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  1. Hello all, One of my ranchu has started hanging out in the top corner of the tank and skipped breakfast this morning. The parameters are 0 ammonia 0 nitrites and 60 nitrates. This is very unlike her, she's usually always in the middle of the water column swimming around happily. What are your experiences with fish doing this? Thank you!
  2. I have a friend that is brand new to goldfish and he sent me these pics asking if I knew what to do. I taught him all about the nitrogen cycle and the basics, but I don't know what the illnesses are. Looks like ammonia burns and sores.
  3. How do you like the AC 110? I was thinking of getting one to supplement my Fluval 406 canister...
  4. So I have a Fluval 406 now on my 55 gallon, but I am maxed out on stocking with 5 fish and I was thinking of getting another filter to help carry the load. Either one would be doubling up the filtration since they are for filtering 100 gallon tanks. What would you do?
  5. Crazy enough, it popped just like a pimple and white fuzz was coming out. Now it's just a faint white dot. Craziest thing, maybe it was just a pimple
  6. Came home from work and I notice that my ryukin has a perfectly round pimple on his head that wasn't there 10 hours earlier. If it was my ranchu I'd say wen growth, but this is weird. Any ideas out there? [emoji47]
  7. Thanks Jared, It's a personal mission of mine now... Lol. I've done so many changes to keep the parameters straight it's just part of my routine now.
  8. Took 6 weeks of daily monitoring and water changes but it's finally done! Fish in cycle of a new 55 gallon tank with 2 ranchu and 1 large ryukin. It feels so great to be on the other side of hill. Now I'm awaiting my new calico Oranda to come in from Dandy Orandas and we'll see how it goes. [emoji2]
  9. I have a Fluval 406 and I wanted to get some opinions on what everyone was using? Is it better to have all of the shelves packed with no rings and mechanical or some carbon ammonia chips mix? Thanks in advance! [emoji2]
  10. NLS Thera+A, Sakari purple and soilent green chunks thrown in as well. A few couple of the frozen Omega One super carnivore food for treats in between. The omega one has blood worms and a couple different shrimp frozen together, the Ranchu and my Ryukin love it!
  11. Thanks for the replies everyone, I was thinking about 7-8 hours a day would be good.
  12. I've done a few searches but couldn't find anything on how long I should leave the aquarium lights on? About 10 hours or so a day? Less or more? I just wanted to see what everyone else did, and give the fishes eyes a break from the LEDs glaring down on them. [emoji42]
  13. Here's how I have it set up. Really good agitation on top of the water and excellent circulation.
  14. I moved the outflow over to the same side of the tank as the intake, with the water shooting across the tank and OMG what a difference. You can see the water actually circulating in the tank beautifully now! Across the top down the side, across the bottom, and up into the intake... Perfect! Thanks again for your suggestion!
  15. Hi, I was gifted a Fluval 406 canister filter for Christmas [emoji106] and I was wondering where best to place the intake and outflow on my 55 gal tank. The tank is barebotton and I placed the intake on one side of the tank and the outflow on the other with the flow pointed towards the middle of the tank. The water is super clean, but there is still small debris at the bottom that doesn't seem to move around. Should I position the intake and outflow differently to get the water on the bottom to churn better? Thanks for your help
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