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  1. Thank you for the site it opened my eyes. That is exactly why I posted the question.
  2. I like reading reviews before spending quite a bit on money.
  3. Is there any dealers or hobbyists that are selling butterfly fantail goldfish.
  4. Has anyone bought goldfish from them before and how would you rate them?
  5. Has anyone ever removed the entire wen or trimmed it when it started to grow. It looks like I would to hire a wen specialist to clean up my Oranda when he/she needs it!
  6. No the $200. is just the shipping the fish are just added on!
  7. Water garden gems. They are near San Antonio. Unfortunately I am in Minnesota.
  8. I found a place in Texas great looking fish but the shipping is $200.+
  9. Bob47

    Betta Tankmates

    I have a 46 gallon bowfront with plants with guppies right now.
  10. Where did you get the container in the back left corner. I have a Riparium tank, but I haven't been able to find a container like that.
  11. Bob47

    Betta Tankmates

    What fish would be good tankmates for a Betta. No fin nippers of course!
  12. Can you recommend any specific breeders to buy fish online.
  13. How big do Fantail Goldfish get? Is there such a thing as Panda Goldfish?
  14. I would say liionhead., no dorsal fin ones. Genetically modified ones.
  15. Where is the best place to buy goldfish. I am not really into exotic goldfish.
  16. I have a 46G Bowfront tank with a good Eheim Canister filter and LED lighting. It has small graver as a substrate. My question is what kind of goldfish would you recommend and is there a good place to purchase them. I like the fantails not into the exotic kinds.
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