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  1. Something that the people on Koko's have found is that you can pretty much disregard if a food is branded as being goldfish food, and go with whatever has the best ingredients for the fish, as well as the best nutrient profile. Ahhh, I see! I guess I have never really looked at any other varieties of pellet besides ones labeled specifically for goldfish, I'll have to start browsing around more.
  2. Never knew there were so many different brands of goldfish food, I've always stuck with my NLS brand for all my fish. After reading all these posts though, I might have to switch it up and try some new stuff. Looking forward to reading all the reviews!
  3. After reading all this thread, I've come to realize you are a wonderful fish mama! Yoshi has come along ways according to the photos since his first day being injured. And that's all thanks to having a wonderful fish mama like you! Kudos to you on doing such a good job with dealing with a sick fish and taking care of all your kiddos. Sending good vibes to Yoshi for a speedy recovery!!
  4. What an amazing photo! Close-ups of goldfish are always my favorite, they have the cutest faces.
  5. I kind of figured that..???? My boyfriend picked out that name. Haha, lets just say he's definitely a child at heart. ☺
  6. Some more photos of the finbabes. (: Just curious and anyonr can tell the sex of either Butterball or Chunkers since I'm finding it impossible for myself to sex either one of them..hopefully im not the only newbie finding it sort of difficult. ????
  7. Awwweehhh You guys are all too sweet! Thanks everyone.
  8. Thanks everyone. They are quite cute little bottomless pits.
  9. Just some photos of my little fin babies.
  10. ^ I can't believe you did surgery on your own goldfish. I would be way too nervous to do anything like that, I give you tons of credit! I haven't had my goldies very long, (only about 2 months) but I'd have to say my favorite moment is coming home everyday and when I walk in they give me their little **Wiggle wiggle** dance. AKA: The "Mama you were gone much to long and we need food NOW, Slave human!!" dance.
  11. Just spent a good twenty minutes reading this entire thread, swooning over your adorable little fry! Cali is quite the beautiful little mama too! Raising fry seems like it's one tough job, but it sounds like your doing an amazing job for this being your first batch! Looking forward to seeing more photos of the little cuties!! Can't wait to see how they look all grown up.
  12. Moe is beautiful! And congrats on your engagement!
  13. Your goldies are STUNNING. I'm just in love with all your telescopes.. :wub:
  14. My Black moor has actually passed away. SO help is no longer needed, but thank you for the reply. In the future I will remember to post the stats for my main tank as well.
  15. Thank you! He hasn't shown any improvement so far he's actually been getting worse, but still lots of hope for him to get better. (:
  16. Thank you landmouse! I'm trying to keep my hopes high.
  17. http://youtu.be/Zh1-4hyq0xU Here's the link for the video of my black moor. And thank you very much, I hopr he gets better as well. (:
  18. Thank you all! I will pick up some Epsom salt as soon as I can. Hopefully it helps my little guy out like it did yours. (:
  19. Ammonia Level(0ppm)* Ammonia Level(0ppm)* Nitrite Level(0ppm)* Nitrate level(0ppm* Ph Level, Tank 7.6* Ph Level, Tap (7.6)Other Required Info:* Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops?Api master kit Water temperature?*70 Tank size (10 gallon quarantine tank.) and how long has it been running?1 dayWhat is the name and "15-20 gallon fluval filter* How often do you change the water and how much?(Daily 50%)* How many days ago was the last water change and how much did you change?*(yesterday 50%) How many fish in the tank and their size?(1, quarter sized) What kind of water additives or conditioners?*(stress coat and AQ salt)What do you feed your fish and how often?(homemade gelfood, fresh fruits and vegatables, and new life spectrum sinking pellets 2x a day) Any new fish added to the tank?(no)Any medications added to the tank?(no) List entire medication/treatment history for fish and tank.(AQ salt) Please include salt, Prazi, PP, etc and the approximate time and duration of treatment.* Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus?* Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.? (My black moor had unusual sinking death like posing at the petstore before I brought him home but as soon as he was introduced into my 40 gallon with my other black moor he was perfectly fine and swimming and eating on his own, after a week of owning him his severe swim bladder disease seems to have reappaered and worsened. He has terrible buoyancy problems and can barley right himself to eat. So far I've tried feeding him daphia and fasting him? Neither seem to have helped. I had also read that aquarium salt has been able to help SBD , but seems to have done nothing for my moor. Thought I've only had salt in for a day. I have yet to try any antibiotics on him, but can readily pick some up if it resorts to him needing medication. He has no external symptoms besides sinking and be unable to control his swimming. I'm to purchase and try ANYTHING to help this little guy, I've only owned him for a week but I love the little bugger already! Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks, from a severely confused and frustrated newbie goldfish mama.
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