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  1. Beautiful! Your fish really stand out.
  2. Your new snails are adorable!
  3. I love it! Looks like a real treat for your fish.
  4. The warm weather certainly makes my fish more active. Even docile little Ilmarë is rough housing with the other two.
  5. Keeping up with water changes during periods of stress is really difficult! Just keep doing the best you can and try not to beat yourself up if you can't keep up with your ideal water change schedule.
  6. Raiden makes Rhonda look huge!
  7. All of my fish were too young to tell when I brought them home, but I knew when I got them I might need to set up another tank if I ended up with two males and one female.
  8. Not bad for a first try! They'll learn to come grab some of the food.
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