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  1. After giving up goldfish back in December, I ended up with a betta this past weekend after stopping in to Petco for dog food. Haha. He is in a bowl right now, but I have a sponge filter on the way and an empty (never used) 2.5 gallon sangria jug/pitcher thing I will be converting into his home. I have never worked with a sponge filter before, and unfortunately don't have my big tank anymore to jumpstart the beneficial bacteria. I was planning on adding it to the tank with a small bottle of Tetra Safe Start (which I've always had good luck with in the past) when I add the fish. About how long do you think it will take to cycle? Will I see an ammonia spike in such a small tank with just one fish? Any info/tips would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Thanks so much. And I can definitely see myself getting back into it in the future. My bf has some storage space where he lives, so we're going to keep the tank there for now, and wrap it up with that industrial style plastic wrap so it doesn't get too gunky and gross. I'm going to casually list it on craigslist (could really use some extra cash right now), but if it doesn't sell, then it will be there to pick back up with, if/when the time comes. And you're right -- I will have a better idea of what I'd be getting into and would start off with better knowledge than before. As time went on, I learned how to kind of detach from them a bit as you mentioned, but it is wild the connection we feel to them -- even if ultimately they're just looking for more food I did think of switching to a community tank, or try a heavily planted tank with a few fish, but for now I just need to step away from it completely and not look at it every day or worry about it. A friend was like, "get a big indoor tree or plant,it will look great in that space!" and I was like, "Nope. I'm getting a lamp. Something I don't have to take care of." Here's a pic of the fish as of tonight. Gives me the shivers to even think about. I am ready for a break, but will still come by here every now and again! Just because you're out of practice doesn't mean you have to stop learning.
  3. Red/white is currently the size of a tennis ball The blue is not as bad, but still pineconed and not improving either. My bf is going to help me with clove oil tonight on the red/white, unsure on the blue. He's going to take a look and give me his opinion. Breaks my heart as they're still swimming up to me at the surface looking for food, but it's definitely time for the red/white... really wasn't expecting that to get so bad so quickly. I have turned the tank lights off as I can't even bear to look anymore. The white fish is going to his new home on Saturday. And after that, I guess it's done with fishkeeping for me.
  4. Hey guys, They're really not looking good this morning I checked on them late last night when I got home from work, and they seem to have blown up overnight. They are still swimming and eating, but for now I think I am just going to keep them comfortable in the main tank, keep up with water changes, add the Epsom salt...and whatever happens, happens. I have found someone locally to take the healthy fish, and who is also willing to take care of the sick ones if they are still with us by the time I leave in a couple of weeks. :(
  5. Hi all, Two of my fish may need meds soon, and I am leaving town in a couple of weeks for 2 weeks and was only planning on having someone check in on them once or twice. I didn't expect to potentially need to medicate. At this point I am trying to break down my tank and sell it, and would like to rehome the fish. I have: One large red/white female Oranda One medium-to-large blue female Oranda One very small all white male Oranda/Ryukin The first two are the ones showing symptoms. You can read more in this thread: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/124839-fish-i-was-paranoid-about-yesterday-is-pineconing/ I can give you a 10 gallon tank, battery operated water pump, and whatever I have left of Metroplex, Kanaplex, and Oxytetracycline flakes. Please help!! I am located in Los Angeles but would be willing to meet up somewhere.
  6. Thanks all. I'll work on making a post tomorrow/Monday when I have time and I'll get updated photos anf stuff. I would love to rehome these fish (and the little cute white one who isn't showing any signs of illness) to someone who can nurse them back to health...not trying to pass my problems on to someone else, but at this point I can't say I really would want them back I know my posts have sounded stressed, and believe me, I am, but I know it is time to move on from the hobby and feel at peace with that decision. I have learned so much and have truly enjoyed taking care of these guys, and have even felt the gratification of curing sick fish in QT. I did the best I could within my means and abilities, and I enjoyed it so much. Maybe I will pick it up again down the road, maybe not, but either way it was a great experience. If anyone in the LA/southern California area is interested in a great 60g cube tank setup with a canister, HOB, 2 LED light fixtures, Python water changer, and a whole ton of other stuff, please let me know or point any interested folks in my direction.
  7. Thank you guys. The metroplex did arrive today so at least that's good. And yes, I'm in Los Angeles if anyone is willing to help. I'm leaving town again in a few weeks so if they're not squared away by then I'm not sure what I'll do. I'll be gone for almost two weeks and was planning on having a friend check on them a few times.
