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  1. 100% WC, 0.1% Salt, Prazi Helmut's fins do flush a bit after the WC. Because it's a 100% change and has to transfer to a container & back, I'd guess it's a bit of stress from the transfer.
  2. Pictures: sure. Though my fish's isn't an X-Man, and doesn't heal like Wolverine. iPhone pics today, DSLR pics upon Helmut's triumphant homecoming Friday.
  3. Dosed with Prime, Ammonia is less than 0.25, Zero nitrites. He's eating fine, and acting fine.
  4. 100% water change, NO antibiotics .1% salt added PraziPro added
  5. The only real solution is to have something even finer underneath. It's not a 100% thing though; occasionally small particles percolate up, and big ones sink. I remember reading a paper on the subject when a physicist got sick of his 'mixed' nuts having small peanuts on the bottom, and the big nuts like Brazil nuts and cashews on top. He studied why, and discovered the same rules apply to any aggregate: rocks, gravel, breakfast cereal... Migration cannot be avoided.
  6. I'm so sorry for your loss. Euthanization is such a tough call. +1 to fantailfan's suggestion to keeping Kanaplex and Metroplex in your aquarium 'medicine cabinet' for the future. Believe it or not, I ordered both before my fish got sick 'just in case'. Then my fish got sick, and was *insanely lucky* to have it arrive the day fantail1 suggested I use it. I listen to and follow the advice of the moderators here. They have the experience of helping a lot of people treat their sick fish. Their experience is invaluable. One tip from me: during my recent fish infection, (the thread with pictures Chai sent), I took daily pictures. I was originally just trying to be helpful to the moderators at first (show, not tell). I found it was helpful to me as well: I could easily flip back through the history of pictures, and objectively see if my fish's condition was "worse" "no worse" or "better". It's much better than trying to remember, as emotion clouds a lot.
  7. They're one day out of sync; the QT tank is a day behind. I imagine the time to move would be when both tanks are both antibiotic free and Prazi free? So Friday/Saturday timeframe?
  8. It'll be 14 days tomorrow. One question: at what point would we be looking at returning the Oranda to the main tank? (I'm not in a hurry, just curious)
  9. Dosed QT tank with Prime Ammonia less than 0.25, zero nitrite The main tank had a 80% WC, dosed with Prime and Prazi, as per schedule. We were going to discuss the QT treatment; it has no Kana now, and no Prazi. It does have Metro. I do a water change tomorrow, and I know I'm scheduled to put in Prazi & maybe Metro; but that's all I know.
  10. By normal, I mean normal for this fish. They've been like Feb 13th's pictures for years. I think tonight I'll go to the hassle of taking pictures with my DSLR. It's more work than just using my iPhone, but the pictures are just so much better. The full-res shots from the very first post are from my DSLR. You can zoom in and easily see sub-millimeter structures in the fins that aren't even visible to the eye. Example: Super fine levels of detail are visible. The pictures taken with my iPhone (such as last night's) are nowhere near as good, and can be grainy and fuzzy.
  11. Either way, his fins are looking pretty much normal now.
  12. Hard to say. My wife asked me the same thing Thursday evening. His fins seem to be a bit worse after water changes, but it clears up by morning. Stress from the water change, perhaps?
  13. Ammonia less than 0.25. (No color change at all). Nitrites 0. Dosed prime. Fins look less red than yesterday to me.
  14. Ok. Saturday is both day 12 and the next 'scheduled' water change, so it works out perfect.
  15. One thing I want to add for anybody reading: I can't say how glad I've been that I've taken almost daily pictures, in the same light, with the same camera. It takes the guesswork out of the 'is his condition improving?' and 'is is at least no worse?' observations. Highly recommend the practice.
  16. Started antibiotics the evening of Feb 2. This evening will be day 11.
  17. Oy. Hospital tank: 100% wc, kana, metro, prime, and NO Prazi. Fish is active & looking pretty good. Main tank: 97% water change (ok, I may be fudging a bit. I scooped the fish into big bowels & changed all the water practical). Refilled tank, prime, 0.1% salt, waited 20 or so minutes to circulate & stabilize, moved healthy fish back into main tank. They're happy too.
  18. Water: less than 0.25 ammonia. Nitrite 0. Seems happy. Eating fine.
  19. I wouldn't believe an exact figure anyway. Exact figures are just too full of themselves, and they have no appreciation for the troubles of mere mortals. Don't get me started with figures like π; that jerk can't even be rational.
  20. I realize there are factors like diet, temp, the fish, and so on... But how quickly do goldfish heal from something like this? (Big ballpark figure). 4-8 months? Do they heal at anything resembling to human healing speeds?
  21. 100%wc, prime, kana, metro, Prazi Behaving normally. Eating ok.
  22. I don't want pond/bladder snails for some of the same reasons most people don't want mice or rats in their home: they are uninvited, invasive, optimistic feeders that breed as much as is possible. When they eventually die, they rot, hurting the air/water quality.
  23. One clarification: I'm not sure if I communicated correctly in my earlier posts. I've been feeding ~1.5 g of food for the tank per day, or 0.5g of food per fish per day. I'm thinking of raising it to 2.25 g of food for the tank per day, or 0.75g per fish per day.
  24. I'm not looking for rapid growth; in fact I'd guess that doubling what I've been feeding them is too much. I was thinking of moving from ~ 1.5 g of food per day to something like 2.25 (basically a third meal of the same size I've been feeding.) I'm glad to hear my feeding isn't too unusual.
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