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  1. Wow. That is a fantastic result from just one filter. You must have had some pretty great starting images to work with.
  2. Aquariums can support denitrifying bacteria in some situations. If you have plants these may hit a point where they remove all the nitrogenous waste as well.
  3. That's a very clever idea. It's a gimmick, but still. I'd get a huge kick out of one of those if I had a display tank. A magnetic glass cleaner? Man, I don't know how I'd live without them sometimes. They're pretty nice for deep tanks or ones with objects/plants close to the glass.
  4. Of course not. Just like I wouldn't let you maintain my tanks, we clearly have incompatible methods.
  5. ???Yes, it is a bit confusing. First a 10-gallon cycle can't succeed because of water volume, then turnover, then gph, then filter media... I am not the one moving the goalposts. Yes, successful cycling is dependent on whether or not there's enough surface area for bacteria to colonize. The great news is you can put media with high surface area into a small filter. Just don't get it plugged up so water doesn't flow through. (As you've pointed out, higher surface area is why canister filters often work better than HOB filters with the same gph.) Send me fish and a filter and I'll be glad to undertake the experiment. Otherwise, no thanks. I already know most of these these hard-line "impossibilities" dictated by common knowledge are not real impossibilities, and I don't have a couple pounds of fish I'm willing to keep in a 10-gallon atm.
  6. Then if your tank isn't cycled you have the wrong amount of media.
  7. I have a SunSun which has been working awesome. I hear Eheims are nice too though.
  8. shhhhhhhhhhhh! they're referring to tropicals... :rofl My guppies' "feed me" dance compares nicely though.
  9. ???She doesn't need live food immediately. Not ever really, it's just nice to have. What's wrong with microworms? As far as I know, BBS are just easier to deal with. I hated microworms. Kiara, if cost is so much of an issue, I can send you ~50 grams of eggs and a small air pump. The pumps come with a filter I use for my guppy tanks but I run them all off one so I have the extras sitting in a drawer unused. That should be enough to give 60 fry a kickstart.
  10. So is there no way to keep sand on top? Put sand with smaller particles underneath. No good way I have run across. Soil may have some potential.
  11. Big particles will wind up on top almost always.
  12. Yeah, they still eat pellets too. They'll eat about anything I give them, I think. All of the bowl-dwellers together for cleaning. I like how algae is starting to coat the inside already. And two of the pond-dwellers with a mess of guppies. They were really skittish for a while, but they're starting to learn I'm the Food God and not some kind of predator. The guppies, as always, will swim right up top by me no matter how much room they have to hide. I need to get a polarizing filter and blot out those reflections.
  13. You can get potasium permanganate from a hardware store. It's used for regenerating certain types of water filters.
  14. I may move one/two more so it's almost half and half. I already separated the fish I thought were the best-looking. I want to leave some in the bigger tank to see what the differences are in fin length, body development, and such. They'll still be good for breeding if they have nice conformation otherwise, because their tails would have stayed close to 180 "normally." It's going to be more about whether any of them grow into a really wide center lobe now as that would have determined the tail flip. I'm feeding daphnia because I think most fish like chasing live food occasionally. Whenever I give my guppies brine shrimp nauplii the males color even brighter than normal and swim with their fins fully extended for days.
  15. You can dissolve powdered meds into a small amount of ethanol (or water), then soak it into pellets and dry them for internal dosing.
  16. They're doing awesome! Bad news is that giving them a large area to swim at this stage really does affect tail development; most of the ones I put into the main container have their tail edges starting to angle back instead of come forward. The four I have floating in bowls are still perfect. I'm going to leave them as they are to watch further development instead of trying to correct it, though.They're getting a little more color, too. Pics when I get back from the store. All daphnia in the tank died. Guess I need a little aquarium with carefully managed water for the rest.
  17. That's a lovely thing to remember him by.
  18. Besides snails, try live blackworms. They're easy to keep in the refrigerator and usually a larger LFS will have some. If not, they can be ordered online. Dwarf puffers love live food and often only react to frozen food for as long as it's moving in the water. Alternatively, when I didn't have blackworms I used to thaw some bloodworms, suck them up into a disposable pipette, then stick the end in front of his nose and squeeze a little bit so I could wiggle the end in his face. That usually got an attack and the puffer can yank the rest of the bloodworm right out of the pipette. This works for feeding blackworms as well if you don't want to risk leaving some uneaten in the aquarium.
  19. Speeding the bacterial growth rate shouldn't overload anything as long as they have plenty to feed on. When I'm setting up "clean" tanks for potentially fragile imported guppies I cycle with API Quick Start and it's always worked for me. I just finished several in <10 days. (On that note, new guppies next week, woohoo!)I have read mixed reviews indeed, though. A lot of people log their results in forum threads and see significant nitrite levels in the first couple of days which indicates a much faster start to the cycle than normal. And a lot of people say zip, zilch, nada, nope. I'm thinking problems stem from impatience in some cases and dead bacteria in old/frozen bottles in others. I think the majority find them a waste of money because you can cycle just as well with time or old filter media, not because they're completely ineffective. This is exactly what I was wondering. It still seems far-fetched, but no nitrites at all is very odd after a week with seeded media.
  20. Warmer temperatures help speed cycling. 80F is very low end.I would add more "good" media if the LFS will spare some. It's possible the bacteria from the first addition were shocked and died off before they could seed the filter. Either that, or try some "canned" BB.
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