  8. Will get that to you tomorrow or Monday. Not to continue my sob story, but I've barely been at my house since last Sunday. And I have work tonight and tomorrow, and go back to court for day 3 of jury selection on Monday and straight to work from there. AND, the metroplex is stuck in the mail somewhere! It was out for delivery yesterday, but never arrived, and now the tracking says "delayed." So if metro is something we need I may not have that for another week now. Will keep you posted. Either way I will be selling my tank in January, and rehoming the fish if I'm able to get them better. It's just gotten to be too much. I'm done
  9. They're looking a bit worse...red one is a bit more prickly and the blue one is rapidly turning white and just looks kinda swollen all around, including in the face. They're both a bit lethargic too.
  10. I do have the silver already, I bought it last time I was having issues. It's 50ppm. I think last time we did 12 drops in my 60g? Also here are the photos...honestly they're not as bad as I thought -- they look a lot more puffy and bloated than prickly and pineconed. I've barely been at my place for the last few days and I've been rushing around so maybe I just didn't get a good look? This is Stormy -- I swear she looked worse a couple of days ago, which I guess is a good thing!: And this is Large Marge, she's only clamping her fins because she's mad about being in the bowl. She's a little bloated, and I think I see a tiny bit of prickling right behind the gills on the whiter scales (I know the part that is sticking out right in front is just from her gill covers/flaps, but I'm talking about the scales right behind those): Both are acting totally normal. I've added Epsom salt at 0.5 tsps per gallon.
  11. Full tank: Canister Filter: (white stuff is dried up salt from water evaporation when I previously had salt in my tank) Will post pics of the pineconers later on tonight. I've been selected to be on the jury of a 9-day trial and still have to work my evening shifts, so yeah, double water changes on the 10g are out of the question even more so now. Whatever we decide has to happen in the main tank.
  12. I would rather do water changes on the main tank as I can use the Python. The 10g I need to use buckets. I work as a bartender and recently threw out my back and it's not ideal for me to be lifting buckets twice a day. And I 100% don't have the time for it. At least while my tank drains and fills I can get other things done. I live alone so there's just no one to help me do the heavy lifting Will post the photos later. Do you want to see like, the insides of the filters? Or just in general what they look like?
  13. I can later tonight once I'm home. I tried doing it from my phone but i can't figure out how to use the IMG tag on mobile from photo bucket. Also, I am out of metroplex. I ordered some on Sunday as soon as I noticed, but with the holiday, it won't arrive until Friday, and I will be out of town at that time so I won't be able to start meds until Saturday if we use metroplex. I do have kanaplex in the meantime if that would be better than nothing?
  14. Hey guys, So this one is in QT now, and I just noticed one of my other two in the main tank is prickly behind the gills. WHAT is going on? Can I treat them both in the main tank? I realize that's a lot of metro meds to use for 60gal but my QT is only a 10g and way too small for both of them. If so, what should my treatment plan be for the 60g? Honestly after this I think I'm going to be done with goldfish, and maybe my tank entirely. It's just not fun anymore if I'm having to set up a QT every 3 months. The joy is really lost on me now. I don't have time to do the form right now. I sat in jury selection all day at the courthouse then went straight to work a 6 hour shift. I'm back to jury duty tomorrow and I'm running a 5k race and of course have the holiday on Thursday where I'm meeting my new boyfriend's closest friends and then I go out of town on Friday. I hate to say this but the sick fish are kinda low on the priority list this week as I'm so overwhelmed. Please just let me know how I can treat my 60g for now and I can provide the rest of the info when I have a second to breathe.
  15. Hey all, This fish appears to have relapsed I just got home from work and it's nearly 2am and I am exhausted...there really isn't much I can do tonight. But tomorrow I can do a QT for her. Should I do the same thing -- metro, oxytetracycline flakes, and epsom salt?
  16. Sounds great! My water levels are usually pretty consistent, and I have some pothos plants rooted in the tank which I think are supposed to help with nitrates too. I didn't even consider that since they will be fed less than normal, they of course won't be putting as much waste out -- thanks for reminding me!
  17. I am going home for the holidays (hooray!) and my fish will potentially have to go 10 days without a water change! I will be leaving early on a Monday morning, and returning late on a Wednesday evening the following week. So I will change the water on Sunday, and then Thursday morning when I return, making it 10 full days in between. I do plan on having someone pop in a few times to feed them and check on them and make sure everything is running properly (it will most likely be an old roommate, who is very pet-savvy and familiar with feeding them, so I don't fear they will be grossly overfed). Any advice? I'm not sure there's a way around this, as the only other person I know with a fish tank will be coming with me! Haha. It is a 60 gallon, been running for two years, 1 canister and 1 HOB filter, and 3 fish (one is pretty large, one is more of a medium-large and one is pretty small). Obviously I would clean the filters the Sunday before I leave.
