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  1. They were in a corner in top of each other (motionless) before I turned the light up.. I gave them some bloodworms.. they ate some but when trying to get too many at once they ended up spitting everything out.. however they did it some..!! _______________________________________ Secondly: "You want the salt at 0.3% and temp at 80* for two weeks. This is the typical ich treatment. Have you seen any ich? I dont' see any in the pics" The red/black oranda had some ich last week but it went away a couple of days after starting .3% salt @ 80 degrees treatment Days 5-7 are NO prazi days in which case we need to figure out how you can do 100% WC that day to get rid of the prazi. How much water would you be able to age at once? You will need to do 100% WCs once a week. I have a sterilite tube (& a pump on the way) so I'll be able to do the 100% WC you are asking _______________________________________________ Im starting NOW!!..
  2. I need to go back and take a look at a few things before I comment on your treatment schedule . . . How about the temperature??.. They have been at 80 degrees for the last 7 days.. Will they be ok for another month??.. When can I reduce temp? (if) What % salt is in the tank right now?.. 0.3%
  3. Hello again!!.. Just got home and Prazi is here.. so hopefully I get an answer from you guys before adding this stuff tomorrow morning The orandas have been in salt for the last 7 days.. So I kinda wonder if they're gonna be ok in salt for another month..??? (regardless of concentration) How about the temperature??.. They have been at 80 for the last 7 days.. Will they be ok for another month??.. When can I reduce temp? (if) Also.. Im using "Mortons canning & pickling"instead of API aquarium salt.. Is 1 teaspoon gonna be equivalent to API even though Mortons is super fine ??? ___________________________________________________________ Thanks for the those answers.. Back to treatment.. first..I'm gonna add 2 teaspoons of Prazi + 4ml of Prime + 1 capfull of Stability to the tank after changing 25% (5G) of temperature matched water (@80 degrees).. Obviously Im gonna add 15 teaspoons (or 5 tablespoons) of salt to the 5G prior to add to tank Second... "If" for the next 3 days my ammonia remains <1.0, I'll leave everything as is.. If it gets >1.0.. I'll do 25%WC as needed to remain under 1.0, replacing Prazi, Prime Stability & Salt proportional to the 5 gallon exchange Then days 5, 6 & 7 I'll do 25% wc "if" needed (to maintain ammonia + nitrites <1.0) with salt, Prime & Stability but NO Prazi Then day 8, I'll add 2 teaspoons of Prazi + 4ml of Prime + 1 capfull of Stability to the tank after changing 25% (5G) of temperature matched water w/ salt (@80 degrees & 5 tbs salt) Then days 9 to 14 same as 2 to 7... Day 15.. I do a 25% wc with NO salt but double dose for Prazi (which for 5G should be 1/2 tsp), capful of Stability and double dose of Prime for 20G Day 16.. same as 15 Day 17.. same as 15 Day 18.. same as 15 Question.. Do I still have 0.1% of salt If Im doing (4) 25% WC without salt from day 15-18.. ???? Day 19.. I do a 25% WC with 5 teaspoons of salt, 1/4 tbs of Prazi, capful of Stability & 4ml of Prime.. right??? Day 20.. I do a 25% WC with 5 teaspoons of salt, 1/4 tbs of Prazi, capful of Stability & 4ml of Prime.. Day 21.. I do a 25% WC with 5 teaspoons of salt, 1/4 tbs of Prazi, capful of Stability & 4ml of Prime.. But it gets confusing here because you say at the end to: "use 0.1% salt (one teaspoon per gallon) and the recommended dose (not doubled) of prazi (on the days when you are using prazi) and just 0.1 salt on the days with no prazi" Which are the days "with no prazi"..?? Im in the understanding that Im using Prazi until the day 21, right? (or not?).. then what happen ?
  4. Now they're all spitting the pellets out.. I ended up picking up most of them this morning with the water change.. Are they gonna be ok eating 2-3 baby pellets a day for the next month ?
  5. So.. you're saying that I get to save my fish & keep my job !?.. thank you!! Actually I dont age the water (not enough time in my day, sorry) it comes straight from the tap & I just adjust temperature (78-80) w cold/hot taps ph only varies from 8.4-8.8 (b4 wc) to 8.2 after wc To tell you the true I can't even keep up with the double 25% wc daily.. I did it once but my work doesn't allow me to keep doing it twice. My ammonia has never gone above 1.0... right now is between .25 & .50.. usually before wc is between .50 & 1.0 So if you guys think I should be fine with 25% instead of 100% daily.. im in!
