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  1. Is he going into the 40 gallon with the others. What are his symptoms?

    No.. Im planning to keep him by himself in his 10G


    These were the original symptoms (I know you already watched this)


    But last night when I (tried to) feed him metro flakes.. he looked "super active"..

    After I removed all those flakes, he went back to "bottom sitting-dorsal down"


    I just saw his tank.. He's motionless-dorsal down

  2. It's fine. Leave the Prazi in there, but add the Metro and Kana immediately.

    Will do..


    Also.. The "healthy fish" that got (perhaps) infected by cross contamination is in his second day of metro powder..

    I assume that the course of metro should not stop..

    but Im also concerned about over dosing.. He ate 6 days the metro flakes w/o problem..

    Now that Im adding the powder (because he's spitting out the flakes).. when should I stop ?

    If I do the regular 12 days he will ended up having 18 days of metro

  3. If it were me, I would treat all 4 sick fish in the 40 gallon with 0.3% salt, Metroplex (2 measures per 10 gallons)and Kanaplex (2 measures per 10 gallons) and the temperature at 78-80 F.  I would keep the salt in the water for 14 days, dose the Metroplex for 14 days and the Kanaplex for 10-12 days.  Stop the Metro food since they seem to be refusing it and it is too hard to feed to multiple fish together.  Feed them just 1 small meal a day of a regular food to avoid excessive ammonia/nitrite spikes and do water changes every other day just before dosing the antibiotics.  Make sure to manage the pH difference between your tap and tank when doing water changes.  Test for ammonia and nitrite daily and double Prime the tank as needed.  Hold off on Prazi until the two weeks of 0.3% salt is done and then do at least two 5-day Prazi rounds with salt at 0.1% and the Temperature at 78-80 F.  Be sure to disinfect any water changing equipment with a hot bleach solution and dried between uses.  Rinse thoroughly to remove any residual bleach.  You can also flush it with Primed water.


    Any of the healthy fish that have been exposed to these fish or shared equipment should be treated with 0.3% salt for 2 weeks at 78-80 F.  Once that is done, they should be Prazi'd for at least two 5-day rounds at the same temperature.  


    When all of the fish are finally well and together in the main tank, do two more 5-day rounds of Prazi with no salt preferably at a temperature of 78-80 F.


    I moved all 4 fish from Goldfishnet to the 40G earlier..

    I added the 456 grams of salt to be at .3% but (unfortunately) I added double dose of prazi..

    They definitely didn't like it.. Now all 4 are bottom sitting breathing heavy.

    I saw "tele #2" flashing & yawning (flukes) & none of them wanted to eat the metro flakes



    Should I wait for this prazi round to finish then do a 100%wc and add the metro/kana ??? (no prazi obviously)

    or, Should I add the metro/kana to what's there now ???

    or, Should I do a 100%WC tomorrow morning and add metro/kana ??? (no prazi)


    Im sorry.. I did all this while you were away today..

    I hope Im not weaken their immune system with today's prazi and they get worse because something internal..

  4. Sorry for the delay..

    Here's the info you requested


    Soni (solid gold) arrived on May 20.. First seven days I only did regular WC's, no salt or prazi

    He is in a 10G tank alone and today is the last day of his third round of prazi and 0.1% salt

    He got 6 days of Metro flake food (as per package instructions)

    He became lethargic after WC at the beginning of his 3rd round of prazi (last Thursday)

    I tried to contact the breeder (but I haven't get an answer).. some other breeder suggested (after seeing the video) to raise the temp to 90 degrees, add metro powder and feed metro flakes for another 4 days..

    I fed him last night some metro flakes (which he spitted out) but today (mistakenly) I fed him some gel food and he "ran to it"


    Tele#1 is the one that arrived (on June 3) with an unlcer and I moved to a 10G plastic container on June 7 and started his first round of prazi, .3% salt & Metro food for 6 days.. He looked super good a day after starting treatment but on June 12 he started to act lethargic and spitting the Metro flakes out

    Today I fed him some gel food and he ate it good.. he's more active than yesterday but just spending all time at the top of the tank



    Tele #2 has been in the same 20G tank (june 3) with another 2 ranchus.. No prazi added yet, just salt at 3% since Jun 8

    He started acting lethargic last Thursday (june 11) after a WC and today his breathing is twice as fast as the video shows..

    The "roomate" red/white ranchu seems very good (eating and moving all day) but the little black one acts lethargic most of the day.. 




