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  1. I wish she did that...she only changes their water once a month if they are lucky......in all honesty I have no clue how they are still alive! and when she changes the water its only half......on top of that when she leave the house she unplugs her filter and sometimes doesn't even turn it back on.......I have the buckets she can have for free!!!! she doesn't use conditioner.....I don't know why......I think she really just needs those floaty fake fish......
  2. I knew I could count on you peoples to make me feel better!
  3. Wow diesel that was so professional :-)
  4. I have tried to tell her every time she asks me to help her.....I tell her that they will not live very long in this tiny tank, she doesn't want them to die, she says she really loves them, I just don't understand why she wont let me help her by helping her get a bigger tank, I could probably get her a 20 gallon for free (not that a 20 is good for this situation, just a smidge better) I have explained that the ammonia builds up quickly in this tank and that the prime is only a temporary solution (as it helps lock ammonia, she thinks prime is magic or something) its not really her threatening the life of her fish she is just pleading for help.....do I or should I ignore her pleas to help her? I know if I don't help her they will die without my prime as she changes water using tap water with nothing in it...... it is hard to sit and watch....they are soo cute!
  5. So my neighbor came to visit today, she loves my tanks and fish...when she is here she make a comment I hate looking at your fish bc I know my fish should be this big, btw I thought my fish died again tonight.... Rewind....so this girl keeps 3 fantails in maybe a 5g tank and has had them there for almost a year every now and then she comes to me stating one of them is dying HELP!!! So I go over and help her clean her tank give her some prime and tell her what she needs to do....I also inform her she needs a bigger tank and offer to help her find one but she doesn't want a bigger tank,...says she has no room and doesn't want the big water changes....I'm tired of her hurting her fish and running to me for help!!!!! I feel bad for the fish and I don't know how to tell her I don't want to help.....poor fish have ammonia burned gills, one has SBD....should I just let her kill her fish by stopping helping her? Or do I continue helping her hurt them????
  6. Holy fish Batman! I never see that many Goldies when I go to the fish store! your quite lucky to have such a large selection!
  7. My Oranda started out this color, all his brothers and sisters were the same color.....I have had mine for about 4-6 months (I can't remember) mine darkened up and grew fast (the ones at the store stayed this color and stayed small). I know mine is not done changing but he is showing hints of gold :-)
  8. I describe a fish swimming away quickly, much like what yours did as dart.....not sure if it is technical but ie: my fish darted away from the gel food and hid in the plants.....
  9. wow very nice! I like the peachy color...it blends nicely with the white and gives s/he a soft look
  10. very nice, I like watching you get new fish...... <3 very nice looking group you have there
  11. Thank you, what kind of lighting does the lotus like? Pa Chelsea your profile pic is cute! <3
  12. I am not a resp worker, I don't think I would be able to be :-( thought I do like helping people He was named strider bc he has a stripe and me roommate said he will be the lone strider bc he is so small and looks different than my other GF and he will stride to survive hehehe
  13. Oh wow they do look alike lol I love him????
  14. thank you, I was hoping to have a beautiful lily on top of the water! does the tiger lotus have the lily pads that float? these fish are monsters! they destroy any kind of plant I have tried in their tank, duckweed, water lettuce, that bushy floating stuff
  15. Anyone ever keep water lilies in their tanks inside? if so how do they fair? how would they be planted?
  16. thanks, I think he is going to turn more orange as I can see he has some added orange since Ive had him
  17. thank you :-) I need to get a top view pic, I really like the spread of his tail....
  18. I'm am pleased to say this little guy has successfully come from QT, he is a little lionhead (might be a mix)..... Meet Strider
  19. Very lovely fish! Does it look like your fish is trying to hide from you? If so it might just need to settle in, try turning the lights out for the day. Or does it swim frantically up and down the glass in front of you splashing the water then, if so it might be the feed me dance as s/he might know people=food. (Mine do this any time you approach the tank) As for the turned out gills I believe I read recently on here that is nothing to worry about ;-)
  20. I've gotten all my fish from petsmart, my pet, and aquarium illusions. None have really seemed sick to me. I even took a bunch of feeders and raise them for a bit, before I gave two away and kept one. They were not even sick when I bought them home!!!i love the comet I still have! The only fish I have lost thus far was one gold color fantail that jumped out of the back of my tank. That must have been a year ago now. My oranda I have came from my pet, they still have some of his brothers and sister there....he has surpassed them in growth by leaps and bounds, kind of makes me wonder how old they really are when we purchase them. They look so different you wouldn't even say they came from the same spawn anymore.
  21. I'm pretty sure it is illegal to own such magnificent fish! love all your pics and fish! pic number 7 the fish on the left looks like s/he has fake scales and is probably my favorite fish of yours (well your Oranda too)
  22. Hahaha I love he name mishi fishi it's fun!
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