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  1. Thanks for the tips everyone I didn't realised some of you think that goldie keeping is harder than tropicals. I think I've been lucky with the lot I have so far, and don't plan to change anything to the goldie tanks a while as I'm not ready for it (changes == potential disasters!!!). I know the tank is a bit small, but i am willing to look around for smaller docile fish who can get along. I think kuhli's are small, it's the dojo's (weather loach) that grow very large. Time to start looking around in the fish stores Hidr, I haven't thought of seeding from my cycled nasty tank. Sounds like a good idea! What if the goldie tank has got some nasties in it that is no good for tropicals? I asked someone who had no difficulty with getting tropical fish from a popular lfs here. But if you ask me, i've never seen any lfs with 100% healthy goldies for sale. They are always diseased or fluke infested. So IMO it's a matter of time that they will die in a new home, except for hardy comets. I always treat for flukes for any new goldies after noticing this. So it was interesting to me to know that tropicals from the same lfs appear to be able to last for a long time without issues.
  2. Hi all, I have a 60 litre tank (15 gallon) which is too small for keeping goldies long term, usually has been my quarantine tank. I have been keeping goldies for 6 years now, know the basics about water quality, but have never used the aquarium heater much. I would like to set this tank up with tropical freshwater fish. For a start, I know that I want kuhli loaches (at least 4), as they sound lovely, but will not be good for my goldie tank which goes as low as 10-15C in winter. I would like your advise on what I should do differently to what I know now when starting my first small tropical fish tank. I am just guessing most of the concepts are the same. I know I should especially read up about all fish types I'm planning to get and get the water parameters accurate, as goldies are hardy tolerant things. 1. Should I try fishless cycling? Or is it not necessarily as small tropicals produce too little waste, and I can just add a few fish at a time?) 2. Heater matters. My tap water is really cold in winter. Do I put a bit of boiled water in the new water to raise the temperature during water changes? What else should I be aware of? 3. What goes well with Kuhli loaches? I've been reading the following http://www.auspet.com/fish08.html and thinking of: * Kuhli loaches (my must have!) * Upside Down Catfish? They look cool to me. * gourami - is this a good idea, and which breed is smaller and less aggressive? * tetras of somesort, but which one should I attempt? ... What do you think? Can you give me some ideas on other breeds I should check out, perhaps ones common in shops here. I would like some colour in my tank, as it's a small one I have to choose wisely. 4. Can someone explain salting requirements for tropicals? I use sea salt as a preventative measure for my goldie tank, but I hear tropicals need a certain amount of salt, but is it for the same reasons as goldfish? 5. I have never worried about gH before, can someone explain if it's a serious thing for me to monitor with Australian tap water? 6. How do I quarantine tropical fishes differently? For my goldies, I always treat for flukes (Para-ex from Wardleys - a no-no for kuhlis I know), and ~0.3% salt. But what do you usually do for tropicals? I'm very paranoid about parasites, especially flukes. How about compulsory praziquantel for all new fish? I also want to put a few plants in there. I've only ever had Elodea, but will read up about tropical plants as a separate project. Appreciate any advice
  3. Hi all, Sigh, I lost a fish recently. Very disappointing, and after reading I lost hope that nothing can be done. It's too late now for this one, but I wanted to get everyone's feedback. I got a telescope fantail and an active black ranchu of the same size in feb. They were both healthy looking, the ranchu extremely active. The telescope had cataract-like whiteish colour in its eye lens. I was quite certain it could not see well, but it could at least smell and graze for food. They were both doing very well in the quarantine tank, with good water conditions etc. I was away for work for 2+ days and did not feed them then as I thought it was ok (I do feed every other day, or once a day usually). And the ranchu has bitten a a good amount on the side of the poor fantail. There was no fungus, and the fantail was sitting, so I took the ranchu away to another tank where it's doing very well still. I note that the ranchu does bully, I've seen it in the past, but not as ferocious. Now, the fantail never got better. I used melafix, and in fact it became emaciated. In the first few days it did swim occasionally to graze, then sit. It seemed to be eating and pooping while it is wasting away. I read around that there is no cure at this stage, so it was really sad to watch. The wound had very little red patches, but no fungus. I was hopeful that it would get better when I saw that it was eating and pooping, but it still got even skinnier and eventually passed on. I feel awful for not having the will of putting it down Anyway, I thought that if it was a stronger fish, it would have survived. Maybe it's one of those cases where the fish will never make it in a community tank. It will be picked on, and it will be too weak to survive. I don't learn my lesson my picking hardy fish do I. Is this how you guys feel over here? What are everyone's thoughts? Is there really no cure for when fish start wasting away? This is my first time seeing this. Meds are very limited here. I did try to feed flagyl, added just a bit of sea salt, and I had tetracycline which I didn't end up using as I didn't want to mix meds.
  4. Interesting, I always thought water left out in nature should be ok to use, as long as it doesn't have any dodgy contaminants (didn't realise air bacteria will affect fish). What was I thinking! On a different note, I do leave treated water in big bottles for water changes (letting it stand for some time, even longer) instead of taking it from the tap and treating directly. The bottles are clean - is this a no-no?
  5. Hi all, This is embarassing, but I have to ask the experts. Months ago (maybe 6 or more now) I cleaned out my empty aquarium (I did use PP to sterilise it) and then filled it with freshwater, with a small amount of leftover gravel in the tank. I thought I'll start putting more fish in it some day, but the day never came. Now, about a few cm has evaporated off, the stagnancy of the water looks dubious to other people (not me, cos I do want to save water if possible). I am wondering now whether it is safe to use it, or to just replace it altogether?
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