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  1. Seems to be eating well. Took him a bit to figure out there was food, but he found and ate it.
  2. I've given the tank a 100% water change, and new doses of MetroPlex and Kanaplex. Helmut has a normal activity level. His fins don't look very different from yesterday.
  3. Lol. I love it shakaho... only because I see myself in it. I'm an electircal engineer, and drive my wife crazy with 'technically precise language' that is not helpful to her. Still, it seems the overall feeling is: diatoms aren't really bad for the fish, and the right plants can outcompete the diatoms for nutrients. As I'm planning on planting my tank, it seems picking the right plants will be the most beneficial path for the aquarium. (Well, that and wiping away the diatoms every water change.) I have seen a few of the DIY aquarium guy's videos -- and the one you linked in particular. After seeing it, I thought: "You know, the water line for my kitchen sink runs right under the aquarium, so it'd be relatively easy to put in a tap for the aquarium..." My wife vetoed the idea. <sigh...>
  4. Excellent, and I really appreciate Jared for contacting Seachem
  5. Ah. OK. MetroPlex instructions list 3 weeks "or until symptoms disappear". KanaPlex instructions list "Maximum of 3 doses" (So with semi-daily dosing, that makes it 6 days?) So may brain read "3 weeks" on the metro, and then saw "3" on the kanaplex and registered 3 weeks. Good catch. I'm at work, so I'll do a 100 % water change when I get home.
  6. So, my main tank (actually, every cycled tank I've owned) has always had a diatom problem. I clean the diatoms, and they'll be back within few days. Until recently, I just thought of it as "brown algae", and didn't give it a second thought; goldfish produce nitrates, algae eats nitrates so mystery solved... Then I read a few posts here on kokosgoldfish where people mentioned diatoms and I thought "what the bleep is a diatom?". Most articles I've read mention that they show up in a recently established tank, and then tend to go away, sometimes taking weeks or even months. Well, mine have never gone away, over several years. Something's not right, and the arrow seems to be pointing at me... So, I read about diatoms, and found that high silicate levels in the water are a possible cause. I have pretty hard water, so I figured I'd get a test kit & see what my water actually has. I used the Seachem MultiTest: Silicate test kit. My tank's water tests to about 5 mg/L. My tap water is identical. The test's literature mentions that freshwater typically has 0.25 mg/L. So it seems I have a pretty high silicate content in my tap water. The Seachem test has a 'standard' sample of 6 mg/L you can use should you not trust your results. Fortunately, when I tested the standard, it is indeed 6 mg/L. So, I have a few questions I'd like to know more about: Other than chemical filtration (like PhosGuard), how can silicates (and diatoms) be mitigated? (Or is it a losing battle, given the silicate levels in my tap water?) I'd like to plant my tank (actually, I've started with simple ones like Anubais, Amazon Sword, and Water Wisteria). The problem is the diatoms like to cover the leaves, and kill the plants Other than being unsightly, are there any significantly negative things for my fish's health with diatoms in an aquarium? (They're obviously bad for my plants. Obviously, I want to do what's best for my fish, and it seems to me that diatoms aren't in their best interest. What else can I do to mitigate their presence?
  7. Single dose of prime: Easy. Kanaplex and Metroplex can be combined, and they are both supposed to be dosed every 2 days for up to three weeks. The only other thing in the tank is an air stone connected to a whisper 10 air pump.
  8. Quick status update: fins are definitely getting redder. Fish's behavior not really that different. I'm hoping the antibiotics just take time to take effect. I know they generally do in Humans. I did get PraziPro from FedEx today. I haven't dosed with PraziPro as I have no idea how it interacts with the antibiotics.
  9. I have a lid in place, so now I don't have to worry about fish jumping or the errant feline paw. After some initial mopeyness I'll attribute to transplanting between tanks, the fish's behavior is back to normal. He's swimming all around the QT tank, top, bottom, each corner, etc. I'll report back progress as time passes. (sigh)... waiting is always the hard part...
  10. I actually already just had that discussion and know just the thing.
  11. Good. Now I just have to rush to the Home Depot to get something to cover the tank. Helmut already breached the water a bit -- and I have two cats, one of whom is not trustworthy. Your guess is as good as mine for which cat to trust.
  12. Since I don't have gel food, to put the antibiotics in, and the LFS is closed for the day... How would I make some? Gelatin mixed with his current food and maybe some garlic for flavor? I doubt it's a good idea to blend in the antibiotics whilst the gelatin is hot; they probably break down from the heat.
  13. Yes, autocorrect for Seachem. QT is setup, dosed, and patient is in the hospital. The other fish are like "Old man Helmut is gone. We can do whatever we want now!" Heres hoping ok man Helmut returns to put those kids in their place!
  14. I have both: beaches Metroplex & Seachem Kanaplex. Just arrived today.
  15. I wasn't thinking tetracycline would be appropriate. Just mentioning I have it.
  16. The local fish stores are almost exclusive to marine & reef. There's a bit of token stuff for freshwater, but that's it. The only store with Prazi of any kind had a powder -- which they then tell you to dissolve in Vodka before putting it in the tank. So that plus a bottle of vodka would be over $130 or so... I ordered PraziPro with next-day shipping; it'll show up tomorrow. As for the antibiotics: I have Tetracycline (which I'd have to cover the tank & keep it dark to use), and I believe I have metronidazole and kanamycin... will check...
  17. Man the above is disjointed... Hospital Tank is being assembled; sadly I don't have one cycled. I'll have to pick up a filter that takes the same cartridge as my current HOB; then I can at least transfer over one of the filter cartridges, and then watch both tanks... It'll be 20 gallons per fish, so it shouldn't be too bad... I've never treated any of my fish with Prazi. There are, like many places, two kinds of place to get stuff: PetSmart or PetCo, which are much closer, but neither carry Prazi The local marine & reef aquarium shops (2) which are about an hour's drive away, which only have very large quantities of Prazi for sale.
  18. One hospital tank coming up. I've never treated any of my fish with Prazi. In fact, my 'local' pet shops are PetCo & PetSmart. The local pet shops only have very large quantities of Prazi for sale (enough to treat 2500 Gallons is the minimum), and is $95. For that price, I can next-day from Amazon.
  19. It's getting worse, fast. Now I'm getting worried.
  20. Not my first post. After my first post, it clicked that it's like one of the problem reports I deal with daily at work (I'm an engineer). So, my thinking is: If collecting the information is worth doing, it's worth over doing. I did forget one thing: Temperature: 70F I haven't fully decided. I am definitely going to have both for a couple months minimum. Part of me wants to remove the HOB for silence, but part thinks the extra surface disturbance will be beneficial for aeration purposes, especially in the summer. One clarification: It's only been "bad" (like now) and "not so bad" (with less redness & shredding). The symptoms have been persistent for at least two years, with an ebb and flow that doesn't seem to follow water changes. It's been with him so long I'm not that worried, but I do want to find out what it is & see if I can resolve what is causing it (because it's probably just me sucking in my fish keeping in some way or another).
  21. I've always considered "completely apes**t" when the creature collects its feces and flings it at you. The mental image of a goldfish doing that seems strangely plausible to me...
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