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  1. I got an email back from Hikari Customer Service. They say... “As long as the product did not freeze, it should be fine. If it did freeze, you will notice white clumps and some stringiness to the product.”
  2. I have a new shubunkin in QT with. Few weeks to go. Do I treat my current 80 tank containing my large shabunkin with PraziPro or salt to provide the new fish less exposure to anything in my main tank?
  3. I ordered PraziPro And it was delivered to my mailbox tonight. It’ll be about 35° tonight and I’m not going to get home until Sunday. Will the Prezi pro ruined by the cold temps?
  4. I used your quarantine instructions. 1 tsp per gallon. 3X , 12 hours apart. I didn’t realize I need to heat the water. It’s pretty cold here in Massachusetts so I can dig out my heater. I have a filter on the 20 gallon QT tank and I am doing a 5 gallon water change every other day. Adding the salt back in when I do the change. She looks really healthy but I’ll look into getting the Prazi from my LFS.
  5. Question. New 5” shubunkin in a 20 gallon tank. As of yesterday I’ve got her up to 3% salt. How do you decide how long to leave the salt in before you start the water changes to remove the salt?
  6. Few days ago I installed a new Fluval output nozzle because I thought it would be nice to change the water flow to something that’s less strong and more evenly distributed. I swapped out the standard nozzle that has a really strong single direction flow. The new nozzle has 2 ball areas that open up to these big flow directors (photo attached). I’ve got one nozzle pointed up toward the surface So it is still moving. The second is pointing downward toward the bottom of the tank to keep the water down low moving. Should I be worried that I’m not getting enough water movement around the tank to get good filtration flow? I’m using the full flow rate for this Fluval 406. It’s been four days since I put it in, the fish seem to be relaxed with a less harsh flow, but I’m also seeing a lot of waste sitting at the bottom of the tank around the plants. Any advice Would be appreciated. Ann
  7. I have 1 common and 1 shabunkin in an 80 gallon reef tank. I chose the reef tank because it’s only 16 inches tall. It’s 24 inches deep Front to back and 5 feet long. I can reach my arm down and wash the bottom and the backside of the tank because it’s only 16 inches. And they love the 24” x 5’ to swim back-and-forth.
  8. I also vote for bare bottom. I think it’s a lot easier to clean. Made to still pick food off the bottom, and when the sunlight is coming in it really reflects the light better.I think it’s a lot easier to clean. Made to still pick food off the bottom, and when the sunlight is coming in it really reflects the light better.
  9. Hey all, I haven’t checked in lately because I’ve been traveling a lot on business. But I want to let you know I’ve been monitoring my girls food and she’s slimmed down quite a bit. They plowed through most the plants I put in there so I’ll probably be getting some more. I’ll get some more of those mask balls because they like those. And Coco, I think it’s a good idea to try the duck weed again when it gets warmer. It’s starting to get warm enough in Massachusetts to grow it in in a bucket outside.
  10. I enjoy sitting when I am doing the water changes each week. The ball’s get totally ripped apart but he keeps them busy. They’ve ripped all the leaves off all the plants so at least they can play with the balls. I bought 10 of those balls on Amazon and they weren’t that expensive. Maybe check that out. I’ll try to pick up some more plants this weekend to freshen up the look of the tank. it is so cold here right now in Massachusetts I don’t think the duckweed would grow well even in the window. Thank you so much for helping me out with my fish. This website has been a godsend. I bought these goldfish and had no idea what it took to take care of them. Now they’re so beautiful.
  11. Ok. We will keep the diet going. And thanks for the comment on my tank. I went to the 80 gallon reef tank for them because I wanted them to have more water per fish and more space to swim. With the mopani now, and the live plants, it is a whole other world. I sit and watch them a lot with the sun coming In the window. It is like your looking under water in a river with the water movement and the light. Now if I can just keep up with the plants they are destroying lol. I found a few they won’t eat but they still love attacking the, and pulling the apart. They have the marimo balls to play with too.
  12. I agree. She has a slimmer line from her tail along her sides up across her back. She is not as square or as wide. I think I was overfeeding them.
  13. thanks Koko. I tried to do a screen capture.
  14. Checking in again. I’ve been watching my girl since the last bunch of posts. The food quantity is under control. She doesn’t look a lot different and she’s still really active. I’m giving them peas once a week until I can get some more duck weed. I tried to upload a new photo but I can’t get the file small enough.
  15. This is good info. I will get some more duckweed and try again. My glass dish was not very deep like the plastic bin is but I was using fish tank water. The fertilizer may make the difference. In retrospect I should have turned the filter off when I gave them the duckweed. I tried a floating feeding square but the water flow blew it right out of the square. Can anyone recommend a place to order duckweed. I ordered from 2 people on eBay and both came from California. One was brown by the time I got it. The other was alive and the one I tried to grow but did not thrive. I am concerned about shipping plants during this cold weather in Massachusetts.
  16. Yes it was in a 13 x 19 cooking dish. It was right in the window. The leaves were super small and it did not grow like crazy. The cat was drinking the water i think. when i put it in the water it flew all over the tank. they grabbed it but still a lot went into the filter. I went back to peas which they love. She gas been pooping so I don’t think she stopped up like I originally worried about. I was thinking maybe one of the peas she ate a while back had the shell on it and maybe that was giving her a problem.
  17. I was growing the duckweed in the window but didn’t grow very well. The leaves stayed really small and they ended up turning brown. I think it’s because it’s been so cold here in Massachusetts. I’ve given them peas since and that has made them poop. I will buy more duck weed. I’ve had to order it because no one carries it at the local pet shops.
  18. I’ve been feeding them less and watching her. I got some duck weed and gave them that I ran through it all. They seem to be pooping fine, she swims around fine and she seems ok still, so I am hoping it was just too much food. Thanks for checking on me. I was really really worried for a while there.
  19. Wow, I was thinking that it would just completely cover everything and attached to all my wood and plants. Now that I think about it all the videos I watched they were all small fish. My kids are big. Now I get they are just going to devour it all. That’s really good news. I’ll come up with a way to grow it on the side. I have some really nice sunny windows in my house. Thanks for all the help everybody. I’m so glad to be on this forum to help take care of the kids
  20. That’s great advice. I’ve been reading up on duckweed and I don’t want it to take the tank over. I’ll keep it in a separate bowl and feed it to them as you recommended. I just got a fish feeding square to float on top to hold the duck weed and keep it from spreading all over. We’ll see how that works. Ha ha.
  21. Koko, I appreciate your support. I ordered the duckweed immediately after you recommended it. It sounds like I should put the duckweed on top of the water and let them eat that only. I’ll let you know how it goes.
  22. I feel like such a dope. I was so wrapped up in transitioning to my new 80 gallon reef tank with a new stand from my 40B tank I must have started using the larger pellet scoop. I am really hoping she is just overweight and not sick. I can deal with her weight by managing the food correctly. She is acting healthy so it doesn’t seem like she has any illness.
  23. When I got home last night I went through the basket under the tank stand and realized I had the 1/2 tsp size scoop in the fish food container and it should have been the 1/4 tsp size. That means I was giving them around 40-50 pellets 2X a day when I thought I was giving them around 15. I new it looked like a lot too. I’ll definately pull back now.
  24. I ordered some duckweed so ill try that. I dont want anything to happen to her. Do you think i need to cut back on the pellets?
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