  18. Hi again, Just checking in with my fish Stormy. I recently treated her for bloating and dropsy symptoms with Metroplex, Oxytetracycline food, and Epsom salt. After that, I treated my main tank with 3 weeks of Colloidal Silver with Koko's help. As of last week, I have begun doing maintenance PraziPro rounds. I dosed the tank with PP last Monday with a 90% WC, again on Friday (with no WC), and again today with a 90% WC. I added aquarium salt last Monday because my little guy got stuck in a plastic plant and I wanted to promote healing on his fins. Full details of Stormy's treatment can be seen here: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/124839-fish-i-was-paranoid-about-yesterday-is-pineconing/ She has been back in the main tank for a few weeks now. I recently noticed the tips of her tail on the top side are turning white. VERY hard to get photos of, but here are the best ones I've gotten. The tank of course already has salt added to 0.1% -- could this be a side effect of the PraziPro? She's been through a lot medication-wise lately, but it had been a while since I did a fluke treatment so I wanted to do so ASAP. No other parts of her fins are affected, and my other two fish look fine. (PS -- the little tear in the top circle in the first pic isn't what I'm talking about, I know that will seal up just fine soon enough, I'm talking about the white tips on the top side edge of the tail. Also ignore the bubbles in the second pic, haha, it's just on this one part of both lobes of the tail)
  19. Just checking in with an updated photo, to see if it still looks good to put her back in the main tank on Monday Sorry for the crappy lighting in the pic, it's nighttime and my kitchen lights aren't fantastic. She's still in QT, but all meds have been finished. Should I add any regular salt to help boost her slime coat, or just stick with water and Prime? Edit: by "regular salt" I obviously mean aquarium salt
  20. Ahh, good to know! I let the seller know to disregard my message and left them good feedback Thanks!
  21. Purchased a bottle of PraziPro online. The bottle was taped up pretty well, and when I went to open it, I found a tiny hole in the seal. It's not like, a totally open hole, there's still like, a thin film of the bottom layer covering it -- if that makes sense? But if I flip it upside down I can squeeze a tiny bit out. I'm not worried about losing a bit of the product, but it concerns me that the seal isn't 100% intact. I've contacted the seller, but there is a note saying they are out of town until next week (of course). I also noticed there is no stamped expiration date, which I have always seen on previous bottles of PP. Do you think I have anything to worry about here, or am I better off not using it and either returning it, or just eating the $12 and order from somewhere else? A local shop by me carries it but they sell it for over $20 and that's just too much, in my opinion.
  22. Hey all, I live in an older building in Southern California, and as always, we've had a very hot summer. Inevitably, little creepy crawlies like to show up in the warmer months (read: cockroaches), but this year it's been particularly bad. I've tried sprays and traps, but I'm still seeing them and it's making me sick (not to mention makes me feel like I'm living in total filth, which is unfortunate because I keep my place very put together, clean, and tidy. I think they are attracted to the tank and the stand -- I get it, it's dark and moist down there, and around that area. They also love my dog's water fountain. The fact that I have a 10g hospital tank on the floor in my living room I'm sure doesn't help matters. It is to the point where I've finally contacted my property manager and have requested the pros to come in. I really want them to get close to the tank, as that is where a lot of them seem to hang out, but obviously I don't want to harm my fish. I've never witnessed an apartment de-bugging, so I'm not sure what it entails. Could I wrap the tank in a tarp or something and have them spray around the floor and areas around it? Is there any chance of it being safe to spray inside the stand (I'm guessing no, as the canister filter lives down there...but I suppose I could remove it, and swing the attachment levers/hoses up the the top of the tank temporarily)? On the off chance a cockroach got in the tank and my fish ate it, would that be bad? I am assuming by the time they get someone out here, that the hospital tank will be broken down. I do have a lid for my tank that I normally leave off, but it is here and I have the option to put it on. I'm not so much worried about my dog as I know most of the treatments out these days tend to be safe for our four-legged furry friends. Any advice would be awesome. Thanks.
  23. Alright, here is an updated shot from above. She's still on Metroplex until Thursday, and I was going to keep her separate for a few more days through the weekend. After that, what do you think? Can she go back in the main tank after next Monday's big water change???
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