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  1. It looks nice I too understand about having to downsize. At one time I had 11 tanks going in my small apartment. I'm now down to 3 (that I have trouble maintaining).
  2. I got mine! I took a pic of it on my car, but haven't uploaded it to photobucket yet.
  3. And I'm looking forward to the Xmas exchange too.
  4. So I put stamps on the envelope I send you? And that's all I need to do? Will it still be the same since they would be Australian stamps and currency exchange/postage price is different? You have to put US postage on it for it to return. You can't use stamps for one country in another. Based on the size and weight of a bumper sticker I would say just include an extra $1.50 for Koko to buy an international return stamp. They are $1.15, but that would cover in case it is a little bit over an ounce.
  5. Thanks did you hook it up to the sink faucet? I hooked a hose up to the faucet and then this to the end of the hose (somewhere in my blog page there are photos of how I did it http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/121445-goldfishgirl82s-world-of-fish/ ). My ammonia there was at 2ppm out of the tap and this took it down to 0.25ppm which prime can take care of.
  6. When I lived in San Diego I had a huge problem with that. I ended up buying one of these and it did the trick. This plus Prime. http://familybedrock.com/category/garden-hose-filter
  7. Okay thanks. I already have 0.1% salt in there from when I started the QT.
  8. Your pond looks great! My goldies seem to do well with the high PH. When I first moved to MN and the PH was lower here (around 7.0) they struggled until I got a buffer and got it back up to an 8.0.
  9. I just have a quick question about meds. I got a new fish and it turns out she has anchor worms. I noticed a few days after bringing her home. So, I'm going to treat with dimilin. But, I'm worried about possible infection when the worms fall out. I just want to know if anyone knows if it's okay to use Metro in the water at the same time as using dimilin. Thanks. **I didn't know where to post this so if it's in the wrong area please feel free to move it**
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