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  1. Ohhh sorry this is all happening at once! That must be very stressful for you. [emoji17]Sent from my LGL62VL using Tapatalk Thanks It also doesn't help that I really want some alone time and Andy has been working from home a lot more lately. Yeah that must be hard. I know that when i need alone time and can't get it, i tend to get very sharp. Is there anywhere you can go for some peace and alonetime?Sent from my LGL62VL using Tapatalk Thanks guys! Andy ended up going out for a singing thing he sometimes goes to. This should give me a couple hours to myself. It's weird because he doesn't usually get in my business, but with my anxiety issues sometimes just having another energy in the house feels intrusive.
  2. Ohhh sorry this is all happening at once! That must be very stressful for you. [emoji17]Sent from my LGL62VL using Tapatalk Thanks It also doesn't help that I really want some alone time and Andy has been working from home a lot more lately.
  3. Everything is on the fritz around here. The lazy susan cabinet where we keep our canned goods won't close properly, the shelf fell out of our pots and pans cupboard, the vacuum is clogged (which I've been asking Andy to fix for a month now ), and today the internet wants to keep disconnecting at the most inconvenient random moments.
  4. I have a couple small plastic ones that are blue and purple, they're about 3.5" tall. I can try to take a picture tomorrow if you're interested.
  5. I don't drink alcohol. I don't either Dawn. Mosquitoes keep getting in my house. It's driving me nuts!
  6. I wish they made that in a dog or even Aubrey sized costume :Plesae I'd so buy it They should make adult sized costumes like this.
  7. I've noticed a few of my teles over the years have had some level of tilt. I think it's because their vision may be better in one eye than the other. That's just a guess though. Tovi tilted down a bit toward the side I am pretty sure he was blind on.
  8. Really I wish Mike was that slow on the uptake he notices things to quick! He'll figure it out pretty quick, but I'll already have the little bugger and can't take her back so At our old apartment I kept the QT in our spare bedroom. I had a fish back there for a month before Andy found out about it. When I finally had to start taking down that tank to pack things so we could move, the fish came into the front room and he was like, "Where did that come from?" I was like, "Oh, that's just Secret, he's been here for a few weeks." Andy couldn't believe I'd hidden a fish from him for that long without his notice. I couldn't believe he hadn't noticed either.
  9. Very nice Aubrey! I would guess female too. The vent looks just like my fish Perdita which is a confirmed female.
  10. One of my hobbies is collecting stamps. I usually only collect US stamps, but I have recently found some cool fish themed ones from other countries and now have a page in my book dedicated just to that. I thought you guys might appreciate these. They're from Croatia. http://www.ebay.com/itm/272256663121?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  11. Awesome! Looks like they are thriving in your pond!
  12. I have been waking up way too early the last week or two. My sleeping medication still helps me fall asleep, but when it wears off it's like everything ever wakes me up. I'm sick of feeling so off balance.
  13. If you like peaceful, small loaches you could do a trio of sidthimunki loaches (dwarf chain loaches). They are good in planted tanks or smaller tanks. The fish store I used to work at kept them together with bettas.
  14. Andy and I got year passes to the Aquarium at Mall of America. Turns out it was worth it because they do after hours events for members only. It's soooo much nicer in there when there are no crowds, you can talk to the employees and ask questions, and take your time. It was crazy in the mall on a Saturday night though...
  15. Dude I know that feeling I wished I could sleep more..... I been fighting a big sadness since my mom passed... I dont feel whole some days Oops
  16. I've been taking lots of naps in the afternoon since my dad died. Mike thinks I'm a bum. I'm not sure what's wrong. You're probably grieving. I know that I get like that when I'm sad. Even if I'm not aware that's what I'm feeling. I've never heard of such a thing! If I could transport our rain...... I would! We are getting so much rain this year, you'd think we live in a rainforest I don't want to live in a rainforest I say that sarcastically. No the fish are dead. The creeks around home are dry.Sent from my Z963VL using Tapatalk
  17. Went to run some errands and had to come back because I was zoning out bad and didn't feel safe driving around. I'm still paying for staying up most of the night two nights ago. I guess this means I'm not a kid anymore. I'm so ready for nap time.
  18. I don't know how to do any of those crafty things. My grandma knew how to do all of them, but I never thought to have her teach me before she got dementia. And my mom, she was only into sports. I kind of feel like I missed out
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