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  1. So it has been a while since I have been on here, I have missed the people here.


    all my fish are doing good, except strider, he is dealing with some swim bladder issues and might not pull through.


    I have just recently upgraded one of my tanks to a 60G and added a new addition Ruttiger (Pic below), Ruttiger will need some serious fattening up....also in the picture is Fibber, oh how he has changed....he has lost all his black spots and almost looks like a different fish. I am beginning to think he might be a fantail mixed with a single tail kind of goldfish as he is much more slender and longer than the others.



  2. That make me sad, I never did test his water as I was constantly changing his water, but I guess I should have been.

    I am on city services and I'm going to test it tomorrow, last time I checked it was 0 out of the tap.

  3. Does anyone else feel the strong urge to try and make delicious looking how too memes they find on instagram or facebook?

    I am starving!!!!


    Omg yes! Though the last one I tried (2 days ago) big fail! 3 ingrident beer cheese dip.....def follow the measurements bc mine turned out like beer cheese soup,...

  4. I am sad to report that Dilophy has passed. about a week ago I noticed pin holes in his tail and started treating him with melafix, once the melafix was over with (1 week treatment) he took a turn for the worse and passed after two days.....his fins started to curl around themselves, he had red bumps on the end of his tail, I have no clue what got him.....I know it sounds like bad water quality but I was changing half of his water every two days.....

  5. I can see why you wouldn't want to pass her up, she does have very pretty colors, she kind of looks pitiful with her fins. I would have picked her too, she have very good potential to become the great white swan (so to speak)

    Awww, thanks for this! My boyfriend took one look at her and said "that is the ugliest fish I've ever seen," but even after just a couple days of frequent feeding I can see her starting to plump up and I have a feeling she will be a real beauty once her fins heal and her color comes out.

    I couldn't agree more!

  6. ok, time for another update as it has been a while!


    For these photos I moved them in a glass container.


    below is strider, he is probably the hardest to get a pic of as he is constantly moving....he is also starting to turn more orange, his tail has some orange spots on them and his belly is starting to turn more and more orange every day;






    below is fibber, I believe he is losing some of his black if not most of it;




    below is cricket, who was not happy about being in such a small space, I really love his flowy fins;




    below is knuckles, I really love his vibrant orange coloration and the spread of his fins, except he does have a small crinkle in his tail;






    below is house :-) he has the prettiest eyes








    Yes Niki, you're correct it is a java fern. Thanks for the tip, I plan on double checking this when I return home and ideally will end up strapping it to a rock or the driftwood once it gets added  :)



    that's good, as this plant does not fair well with it under the substrate.....I like to stick them in the holes of driftwood so when the roots attach themselves it looks like it grew right out of the driftwood :-)

  8. So I was browsing Koko's and seen someone mention something about a game called Pocket Pond and I downloaded it to my phone hahaha while in some training I doodled the loading screen


    here is the loading screen;




    here is my doodle;





  9. just to nudge you more, some of the calico fantails are beauties....I have one myself, he is not perfect (single anal fin, longer body, might be forming a hump...so he might be a mix) but once you own them, you start to really love your own goldfish for its personality and individually...... 


    Im no goldfish expert but I think in general goldfish are pretty hardy and with proper water maintenance you can avoid a lot of problems.....I have an oranda and a lionhead.....I change about 90% of the water every week so far no problems....

  10. Keep your chin up!


    It will be a pin in the rear to start a new cycle and everything, but most likely not as much of a pain as doing large WCs for reasons you do not know and trying to make a sick fish better.....I think it might be worth it, but def. wait for another member to chime in :-)


    Bare Bottoms are really nice and easy to care for, you could always try planting plants in small pots, and attaching others to DW. I have a couple of bare bottoms bottom tanks and I love them. though I do not have them planted.....I have also painted the bottom and back a dark brown color (outside the tank) and I enjoy that look :-)


    I look forward to seeing your choices

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