.
  5. I have two opened, but barely used, containers of cichlid food. One is medium sized pellets from Hikari the other is extra large pellets from New Life Spectrum. Please see photos for more details. They don't expire until into 2017. I bought them for my large native fish, but he never would eat them, and they're too big for my new guy. I can ship them together or separately depending on if you want only one or both. I just ask that you pay for the shipping. Send me a message if you're interested with your zip code and I'll let you know what it'll cost.
  6. When I lived in San Diego I was able to go to their actual store front as I was within driving distance. I left without purchasing anything because they had fish with obvious health issues mixed in with healthy fish. My personal feeling was that it wasn't worth the risk. That's not to say that there won't be some cases where everything is just fine. It's just that without a vendor QTing fish or separating sick ones, there is a larger chance that you may get something that is ill. My .
  7. I'm so glad my packaging and bagging held up. I had faith in it for overnight or even two days, but I started to doubt it when we reached the four day mark. I'm so glad she is such a resilient girl and that she's made it through this ordeal.
  8. I would think that since the fish has already been shocked quite a bit, that just getting them into clean water would be the best option. There will probably be little oxygen left in the bag as well.
  9. I accidentally sucked one of my tele's eyes off with a siphon hose. It came off so fast I had no idea what had happened. I just put him in a QT with salt and changed the water every day. He has healed very well and seems to live just fine without his eye. Shadow:
  10. What is the red one? I don't know if I've seen one of those before. They are both very nice looking!
  11. His tail has gotten so much fuller and gorgeous since you got him! He also looks like he's getting big!
  12. It looks like he is adjusting well. This makes me very happy!
  13. No longer looking to re-home the mollies. But, still looking for Bubbles. Any takers?
  14. Mollies and Bubbles still looking for home as of today.
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