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  1. Yeah. I feed all my tropical fish goldfish flakes.
  2. Its just algae and it's harmless. They like a lot of light.
  3. Rosy red minnow or aka fathead minnow. You can probably buy some golden shinners from a bait shop if you want something a little bigger.
  4. In the wild there are all kinds of worms and small insects. So you shouldn't worry.
  5. I just recently dropped the goldfish flakes. I thought I had it close but then the cap came off and everything fell to the ground. Almost half of it was wasted.
  6. No because they are green and blooming flowers. It just seems that they keep growing new roots and shedding the old ones.
  7. I like the look of them but the roots keeps rotting and then it just dirty up the pond. I'm no longer keeping them.
  8. Or maybe your scared someone in the house might break it? Idk why but some times I just feel like this.
  9. I've dosed some co2 but was a long time ago.Sent from my HTC Desire 510 using Tapatalk
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