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  1. I have had good luck with tails growing back. So long as they are not torn all the was to the base of the tail. Jut keep the water clean and maybe use a bit of salt as well. The replshy soilent green should be fine. Guppies do best with lots of veggie based foods.
  2. I sell about 30-40 items per month, all pretty low prices, but if you combine that with the on-time delivery ratio I guess that's how I got top rated status. Which is the new name for power seller. I never thought I'd get it because I don't do a lot of sales and none of them really make a lot of money, but it's kind of cool. I hope you gets plenty of sleep tonight Thanks, me too. Hopefully I will not be feeling so tired that I can't sleep. That happens to me sometimes. It's mostly household decor items, clothes, books, collectibles, and stamps. If anyone wants my ebay ID to check them out you can sent me a message
  3. I get the standard 50 free pre month, but because I've been using them all and have been above standard with my selling for several months I get extra promotions. This one was 500 free listings in a one week time frame. I managed to get about 100 things up in that time.
  4. I missed all the fun. Was up until 2 trying to get my ebay stuff up before the promotional free listings ended. Then I couldn't fall asleep. I did not get enough sleep last night.
  5. Thanks! I hope so too. I'm selling it so I can buy stuff that I otherwise couldn't afford.
  6. I have been busy for two days now trying to get all my ebay listings up and going while they have the free listing promotion going on. It has been a lot of work.
  7. Great photo! I got this one for my 40 gallon tank that had the same problem. It works good with the SunSun or AquaTop filter. https://smile.amazon.com/KollerCraft-TOM-Aquarium-Surface-Skimmer/dp/B00176MUKY/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1471236222&sr=8-3&keywords=aquarium+skimmer
  8. My hair does weird things when I cut it short.
  9. I have a big wish list to choose from if I win. Lots of books.
  10. .... or their kids or something. "Gee, having kids sure seems like a lot of work. Is it really worth it?"
  11. Still a few things available. I have removed the photos of those that have sold.
  12. It's late here, so I'll get a quote on it tomorrow and let you know.
  13. I will look it up and send you a message. They are light so it shouldn't be too bad.
  14. The shirt and notebook are sold pending payment.
  15. Here are a few more items I have that I am offering for sale. Let me know if you're interested. I will accept PayPay, a check or postal money order, or you can send cash if it's well concealed - hidden in a card or something thick (but I don't recommend this option). I will ship international, but the shipping price will be higher. Some items can be combined easy (books), others may be combined but it may not save on shipping price (jsyk). All items will be sent USPS with tracking #s. Shipping is included in most prices, but there are a couple where I need zip codes to give a quote. Thanks for looking! Item 1: Fancy Goldfish: A Complete Guide to Care and Collecting by Dr. Erik L. Johnson DVM and Richard E. Hess One of the best goldfish books out there. Book has some slight wear to the outside, but nothing major. Inside excellent. PRICE: $28.00 (INCLUDES SHIPPING TO US) ----------------------- Item 2: The Proper Care of Goldfish: by James Geran Good condition, some slight wear. Pages clean and in tact. PRICE: $6.00 (INCLUDES SHIPPING TO US) ------------------------------------------------ Item 3: Aquamaster Goldfish Book - Great for beginners or younger fish keepers. Lots of photos. Book in excellent condition. PRICE: FREE, JUST PAY SHIPPING OF $3.75 ---------------------------------------------------- Item 4: Goldfish Shirt - Men's Large - Used In great condition except one tiny hole near armpit which is about 3-4mm in size. Shirt is too tight on my chest or I would keep it. Measures about 20" across x 26" length. PRICE: $6.00 (INCLUDES SHIPPING TO US) ---------------------------------------- Item 5: Pier One Fish Plate and Bowl Set - Light blue and gray - Stoneware Still have tags on them as you can see in photos. Were on a shelf in my bedroom. Excellent condition. Dishwasher and Microwave safe. The plate is about 10" x 7" the bowl is about 5" PRICE: $10.00 (MESSAGE ME YOUR ZIP CODE FOR SHIPPING PRICE) --------------------------------------------------------- Item 6: Pier one plastic plate set: NEW, but have been washed and price stickers removed. Plates measure about 9" and are lunch or salad plate size Dishwasher safe but NOT microwavable. PRICE: 12.50 (MESSAGE ME YOUR ZIP CODE FOR SHIPPING PRICE) -------------------------------------- Item 7: Two Fish Themed Coloring books for Adults or Teens -- New PRICE: 6.00 each (INCLUDES SHIPPING TO US) FOR BOTH $10.00 (WITH SHIPPING) From one on LEFT From one on LEFT From one on RIGHT --------------------------------------------------- Item 8: Goldfish beach towel. Used a few times, but in excellent condition. 4 ft by 2 ft. PRICE: $8.00 (INCLUDES SHIPPING TO US) --------------------------------------------------- Item 9: Hallmark Fish Journal/Notebook - New Measures 7" long approximately. College Ruled. PRICE: $7.00 (INCLUDES SHIPPING TO US) ------------------------------------------- Item 10: Four Zebra Nerite Snails PRICE: $7.00 (MESSAGE ME YOUR ZIP CODE FOR SHIPPING QUOTE)
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