  6. Man!.. this is gonna be fun.. I really hope I can keep up with this for a month..! I dont want to let them down but my work schedule is super tight Whatever.. lets do this !!
  7. Can I use the phyton to do the water changes or I need to age the water because of the Ph ??
  8. Thanks!.. I will get antibiotics tomorrow.. Will it hurt (them) if giving antibiotics without knowing 100% if is needed? If it wont hurt them, should I try the prazi first or at same time w antibiotics ?
  9. Thanks Cindi.. I just got confirmation from Fedex & the prazi should be home tomorrow.. Just a quick comment/question.. I gave them some chopped peas this afternoon to snack on and (after a few min) they all had a huge/long off white poop hanging .. is this related to their stress/flukes etc or something else completely different that I should take care of ?? Also.. in regards prime.. should I add double dose to the 5G im exchanging or double dose to the 20G ??
  10. I ordered the Prazi.. It should be here on Wednesday Im at 80 degrees and .3% salt.. Something I noticed this morning when feeding is that now Buddy has the white pimples on the head.. What are the odds that all of them have their wen growing right now??.. Im mean Buddy didn't show any pimples until the new ones came.. I really hope they don't get any worse
  11. where did you get them from? I don't think it's an issue. It sounds like it was biofilm on them. I got them from Home Depot.. They were super dirty with some black waxy stuff on them.. I boiled them for 30 minutes then rinsed them with Prime water..
  12. Mikey.. something I for got to mentioned.. Earlier when I did a water change I noticed that non of the rocks are slimy anymore which they were before.. Is that ok ?
  13. Thanks Mikey.. I will raise the water 2 degrees right now and another 2-4 degrees in the morning (and add the 15 teaspoons of salt) Yes.. the Ph was between 8.6-8.8 before wc Im gonna order the prazi today as well.. hopefully it doesn't take forever to get here Ahh.. I forgot to mention.. I promise I had all the intentions to got to petco and get the 55G but I worked tilI 10pm yesterday.. However, I have a 10G that I purchased for a betta (which I never got) and also a Marineland Pinguin 150.. Should I transfer any of the fish to the 10G temporary until cycled (and to help w ammonia)??.... If so, which one ??..
  14. Hello Cindi.. I just did a 25% water change.. My Ph after WC, shows between 8.2 & 8.4 (ammonia between .25 & .50) I match temperature which right now is at 76 degrees No one has said if I should keep the salt or not so I decided not to add any to the 5G I just took out. I've also reduced the temp from 80 to 78.. & now to 76 (If you guys think I need to get back to 80 degrees & .3% salt please let me know) I gave them some peas ealier which I soaked in garlic.. The red cap ate some but after a while of having it in the mouth he spitted out There's a couple of people that are telling me to use Prazi pro on Mardo but I don't know how to get a hold of a moderator to give me more instructions.. Can you tell em about the usage of this medicine on my red cap?? Is this (below) a proof of a BAD fish keeper or they're just sleeping ??
  15. After morning feeding.. This is what Mardo & Buddy do.. Actually Buddy (red/black) swims all over when he sees me but as soon as he realize that Im not feeding he goes back to Mardo.. Is this normal?? (sympathy, perhaps) Im starting to do 25% W/C morning and 25% evening.. Is the PH variation from tap (7.4) to existing water tank (8.4 - 8.8) stressing them ??? ARE WE SICK ????
