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  1. Hello all,

    One of my ranchu has started hanging out in the top corner of the tank and skipped breakfast this morning. The parameters are 0 ammonia 0 nitrites and 60 nitrates. This is very unlike her, she's usually always in the middle of the water column swimming around happily. What are your experiences with fish doing this?

    Thank you!

  2. I have a friend that is brand new to goldfish and he sent me these pics asking if I knew what to do. I taught him all about the nitrogen cycle and the basics, but I don't know what the illnesses are. Looks like ammonia burns and sores. 93e5eec39e09ac875b198cf79719c150.jpgf2c94b8e52b9c133bdd5aa42c5dc05be.jpg

  3. 2739169093dc979162a538750643f69d.jpg

    Took 6 weeks of daily monitoring and water changes but it's finally done! Fish in cycle of a new 55 gallon tank with 2 ranchu and 1 large ryukin. It feels so great to be on the other side of hill. Now I'm awaiting my new calico Oranda to come in from Dandy Orandas and we'll see how it goes. [emoji2]

  4. This is a very interesting question...

    Initially I would want to say put the intake and return on opposite sides of the tank to keep water circulating the best.

    However then I wonder if it would be better to have them on the same side and send the return across the top of the tank towards the far end. I say this because by sending the clean water away from the intake, you would be causing a circular flow, and as you push the clean water away on top, dirty water is being drawn in my the intake. If you send the clean water right back in the direction of the filter, you are filtering it over and over. Another thing to consider is that since there is only one filter return, you should use the return to cause surface agitation, which helps with oxygen exchange. If you use the return to send the water across the top and back towards the filter intake, you are actually causing a dead spot at the bottom. If you can get the water going in a circular motion, it would help sweep the debris towards the intake.

    I moved the outflow over to the same side of the tank as the intake, with the water shooting across the tank and OMG what a difference. You can see the water actually circulating in the tank beautifully now! Across the top down the side, across the bottom, and up into the intake... Perfect! Thanks again for your suggestion!
  5. Hi, I was gifted a Fluval 406 canister filter for Christmas [emoji106] and I was wondering where best to place the intake and outflow on my 55 gal tank. The tank is barebotton and I placed the intake on one side of the tank and the outflow on the other with the flow pointed towards the middle of the tank. The water is super clean, but there is still small debris at the bottom that doesn't seem to move around. Should I position the intake and outflow differently to get the water on the bottom to churn better?

    Thanks for your help

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