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  1. Yea it is natural light from the bay window, I wa sitting on the couch
  2. Yea it is natural light from the bay window, I wa sitting on the couch
  3. It's the first time I've used this brand of kit, and I did re test three times, this was the third test.
  4. so I tested my Nitrate today and cannot match it to a color? can you guys please help me? I am not sure if it is "picking" up color form the chart as I have it laid against the paper or not..... Also on another tank |I have I got a reading of 0.6 for ammonia I am not sure how to read the results.....the test kit is called Nutrafin it is a drop style system and there's an elaborate chart to read the ammonia all my tanks have been running for over a year or just coming up on a year. my tap parameters are all reading zero PH from tap is 7.5 all aquariums PH is 7.5 thanks for you help ladies and gents
  5. Welcome to kokos! I would suggest reading up on the cycle of the tank, tank size requirements, and put an API liquid test kits on your shopping list. Welcome to goldfish, it's a buyer be ware hobby as it's is addictive!
  6. Oh my lord! I wonder why she was being bullied???? yeeshhh poor little girl! Glad you have her now!
  7. Wow what a beautiful tank and fish you have
  8. Love love love the deep color!
  9. Oh my what a looker! Congrats on the new fishy
  10. I think I got mine at MyPet, it was on sale for $7-8 for a jar regular price I believe is about $12
  11. Hope she feels better or that the other ae right that she is just head heavy and need to rest. btw she might be my favorite oranda I have ever seen!
  12. Very nic picture More pics more pics more pics
  13. congrats on successfully keeping them healthy! they are looking good!
  14. I would not suggest assassin snails if you don't want any snails bc if there's enough resources these snails can populate fast too (I also find they grow slower and are more difficult to find in a tank)
  15. Is there someone you know that has a fish tank that you trust (no sickness/illness in their tank) to put your filter on their tank? that would keep the bacteria happy and the other person would have better filtration on their tank :-)
  16. also, do not add cold water once you dump the hot water out as the change in water temperatures can crack the glass as well.
  17. cute fishies......you truly have unique lovely fish
  18. Omg I want one!! Must upgrade! Very cute babies
  19. Sorry for your loss, I know it can be discouraging but believe me it is well worth it once you have learned and continue to learn and when you get a healthy fish to thrive. sometimes some fish just come from bad stock/genes, don't give up! and I'm not expert but I would start with a young fish (yes you don't know the risks/potential to full adult hood) as this way they can adjust to your water, your water change schedules, ect. where as an adult fish might be more shocked to have said changes to their life style. (some can dispel this if they like, its just my thought) good luck with your other two fishies
  20. that's a good guideline ChelseaM, thank you
  21. I'd use it too. If you ever make more than you need in a week, you can cut it up into cubes and freeze it. I usually keep some fresh to use for week in the fridge and then freeze the extra the same night that I make it. It will last for a couple of months frozen sealed tight in a plastic container. Check out all the other goodies you can include in your gel food here. Thanks that was an interesting read! Can I add frozen blood worms to my repashy once it comes out of the microwave? Or will the heat cokl them and/or does it matter if they are cooked?
  22. Thanks guys, I will be feeding them it for dinner :-)
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