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  1. Yes.. Kana, Metro & Triple Sufla from same source (unopened)
  2. So.. Do I just fill the QT tank with water and add prime ???.. How about filtration or aeration?? I have a Pinguin 150 with carbon cartridges as backup in case you want me to use it (or in case it will help to avoid daily WC) I have only 5 grams of Metro and 5 grams of Kana ... How about the red cap ???.. Does he stays with prazi for another 2 rounds ??.. I mean he eats "kinda ok" but stays most of the time sitting at bottom
  3. Actually I just fed them and red cap is eating kinda good.. calico is eating some but red/black is NOT eating at all..
  4. I test my ammonia & nitrites daily.. last night i was at .25 & today I'm at .50.. They eat very little.. so I ended up picking up the pellets from the tank after 30min to avoid ammonia increase Im at day 7.. 100% wc was done on Sunday so the videos are w/o prazi I thought of doing a 25% wc to reduce ammonia
  5. I didn't do a WC Friday or Saturday (only 100% yesterday) my ammonia has been 0 since then.. I don't understand why don't I show nitrites..!? So by saying.. "drop the salt to 0.1%" you want me to do a 25% WC with no salt today.. 25% WC with no salt tomorrow (day 7).. & 25% WC with no salt on Wednesday (day 8).. ???? Or you mean.. No water change today & tomorrow.. but 100% WC on Wednesday (Day 8) with .01% salt..????
  6. I guess Im gonna answer that with a couple of pictures.. Mardo is not picking on the other two this morning so he's out of "his cage".. however, he's been isolated in a corner since yesterday. Calico has his dorsal fin down all the time and spends most of the time at surface Buddy (red/black) has been under that rock since yesterday and he swims really awkward.. he gets pushed around by the current and when swimming he hits sides & bottom of tank (like he's drunk or blind) They don't really care much for food right now.. pellets pass by them and they don't seem too interested Someone mentioned on you tube (after seeing the video) that I have "too much current & bubbles".. I don't think that's bad but I just don't know
  7. Hello Lisa!!.. (Perhaps you will see this on day 6) Today is day 5 and I did a 100% WC this morning.. Added double dose of prime and 45 tsp of salt (.03%) but NO Prazi.. My ammonia has been 0.0 for the last three days. I have NO nitrites & 10 pmm (or less) of nitrates.. Does this mean I'm cycled?? If I'm showing NO ammonia.. Can I feed them 2-3 times a day or should I stay at one feeding only ?? I believe you said above that you are going to confer with the mod team about reducing the salt at 0.1% & Prazi at single dose starting day 8.. Whatever you guys decide, please let me know how to proceed.. By the way, I got the antibiotics you asked me to get (Metro, Triple Sufla & Kana).. just in case they're needed.. Thank you!!!
  8. Oh.. a regular colander.. Duh!! Do you think the fighting will continue being an issue (forever) after Prazi is done.. ??? I mean.. they all like to "chill" behind the plant and there's only "so much" room back there
  9. Hello!!.. I'm super excited with this morning water results.. Ammonia - 0.0 (not a hint of green whatsoever) Nitrites - 0.0 Nitrates - between 5.0 &10.0 _______________________________________ "Motherredcap".. I don't have a colander so this net is Mardo's home until I figure out something else.. If you have a pic of the colander you're talking about it will be awsome.. _______________________________________ Lisa.. I have not clue how to sex them.. This below is Mardo's (red cap) pic if you can tell me.. ________________________________________ So.. is the Prazi schedule the same (minus the WC) ??? Thanks!!!!
  10. Man!!..This little ones are driving me crazy!!!! ..I've just witnessed a very (bad) territorial behavior.. The red cap is fighting the other two for a hiding spot..!! To my surprise the calico & the red/black have bite marks on their tales (or perhaps fin rot, which I hope is not!) They were NOT like this this morning.. I have the red cap now in the net waiting for you guys advice..
  11. Yippeeeee..!!! One positive thing today.. That's all it matters!!! :happydance :nana
  12. Thanks!.. I'm gonna order them right away.. Did you get a chance to look at my nitrates picture ??.. Wondering if Im getting excited for no reason..
  13. Is Seachem "KanaPlex" same as any other Kanamycin powder?? I found it on Ebay for $8.. Is that price ok? So you want me to get them all ?? (kana, metro & triple) Metronidazole: http://www.ebay.com/itm/MicrobeLift-Metronidazole-Powder-3-5-oz-/351137141794?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item51c1679422 Kanamycin: http://www.ebay.com/itm/221551202396?_trksid=p2060778.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  14. I think you're about to ruin my dream... I see tap at < 5.0 Tank at > 10.0
  15. Is it possible to cycle without seeing the nitrites!!???.. I mean, I was 0.5 ammonia this morning before WC.. Now I'm less than .25 ammonia (I mean it looks yellow with a very light green hint) my nitrites are 0% but my nitrates are 10ppm...!!! Soooooooo????????????????
  16. Here's the link of video 1: Here's the link of video 2: Im really concerned about Buddy.. He has been hiding behind the plant all day.. Should I turn off the light all day ??? Flukes is something common w/ Goldfish, right? ... However these guys are only a few months old.. So, what are the chances he (or they) won't make it?..
  17. Day one (almost) over..! ..20 more to go!.. Please bare w/ me if I keep asking questions that perhaps have already been answered.. :)
  18. Ok,I will leave temp @ 80 for another few days to do 2 weeks.. Im Prazi right now.. They better get "better"..!! :bat:
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