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  1. thanks Fastlane, this tank is a 20G, it will most likely be upgraded this summer. I keep telling myself im going to upgrade this tank and I do, I move the fish to a bigger tank. I just fail to take this one down then I find another fish to go into it and the cycle starts over again lol
  2. thank you Mr. Hyde here is the tank my Oranda lives in, there use to be a lush floating plant but my other goldfish ate it leaving the bare stems (hoping they will grow back) here is another pic of my Oranda PS....He/she doesn't have name yet
  3. OMG Dexter is a beauty! both of them are, I have a soft spot for black/darker fish. I believe my guy will follow suit and eventually be all orange as well. sorry about the lighting, my phone does not take very good photos, I will eventually post a bunch of photos of my fishies
  4. Awe I hope e doesn't turn orange, though I didn't choose him for his color, I do like his fins :-) Do you have pics to post? I love looking at pics
  5. Thank you so much! I love this site, people here are so friendly.
  6. Hahaha I got your reference before I clicked on your post <3 He's very sweet looking, what's his name? (If no name you should consider ralph) Baby fish are soooo cute!
  7. Thank you chelseaM, I'm not sure how to post photos right in the thread? He's also very hard to photograph he doesn't like to sit still and when he does it always behind something.....
  8. hello all, I am new here and I bought a baby Oranda about two days ago, I am unsure if he is a blue or just a baby losing colors....maybe someone can tell me. not sure if the link will work http://i1303.photobucket.com/albums/ag143/niki15/photo1_zpsb4c59133.jpg
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