  16. Thanks for all the pointers.. Unfortunately I don't know anyone that has fish ..
  17. Hi..!! and thank you in advance for all your help.. With the news that the calico is now eating better.. He still spend a lot of time at surface but he's doing good with the omega pellets, peas & frozen bloodworms.. the one that looks like a picky eater is the red cap.. He still spitting out the pellets & the peas but really liked the bloodworms I don't know if some garlic will do the trick.. Should I try it ?? Also, as you can see in the pictures.. I have a layer of foam at the edge of the tank.. Is this normal or too much protein/waste ?? What can I do to fix it? I just did another 25% WC, so 25% in the morning and 25% right now (12:00am).. My ammonia was .50 before the water change Question.. Once the cycle is done.. is the 20G gonna be able to handle the ammonia of these 3 babies (for a couple of months) or am I gonna have to keep doing daily WC ?? Another question.. Should I continue with the 80 degrees & .3% salt ? Last Question (for today ).. Red/black (my first oranda) is used to 3 meals a day & now with the new friends he's only eating once.. I see him at bottom motionless a few times a day.. Have any idea what can that be? Thanks a bunch..!! Foamy Thomas close up #1 Thomas close up #2 Thomas close up #3 Mardo close up #1 Mardo close up #1 Mardo close up #3 Mardo close up #4
  18. Your orandas are gorgeous I hope they feel better soon. just take deep breaths. We'll help you get through the cycle and QT process When dosing with the prime, I would suggest double dosing it. Thanks Mikey..!! I don't use any buffer (or baking soda) in the water.. Today is the first time I checked the PH of the tap water so Im impressed that it has changed drastically from 7.4 to 8.8.. How can I fix that to a more comfortable PH for the orandas ??? If Mardo (red cap) ends up "being irritaded due to flukes".. how do I fix that ?? By "aging" the water you mean to leave it out from tap for 24hr (w thermometer in to match tank temp) then change it ??.. without Prime or Stability? Should I try to "soak in garlic" the food instead of PraziPro (which I don't even know what it is )?? How long should I wait with water at 80 degrees & salt to determinate if ich is still in the tank ?? Also.. lets say there's not more ich.. Should I leave the salt there ? if so, for how long ?? Believe me.. I do want to upgrade but I do want a 75G (to have ranchu, a panda moor, a pom pom & my other 3) however.. I went last month to the pet store to get a betta for my kid and came back home with a bunch of stuff to set up this 20G.. My wife tripped.. I'll prefer not to get a 55G today & buy all new filtration.. then in a couple of months buy a 75G, stand, lighting, canisters..etc.. (I cannot justify the $$ spent) However if you guys think the're NOT gonna make it for a couple of months an live comfortable in this 20G tank I will buy the 55G tomorrow and add the other Penguin 150 that came with the initial kit.. I have other questions about quality food, keeping colors etc.. but I guess first thing first.. Let's get cycled!! By the way.. How much longer do you think it will take to finish the cycle?? (knowing my conditions) Thanks again!
  19. I posted this in the "NEW members" page but I was told to look for help here.. Test Results for the Following:* Ammonia Level(Tank) - between .50% & 1.0% * Nitrite Level(Tank) - 0% * Nitrate level(Tank) - 0% * Ammonia Level(Tap) - 0% * Nitrite Level(Tap) - 0% * Nitrate level(Tap) - 0% * Ph Level, Tank (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) - Ph: between 8.4 & 8.8 - KH: 300 - GH: between 25 & 75 * Ph Level, Tap (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) - Ph: 7.4 Other Required Info:* Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops? - API master kit (drops) & I borrowed a strip to test the KH and GH for today * Water temperature? 78-80 * Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running? 20G - 17 days since filtration media was added * What is the name and "size of the filter"(s)? Marineland Pinguin 350, I don't use cartridges. I replaced w/ blue pads & Eheim Substrat Pro * How often do you change the water and how much? daily, 25% * How many days ago was the last water change and how much did you change? today, 25% * How many fish in the tank and their size? 3 Orandas, 2 inch (w/o tail) * What kind of water additives or conditioners? Prime & Stability (daily) * What do you feed your fish and how often? When I had one fish, three times a day.. Now with three only once * Any new fish added to the tank? yes, two orandas since last wednesday (1/21/15) at noon when water just got .3% salt * Any medications added to the tank? API aquarium salt (.3%) * List entire medication/treatment history for fish and tank. Please include salt, Prazi, PP, etc and the approximate time and duration of treatment. Tue Jan 20 @ noon .1% salt - Tue Jan 20 @ midnight .1% salt - Wed Jan 21 @ noon .1% salt.. Two water changes of 25% with salt added @ .3% * Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? Red/Black oranda got white sparkles on tail & head New orandas (calico & red cap) have white pimples on wen * Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.? Red/black oranda stays (more often) motionless at bottom lately than before (when water had no salt & 70 degrees) Two new orandas (calico & red cap) spend most of the time at surface. Calico not eating much & red cap not eating (at all) what I gave him New calico swims funny, like he doesn't have enough strength to pass by the water coming from the filter.. he gets pushed away Hello everyone!.. Im "the new" in the hobby making a lot of mistakes!.. Since kid I always wanted a goldfish so now that I have kids a found that "as excuse" to get myself one.. I followed the "reknown" small local petstore directions and introduced (after 2-3 days of water running alone) one red & black 2 inch oranda (Buddy).. (They said that I needed a fish to start the cycle.. Wrong!!) They also said that I could Introduce another one in about 2 weeks.. wrong too! After I brought Buddy home (20G tank) I started to watch videos, read blogs and ask questions.. so I find out about the nitrogen cycle, overfeeding, water changes, tank size.. etc. Now that I knew I had a fish in an uncycle tank (w/ .25ppm - .50ppm ammonia) I wanted to do what's possible to keep him alive so I started to do 25% daily water changes (which by the way, my local store said NOT to do because I wasn't allowing the ammonia to get to it's peak).. I followed kokos site advise anyway & "Seachem Prime & Stabilily" directions & keep doing water changes... Buddy didn't show any "heavy" stress from the ammonia (that I can recall).. I was feeding him/her small amounts 3 times a day (Omega One sinking, Fozen bloodworms, Peas & Spinach) & he/she loved it!!.. But I started reading somewhere that says that I was overfeeding him/her & maybe he/she was constipaded so I started to give him/her more peas.. obviously he pooped a lot (& long ones too) but nothing alarming.. After a couple of days I noticed a couple of white sparkles on his/her tail but it didn't bother me thninking that it was some dirt from the tank.. the next day he had more sparkles (head & other side) so I decided to do some reasearch.. Finding out that it was "ich" I decided to follow kokos site directions.. .1% salt.. 12 hours later another .1% then another .1% twelve hours later.. however, I had ammonia so I didn't (& don't) know what the effect of them combined (ammonia + salt) will be on the fish. The very same day I added the last .1% of salt (two weeks of Buddy alone by then) I decided to make things worse by adding another 2 orandas (Mardo & Thomas) as the local store guy said it will be "ok".. besides, (since) the main 20G tank had one fish being treated at .3% salt, I thought I could use my main tank as quarantine and have them all 3 being "cured" for whatever they came with from the petstore. First the new two orandas spent the entire day at the top of the tank (trying to get oxygen I think).. My ammonia leves went from .25-.5% to 1.0% but no change in my Nitrites (0%, which means my cycle isnt done, I think).. Then the two new orandas started to show white pimples in their wen (not salt looking, ich, but more like a pimple).. & as today I don't know what it is.. The red cap (Mardo) is not eating, at least not when Im there.. I tried Omega pellets & he/she spits them out..I tried spinach & they don't even bother to pass by it.. I tried peas and he/she runs away when they're coming down from surface.. Im really worried about this one. The calico (Thomas) is only eating what's "only" in front of him/her.. he/she doesn't chase food at all.. also the swiming is a little strange.. it seems not to have the strength to pass by the filter current without being pushed away.. that also worries me too.. Buddy (1st fish) seem the same.. with the exeption that he is not as excited to see me that he/she was when alone. Buddy spends some time now at the bottom motionless which i don't know if is stress related or if it could be something else. I know having 3 goldfish in a 20G tank is not ideal.. I want to learn but every site says different things (about feeding, water changes, tank size etc).. I want to become a knowledgeable keeper & If everything goes well.. I'm planning to move them to a 60-75G tank in a few months.. I can't justify the expense just yet It is also stressful for me having to spend more time with the fish (or learning about them) that w/ my kids.. Im taking a lot of time away from work to come home & feed them, do water changes, clean extra poop or food and look at them for signs of sickness.. I want them to be happy but I don't how much longer am I gonna be able to do this without actually affecting my work.. So.... - Should I keep doing 25% water changes daily to maintain the ammonia as lowest as possible or it needs to get to a high level in it's own to then decrease ?.. Or should I do 25% morning & 25% evening (or 50% morning) ???? - What can I do to make the newer fish to eat??.. Or is it just part of the stressfull stage ??? - Is the white pimples something I should worry about or should I let it go in it's own ?? -Some of you say to keep the salt & 80 degrees for a while, some of you say that ammonia w/ salt will burn the gills & some of you say that if ammonia is present in the tank, the salt won't work.. PLEASE HELP Is it smart to keep them at 80 degrees and .3% salt or should I do water changes to get rid of the salt and still keep them at 80F.. Or just go back to normal (No salt, 70 degrees) ??? I'm sorry for the thousand questions.. I just don't want them to die Thanks a bunch!!! (Ah.. & sorry about the spelling) My other kids!! Mardo with white pimples on head Thomas with white pimples on head Are we sick??
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