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  1. Sooo lucky! Very pretty mixture of colors!
  2. I'm sorry to hear about kappa, I always enjoyed your thread :-)
  3. wow, Im impressed! very lovely pics, I like Jersey Boy's name :-)
  4. Lovely <3 pic 6,10, 14!!! A job well done
  5. I agree, my smallest one is also the pushiest, almost head butts the others to get his share of food lol silly fish
  6. I don't know about anyone else but I spread my food far and wide so they have to swim for it :-) as long as I see the little one eat I'm happy.
  7. Good on you for being up to the task of rescuing these fish!!! I agree wither the other poster about taking as much of their tank water from their current set up. Such drastic change in environment will cause a lot of stress (don't be surprised if you have them in clean water for a month or so and they get sick). I don't know what kind of money she is expecting for the tanks, they need a lot of elbow grease!!!!
  8. I like to divulge in the best of both worlds, I keep both types. Though when I started I never liked fancies either but then again years ago I didn't even know there were fancies or how many different types of goldfish there were now I want one of them all in every color combo!!! I use to think there was only one type of goldfish, the orange common....boy did I get a suprise hahahha
  9. This is one of the most interesting threads I've ever read I think! Glad to hear he's doing better and here's to hoping for a full revovery!
  10. Looked like a Wakin or Jinkin.Sigh a lot of those fish looks so stressed out... I feel their pain. But gorgous fish! Thank you! I agree some of them do looked stressed! :-( Some are actually pretty small, I was surprised that they could show such small goldfish especially when we all know goldfish are magicians and change very quickly!
  11. that was an awesome video, what was that long body fish at 0.23? it looked like a single tail but had a double tail? (new want fish, and I haven't even gotten my previous want fish.....nor do I have any more room for want fish haha)
  12. WOW! Love the deep red color!
  13. They look so happy! Seems like iceicle was in QT for a long time.... Happy that s/he was set free!!! Also I love iceicle bc s/he looks like my kricket!!!! Same age too it looks like!
  14. Yup she is my Daughter, there are lots of Video's of her in the Off topic area.....Shes 2...But anyway.... when I do get it back together again, Im thinking of Wakin's Or Shunkins I'll have to go check her out! Awe I love shubbies!
  15. Oh koko I hadn't realized you didn't have any goldfish ATM. Do you plan to get back into keeping? Yes once Justine is alittle bit older and I can make a lid for the pond better May I ask who Justine is?daughter? Also, what kind of goldfish do you see yourself purchasing g?
  16. I say go for it if.....you think you will be happy if he developed a hump or not, or if you won't be happy unless you get your humped fish, make sure you still have room to add another fish that does have a hump, then if this one doesn't grow his hump you won't be disappointed. Ps, I really think this guy is cute
  17. Lol depends on who you ask in our house, as my actual cost in my hobby might be bigger than my bf thinks He can't believe how pretty some of my "feeder" fish are lol...also can't believe how much my mom has "given" me in gifts or how I only buy things on sale... He doesn't really need to know!?does he!?
  18. Oh koko I hadn't realized you didn't have any goldfish ATM. Do you plan to get back into keeping?
  19. Very nice videos and beautiful fish! Really like that you can go underwater with your fish....pretty awesome if you ask me!
  20. I have decided to flip the tank and buy another tank with canister filter.
  21. Thank you :-) I know nothing about sumps really, I rea a bit and wow! There's a lot o info out there! Does anyone know what kind of return pump I would need? Names of brands and gph? Also how does the draining pluming work for not overflowing the sump?
  22. Wow very stange and beautiful! Not mixed at all? That's so fascinating, keep us posted with their growth and development. Oh and congrats!
  23. I guess it kind is a lucky find! I should be thankful and not gripe about it....just was disappointed I couldn't clean and set up right away, now to research and buy the extras that I'll need (hoping to have this up and running before my month long vacation) I have someone available to do water changes but he won't want to do as many as I would and my tank is way over stocked ATM. Water is hard to keep stable (hence the bigger tank)
  24. When I looked at the tank, it was stored in a dark corner, I didn't see the section for the sump and he offered to deliver it to me and I was just so excited I said yes!!! (If you knew me I buy the wrong thing all the time, it could be smithing small like the wrong brand of something, but this is normal for me) lol I guess I will research sumps today and this weekend. It's pretty dirty nd will take me a couple of days to clean. If I do go with a sump the only tank I hve is the 40g that is occupied by the fish ment for this tank. I'm not very handy so I'll need to figure everything out before they make the move.
  25. Any information would be helpful as I know nothing about salt water tanks or how they work. If I were to guess it looks like one hole is for taking water out of the tank and one hole is for pumping water back into the tank from a "sump tank" I think that's what it is call. But I don't need any of that for freshwater so how would I "plug" the holes to use the tank? BCD I would assume that's a lot of weight once it's filled with water
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