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  1. I just started cycling another 40 gallon Breeder and am now looking for a new telescope buddy. Not looking for any black moors but would be extremely interested in any "pandas"(Even if they don't truly stay pandas which I know they won't.) or tri colored. Though I am open to any colors really besides black. I'm located in central Minnesota and am willing to do some traveling but prefer for the fish to shipped to me. Does not need to be a breeder quality fish. Just looking for a pet goldie to spoil rotten.
  2. Thanks Chai, I do have access to a scope via my school so that'll be my project tomorrow, hoping somehow the finbabes don't actually have flukes but considering one is from Walmart and my other was from petsmart I am almost 90% sure I'll be seeing some flukes under the microscope tomorrow. Good thing I have some prazipro on its way!
  3. Too bad your not in Minnesota! Good luck finding the cuties a good home.
  4. Thanks for replying, I'll be ordering some Prazipro tonight and will start treatment as soon as it arrives. Should I be doing treatments every few months? Or is it a one time thing?
  5. What I've read about Flukes is really confusing to me so far. The websites I've read it off of including Kokos make it seem like it's present in almost all goldfish and something that you should treat for periodically. But from the few articles I've stumbled upon I've read that the only way to truly see flukes is to swab the goldfish and take a look under a microscope? If that's the case do I just take a plain old cotton swab and swipe it gently around the gills of one of my goldfish and then try to study it under a microscope? I don't really want to treat for flukes unless I have too.. I've had my goldfish in an established tank for around 3 months and they haven't shown really many symptoms of flukes besides recently as in earlier tonight they did a little more bottom sitting than was normal for them, and my fantail Butterball kind of seemed like he could be rubbing against the sponge filter periodically. (Not sure if he's just being a weirdo or if he' actually trying to scratch.) I'm probably just being an overtly worried fish mama, but knowing a little more about flukes from you lovely koko memebers and whether I should be treating or not would be more than soothing to the mind of this 17 year old newbie goldfish keeper. Thanks everyone for putting up with all my newbie questions! You guys rock!!
  6. Aweeeeeehhhh Those little itty bitty fish fry are adorable! Looking forward to seeing more updates on the cute little buggers as they grow up.
  7. Well dang! There goes that dream. I guess I'll have to wait till I get my own house to order any DO fish...Oh well at least I can look at all the pretty fish for auction and dream right? hahaha
  8. The bullying issue isn't severe, no fin nips or injuries just lot's of my fantail chasing my moor around. They get along for the most part it's just feeding time when they both get a little bit sassy with eachother. (Aka: My fantail chasing my moor) Bullying might have been too harsh of a word to use. I've done my best to making feeding time a little less aggressive by feeding them in different areas of the tank, but they still from time to time get to chasing eachother around. Which I realize is normal ish goldfish behavior it just bothers me that my moor may get too stressed from it. Sorry I know I sound like such a worry wart. xD Agreed. Adding another could make it worse if it's a territorial thing . . . And I've had 3 fish in a 40B and things went very well. BUT they certainly weren't DO sized GF and I wouldn't put 3 DO sized GF in a 40B. I wasn't planning on adding a 3rd till summer(If I do) So I'll be sure to keep a closer look on the goldies and how they act before I add another, you are definitely more than right that it would be more than a bad idea to add another fish to already territorial fish and I would never want to do anything to harm the chunks in any way so I'll definitely sort out the strange chasing before I add another goldie to the tank. :)Also from what I've seen on the auctions from DO not all their sales are adult goldfish? The pearlscales are usually photographed with a golfball next to them so I couldn't imagine them being bigger than 2-3 inches...
  9. Well it's definitely comforting to know that it's very doable with a little extra effort in water changes. I've had my heart set on ordering a pearlscale from Dandy Orandas recently and my apartment limits tank size at 40 gallons AND my father limits my tanks to only one. So until next year, I am stuck with having one single 40 gallon .. So I'm glad that the idea of adding a third to chunk clan is a possible option. 50% water changes weekly isn't bad at all! I'd end up doing more though, since my chunks are a little bit bigger. But I'd definitely be willing to do a little more work if it meant I could add another little porker to the group.
  10. I know typically the stocking guidelines for a 40 gallon breeder would be only 2 goldfish but I was wondering if I could get away with having 3 if I upped water changes and got multiple higher quality filters. Any opinions on this would be greatly appreciated, I don't want any cramped unhappy goldfish but I was thinking having a trio instead of a pair would lessen the bullying going on in my tank lately. Thanks in advance to all the lovely koko members that reply!
