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  1. It's gonna be 7feet by 4feet 2 feet deep. I decided just to have the liner. They seem to be gone now but hopefully they won't come back.
  2. They borrowed under my old pond and it's made of concrete too but this time I'm doing pond liner. I googled this and people have had problems mice chewing through their ponds.
  3. I want to make a new pond. Do you think I could use concrete as a underlayer? I'm worried about mice doing damage to the liner. What do you guys do to prevent damage from mice chewing on pond liners?
  4. Fish are cool. I love all kinds of fish. I like pretty much everything about the underwater world. If I could I would build my house underwater.
  5. I don't know. My pond is ugly and unprofessional. I'll be too embarrassed to post pictures.
  6. It probably is leaking but it seems to only do it during the summer. It's made of concrete.
  7. So everyday I have to top off about 2-3 inches daily during the hot days. I have a very small pond so it's not a lot of water I have to put in.
  8. What's a good algae eater for my goldfish tank? I have large goldfish. 6"-11" i want something to clean the back part of the tank. Thanks.
  9. I wonder why they lose the black. I had one and it did the same as yours. I thought it was permanent.
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