    As I said earlier.. I have the 40G ready to move whomever.. however, I'll prefer to keep Soni by himself (in his 10G) since he came from a different source


    Either way I'll follow your lead


    Shoot man!.. non of the mods are available..

    I thought about to start a dose of metro powder but I don't know...

    Did you start a thread?  I would like to subscribe to it if you did.  It is my feeling that these fish are just more sensitive, and with the stress of moving, being shipped, and adjusting to new water and a new tank with parameter fluctuations (at least in mine) it is just too stressful.  At least the scales on my male are now perfectly flat, so I feel pretty good about that.  Once he is all better and I am done doing Prazi on them, I am probably just going to have to get used to doing a WC on their tank every 3-4 days to ensure that they have the best conditions possible.


    No thread yet.. I feel so embarrassed having SO MANY sick fish that I just "pm" Jared..

    I sent the video to someone else (knowledgeable breeder)  and they say that Soni caught something really bad.. (most likely for cross contamination from Goldfishnet fish).. They're suggesting to raise the temp to 90 which I never have so I really don't know what to do!?


    I emailed Jennifer (solid gold) but she hasn't answer either..

  6. I will fill up the form later tonight..


    As some of you know, I have received 4 fish in the mail last week..

    I moved an injured one to a 10G plastic container to treat with metro food, salt (at .3%) & prazi

    The rest of them are in my 20G QT..


    This fish below (part of the 3 in the 20G) has been bottom sitting for the last day and a half and now is breathing super heavy (faster that the video) and spitting out food..


    Im planning to start tomorrow their first dose of prazi but I would like to know if I should do (or dont do) something else..

    Im planning to feed Metro food, do double dose of prazi & salt at .3%


    Any help will be greatly appreciated!



  7. What an idiot! (Me)

    I released Rocky out of his green container to say "hi" to his friends..

    After a few minutes away from the tank, I looked for him and couldn't find him..

    I freaked out so I turned off the filters and I saw his eyes by the FX6 intake..

    Poor baby.. his tail is somehow shredded and now back in his container he's not moving..

    Im so sorry Rocky.. :(

  8. I think Soni is victim of cross contamination.

    His QT tank is right next to the other Teles tank so water/bubbles can easily splash between tanks.

    Sorry im bringing this into your thread.. i just wanted to see if your goldies have experienced "this behavior"

    Im gonna start my own

  9. How is your tele doing today Josie ??


    Mine (solid gold) is been acting a little odd the last couple of days.. not moving much

    He's been fine (super active) the last three weeks but now (at his third round of prazi) he's bottom sitting :(  

  10. Wow! What a huge improvement! I'm so glad to see it. Any news on handling the business side of it with Tommy?



    The Tele looks much better.  Are you still using the Metro food or did you switch to the water borne Metro powder?


    Oh no.. am I back to step one..?? :no:


    Last night it was the fourth day of prazi (round 1) so I did a 100% WC this morning..

    He showed no interest in food from 12pm on and now it has (what I think) heavy breathing..


    I tried to force-feed him earlier and he spitted out


    What should I do ??


  11. I really thought I lost him.. He was already on his side motionless and the body was already curved.

    I've personally never seen a fish coming back from that sign..

    Specially with a guy like this.. only 1.5 inch and 4 grams of weight.. Wow!!


    I guess the metro med leached out of the food and that's how he started moving..


    Thanks again!! 

  12. Rocky may have an secondary internal bacterial infection possibly caused by the death of Flukes during the Prazi treatment.  I think the Metro food would be the best thing for him.  Can you float a bucket (non-transparent) in the 125 and put Rocky in it?  Change the water daily and feed him the Metro food? 


    I take off my hat to you Jared for your prompt suggestions and to the breeder that recommended that food!! :thumb:

    I know Rocky isn't in the best shape yet but I know he will get better..


  13. Rocky may have an secondary internal bacterial infection possibly caused by the death of Flukes during the Prazi treatment.  I think the Metro food would be the best thing for him.  Can you float a bucket (non-transparent) in the 125 and put Rocky in it?  Change the water daily and feed him the Metro food? 

    I did as told but he's not interested in food.. I know I'm losing him.. :(


    Is there such a thing as a Metro bath..? meaning a high dose in (that) small container for certain amount of minutes (to try) for him to absorb some of the meds



  14. Hang in there little tele.. Help is on the way!



    I know you can Josie!!.. I've bring them back to normal from dropsy before so I know you can do it!!


    Best wishes and healing vibes!!  :grouphug 

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