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  1. Yes I have and had it happen to me.... First time I was sleeping and my cat alerted me to this.... I got up and there was 3 pin holes on the side, leaking out the glue [emoji33]
    Next time for me I had moved from CA to Oregon and my 45 gallon tank made it up only to have it crack down the middle after it had been set up for a week [emoji33] 
    So yes I worry all the time [emoji33] 

    I had one broke before because my brother hit it with a basketball.
  2. I have fish dying. Last couple days the fish been swimming at the top like they are gasping for air but i already did water changes twice and now 2 fishes died alreday. I have a waterfall going so there no way the water should be lacking oxygen. I had this tank running for 2 years no problems until now. I'm pretty upset. My largest goldfish is dead.

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