  11. Thanks everyone!! Me and the chubs appreciate all the wonderful comments on their adorable ness.
  12. They are pretty playful buggers. The picture of Butterball (Am I a bad person for giving both my goldfish names referring to them being fatties?? ) wasn't very clear at all so I can see it being hard to sex him/her. Butterball wasn't quite as willing to let me roll him/her over in my hand as Chunkers. xD
  13. They are still pretty teeny, but they've grown quite a bit since I brought them home. I watched a million videos on sexing goldfish and I still wasn't quite sure on whether my moor was male or female but I was leaning towards female because awhile ago I thought I had witnessed some "Chasing" between the two goldies. Thank you for the confirmation though! Now I can officially refer to Chunkers as her.
  14. I was handling the finbabes today, attemping to sex them. (Which I failed at...miserably.. ) But I did get some wonderful photos of the chubs so I thought I'd share them. I cannot believe how big their getting!! I'm one proud fish mama! http://i1383.photobucket.com/albums/ah299/cottoncandy9461/IMG_20150219_211041_zpscf4c0618.jpg~original http://i1383.photobucket.com/albums/ah299/cottoncandy9461/20150221_112051_zpsa112eda8.jpg~original http://i1383.photobucket.com/albums/ah299/cottoncandy9461/20150221_112016_zps284cb6ff.jpg~original http://i1383.photobucket.com/albums/ah299/cottoncandy9461/20150221_111031_zps13875988.jpg~original
  15. All of your fry are such cuties! I can't wait to see them as adults. You've been doing a great job raising them, it must be an amazing seeing them grow from tiny eggs beautiful little fry babies.
  16. Thanks to everyone who posted on my thread, you all have given me plenty of new food sources to try. Me and the chubs are going to have a good couple months of trying some new foods, and I'm sure the finbabies are will be plenty thankful for all the wonderful advice!(They'd be thankful for anything involving food..I just know it lol ) Once again I couldn't thank you guys enough for helping a goldfish newbie out! I'm very glad I found kokos, it's been a wonderful source for learning and an incredibly nice community. You guys rock!!
  17. I have been putting the Nori (Never knew it was called Nori until now..0.0 Shame on me ) on a veggie clip but the little buggers just ignore it anyways..-_- I'll have to try your method for a few days and see if the spoiled brats try it.
  18. I also really like NLS, I have yet to be disappointed by one of their products! I have seen allot of members on here that suggest Hikari pellets, I think on my next trip to my LPS I'll pick some up. What is Dungeness crab though? I've never heard of it..Is it just regular crab?
  19. I have attempted to feed my goldies green seaweed but the spoiled brats just won't go for it! -__-
  20. I figured the little piggies could use some more veggies, I'll definitely be working some more into their diets! They seem incredibly happy, and I've had no buoyancy issues so I must be doing an alright job with feeding, minus the lack of vegetable noms. I don't have to always boil veggies? I know I don't have to boil spinach and such but shouldn't things like cucumbers or zucchini always be boiled before feeding them to the aquatic piggies?? I tried blanched Cucumber and Zucchini slices for my fish but my goldfish and my tropical fish and catfish love it raw way better. Looks like raw is the way to go! I'll have to try that next time I head up to the grocery store.
  21. I have attempted to feed seaweed to my goldfish and they will NOT touch it...;/ Any ideas on how to coax them into trying it?
  22. I figured the little piggies could use some more veggies, I'll definitely be working some more into their diets! They seem incredibly happy, and I've had no buoyancy issues so I must be doing an alright job with feeding, minus the lack of vegetable noms. I don't have to always boil veggies? I know I don't have to boil spinach and such but shouldn't things like cucumbers or zucchini always be boiled before feeding them to the aquatic piggies??
  23. I was curious to know what all the fellow members of Kokos regularly feed their goldies! I usually use a pellets as a base food (NLS brand specifically for goldfish) and every few days feed frozen shrimp,bloodworms,daphia, ect. I do also occasionally(Every week or so, sometimes I'll do it twice a week it really varies) throw in a few boiled veggies and gel food. Does this schedule seem healthy? If not what it is it lacking? Are pellets a good base food, or should gel food be the base food? Thanks for taking the time to read this newbie's post, me and my goldies definitely appreciate it.
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