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  1. congrats, I just love how high he holds his fins! if you haven't picked a name yet Autumn would be nice
  2. Niki

    New Betta Set up

    That make me sad, I never did test his water as I was constantly changing his water, but I guess I should have been. I am on city services and I'm going to test it tomorrow, last time I checked it was 0 out of the tap.
  3. Omg yes! Though the last one I tried (2 days ago) big fail! 3 ingrident beer cheese dip.....def follow the measurements bc mine turned out like beer cheese soup,...
  4. I am glad to hear she has put on weight! I am following her.....I just love her color, and those fins! watch out boys! I think she is going to be a stunner now that she has favored conditions....
  5. Niki

    New Betta Set up

    I am sad to report that Dilophy has passed. about a week ago I noticed pin holes in his tail and started treating him with melafix, once the melafix was over with (1 week treatment) he took a turn for the worse and passed after two days.....his fins started to curl around themselves, he had red bumps on the end of his tail, I have no clue what got him.....I know it sounds like bad water quality but I was changing half of his water every two days.....
  6. Awww, thanks for this! My boyfriend took one look at her and said "that is the ugliest fish I've ever seen," but even after just a couple days of frequent feeding I can see her starting to plump up and I have a feeling she will be a real beauty once her fins heal and her color comes out. I couldn't agree more!
  7. I can see why you wouldn't want to pass her up, she does have very pretty colors, she kind of looks pitiful with her fins. I would have picked her too, she have very good potential to become the great white swan (so to speak)
  8. you take really good pics!
  9. Fish Envy here!!!! congrats on the new one!
  10. Very pretty betta, I think he is a mustard gas? Good luck with healing him all up, he should recover quickly in your care.
  11. Holy, those suckers are huge, how old do you think some of them big boys are?
  12. just to nudge you more, some of the calico fantails are beauties....I have one myself, he is not perfect (single anal fin, longer body, might be forming a hump...so he might be a mix) but once you own them, you start to really love your own goldfish for its personality and individually...... Im no goldfish expert but I think in general goldfish are pretty hardy and with proper water maintenance you can avoid a lot of problems.....I have an oranda and a lionhead.....I change about 90% of the water every week so far no problems....
  13. Niki

    New Betta Set up

    everything is going swimmingly!
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