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  1. I don't worry about how ethical something is, beyond my own actions and contributions to it. I'm not responsible for every other fish owner's level of knowledge and husbandry practices - I'd drive myself nuts if I went down that road - but I am absolutely responsible for how I care for and manage the animals in my charge and I strive to do the best I can for each of them.

    For me, thats enough.

    I agree 100%. I couldn't have said it better myself.

  2. On my goldfish I've spent..

    Tanks:$80 (I have a 29G and 40G)

    Filters: $160 (I have fluval canister and a random one that was gifted to me.)

    Heater: $80

    Sand: $20

    Décor over time: Well over $100

    Fish themselves: $20

    Treatments for disease: (Only treated for flukes) $40 something for a bottle that'll last quite a long time..

    Water conditioners: $30+?

    Lighting: $150 *This was actually gifted to me though so I paid nothing

    Food for goldies: $40

    Live plants: $30

    Stand: $150

    Grande total: $870 (Not sure if I added correctly because I did it with mental math..And I'm not a mathematician by far! haha.) 

    So, I've spent quite allot of money for a pair of goldfish, but it's been well worth it..And you can definitely get a nice set up and good quality supplies for less than I did. Keep an eye out for good craigslist deals, there's usually full set-ups with stands and filter for less than $200.. :)

  3. Like the first reply said, It's really just each individual person's preference. :) I personally really only like fancies. Telescopes are by far my favorite type of fancy, by a long shot. But I also really do enjoy a pretty fantail . . . Single tailed goldfish aren't really my thing. Somehow I find my floating balls of chub to have a little more personality than single tails. But maybe that just cause I'm a little biased haha :P


    Do you have to use a plastic wrap around the tray to keep the gel from getting nasty in the freezer? Or do you just put it in as is? :)


    yes, when i used to make them like this, at first, i waited for them to set and then plastic wrapped them or put each tray in a ziplock bag. i found that the the air in the bag caused 'freezer burn' to the food. so what i decided to do is once the food is in the trays, i pressed a single layer of plastic wrap onto the food before it set. then once cooled, i put it in the fridge. the plastic wrap set nicely and then i put it in a ziplock and into the freezer with the plastic still set to the food. i found that this method prevented freezer burn and the food lasted longer :)


    thanks for asking :)


    Thanks for replying Helen. :) I used this method in my most recent batch of gel food and it turned out wonderfully! Glad I read this thread.

  5. I would use it then.  Stick with 0.1% salt and single dose the prazi.  They shouldn't have any issues with 0.1% . . . .


    Once the initial rounds are done, we suggest doing maintenance prazi rounds every 3-6 months.  For these rounds, no salt is needed.  :D

    Will do! :) Thank you so much!


    Just make sure to use the right kind of salt and you'll be fine. No anti-caking agents, no iodine, just plain old salt. 

    I did a double check and my salt looks like it's good to go. :) Thank you for the reminder.. A double check never hurts!

  6. The salt is used to he heal any tiny wounds left behind as the flukes die and fall off the fish. You can do it without salt but they are at a higher risk of developing secondary bacterial infections.

    Why don't you like using salt? :idont

    With or without the salt, you'd still follow the same directions. :)

    Whenever I've used salt In treating any sort of wounds in my freshwater fish, everything has always gone downhill and it's swayed my thoughts about using salt. Would you strongly suggest using salt? I would like to make this process the least painful for my goldies as possible, and I suppose I would be willing to use the salt if it's strongly suggested that I do(I really don't want them to be getting any secondary infections!)...Sorry I probably sound nutty, using salt just makes me nervous since I've always seemed to have more trouble than success with it.

  7. I began my first round of prazi yesterday morning, so today would be Day 2 of the treatment. I was looking at the "treatment rounds for flukes" thread under the treatment section and noticed that both 7 Day rounds and 5 day rounds call for salt and I personally don't like using salt in my freshwater aquariums. So should I just follow the directions and just ignore the salt directions or should my treatment rounds be entirely different? Thanks in advance fellow kokomembers. :)

  8. I've got a Current Satellite Freshwater LED Plus on my heavily planted 75G goldfish tank. I've got the single ramp timer too. Make sure you get the right ramp timer because some aren't comparable with some of the fixtures. Everything works like a dream.  


    I remember trying to decide between the regular (one strip of LEDs) and the plus. I ended up getting the plus because it had higher par. You can see the values for the plus here and for the regular here


    I initially bought two thinking that the par values for a "low-tech" was ~ 40-80. I got some algae at the top of my plants (the light sits directly on the tank) so I have one of the light turned off. When I get around to it, I'm going to make a light hanging system. 


    If anything they worked better than I thought, definitely a great buy. 


    I would show a picture of the tank but it's looking a little hairy right now!  :teehee

     I looked up a few youtube videos of tanks with the same lighting system,(Freshwater LED plus) and they look AMAZING.(I'm sure yours looks just as good even if it's a little hairy. :P) I will be ordering this lighting system tonight so hopefully it arrives this week sometime, and I can get busy planting my 40 gallon for the finbabes. :) 

  9. Your new calico telescope is perfect.  :wub:   Personally I think both your telescopes will do fine as juvies in a 29 gallon. I kept my two in a 29 gallon for the first 2 months I had them and I never had any freaky spikes in my cycle or really any problems. I did WC's every 2-3 days though and tested parameters fairly often(I'm definitely a worry wart when it comes to my tanks though.:P)...:) I look forward to seeing more updates on your beautiful telescopes, especially the calico!  :D

  10. Is this going to be a Goldfish tank?  The light you listed is specifically for marine aquariums.  Here is the freshwater version which is also much cheaper:




    And here is the sunrise thing separately:



    Aghh, I didn't even think to look for freshwater specific ones. -__- Good thing I didn't already order one!! But yes, it will be a goldfish tank. :) I'm think going to try out that lighting system and see if I get some good growth with it...But thank you so much for the links! Saved me quite a bit of cash, so I guess now I'll have more money for plants. ;)


    The Current fixtures are good. You could also look at the Finnex Planted Plus, they'll both perform similarly.

    There are quite a few plants for you to choose from. For low tech sticking to these types of plants is a safe bet: anubias, microsorums (java ferns, etc), echinodorus, bolbitis, cryptocorynes, hygrophila and some of the weedier rotalas like sp. green and rotundifolia. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. :)

    I have seen quite a bit of good reviews for the current lights, but Before I make a final decision I'll have to check out the Finnex Planted Plus fixtures for sure! I love how anubias look so I'm sure I'll be adding plenty of those. :P Crypts are another personal favorite of mine so I'm glad I have good options to choose from even with my tank only being low tech. (I'd be high tech if I wasn't so scared of CO2 usage. :P) Thanks for all the answers. :) 

  11. My 40 gallon breeder I bought at the last $1 per gallon sale is finally being set-up this weekend and I'm planning on planting it with some low light plants like Anubias ect.Anyways, I'm looking for some suggestions on what kind of lighting system to get. (Also wouldn't mind getting some low tech plant suggestions from you guys either:))



    This was a lighting system I was considering..I love the idea of being able to create a sort of natural lighting for my fish. (Like having a sunrise and sunset instead of just flipping a switch and BAM crazy lighting.) But I'm not sure if their strong enough or if they'd even be a good option for a planted tank..I'm pretty new to planted aquariums so please bare with me and my planted tank noobie ness. :P

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