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  1. Hello, I have never had a Crowned Pearlscale before but I recently brought home a lovely one with a huge head tissue. She was in QT and sulking, not happy at all. She picked up shortly after Prazi treatment and going into display tank. My question for people who are experienced with keeping Crowned Pearlscales... is: Can they get reddish areas on their bubble/head tissue and or white spots? Is this part of normal growth? Please share any information you can provide me with in assistance in learning more about them and understanding what I am looking at. I kindly appreciate your time and advise. Thank you!
  2. Update: Frenchy is doing very well and happy. Thanks guys :0)
  3. Thanks guys, sorry I can't get all info of tap water testings etc as it's Christmas and I'm extremely busy. She is still doing this but swimming around very occasionally (rarely) she is eating fine and have done 100% water change and yes HR is high range PH. Okay thanks regarding advise about seeded sponge filter, that does make sense. I'll look into getting a new HOB filter for future quarantines for certain. I am ringing the LFS tomorrow as they're closed over holiday. I know she mentioned they're PH is quite high so I'll let her know mine is 7.6 PH. In regards to the tub, I wiped it out with bleach and filled with boiling water, then rinsed it out about five times filling it with fresh cold clean water, I rinsed it really really well as I was aware that was important. I've noticed when she does swim around, she's a bit 'topsy turvy', she sometimes looks like she loses her balance and has to right herself back in position again, I think this is because her head tissue is so large and puts her a bit wonky and off balance at times. I will add 0.01 salt, thank you. I am keeping every hope that she will pick up, she's such a little darling. Thank you for your comments and will let you know what my trusty LFS say tomorrow. Please say a lil' prayer for her as I want her to be with me for a long time to come and thrive and be happy Merry Christmas to all out there and I kindly appreciate you taking the time to comment over this busy period.
  4. Thanks lovely, I hope that is true that she is just in a new environment. I posted but can't get a good photo of her as she is in darkened area and can't get one from top due to water movement. I will monitor her closely and hope for the best. I totally have faith in Elite, I trust them and know that this is not their fault at all. They're the only LFS that I have 100 % faith in locally. Will let you know how she goes. Thanks for your encouragement. xx
  5. Hello, I need some urgent advise. Yesterday I brought home my Pearly 'Frenchy' for the first time & put her straight into her QT tub that I set up before I left to get her. QT tub is : 60 litre clear tub(that had been rinsed and sterilized), seeded large sponge filter attached to air pump, water treated with Prime. She is the only fish in QT One end of the tub I have covered with a black garbage bag for a dark comfort spot. After a very short time being home (not even 15mins) I noticed her being very still and staying up to the top corner of the darkened area. I thought she was just 'de-stressing' and needed time to settle in. I thought I'd let her settle in over night before starting with Prazi and salt. I woke up (on Christmas morning ) to see her slumped on the bottom of tub. She eats but stays like it constantly unless I feed her. I tested the water with API master test kit, and readings are: Amm 0, Nitrite 0. HR ph 7.4 and PH 7.6. I do not understand why she is like this, today I felt trepidation to begin any treatment due to her stillness but wormed the 60 litre tub with 3 worming tablets (Blue Planet 1 tab per 20litres) I am going to salt tub too but I'm a bit scared to cause her more stress so may wait and see if she picks up. I love this fish already, she's a special girl and I really want to help her. Could it be she is just in a new environment? The fact that she is eating is some comfort but I just want to see her thrive and be happy. Please help me. Thank you for your time.
  6. Thanks guys, it's really upsetting me. I don't know what to do for her. I said a prayer she'll be okay. It brought me such happiness to see her yesterday for the first time.
  7. Thank you I am pretty worried and quite annoyed. Very shortly after I got her home I noticed she was very still and 'hiding' out in dark area up top corner. I thought it was just her 'de-stressing' and needed to settle in. I woke up this morning & she's slumped on ground, does eat but really isn't right. I'm almost too scared to treat her with anything but started with Prazi tablets today. I'm not happy about this at all What's even more annoying, is you try to do everything right, and still things go wrong. Worst thing to wake up to on Christmas morning
  8. Hello lovely members! So I brought my beautiful Frenchy, the Pearly home today. I have set her up in a 60 litre QT tank with a seeded sponge filter and treated the clean tap water with Prime. One side of the tub is covered with a black garbage bag all around to give her a dark private area to de-stress. She looks so beautiful and has already stolen my heart! <3 This is my first time Quarantining so although I have read up on as much information as I can, and have a good understanding that treating with Prazi, pure sea salt to 0.03% is recommended I still have a few quiries. Before I start any treatment, I'm letting her settle in tonight to de-stress. My question/s is : Should I treat with Prazi & salt treatment at the same time or do one at a time, for example Prazi for the first week and then Salt the second or is it safe to do both at the same time? I have both Prazi and Blue Planet tablets. Also please excuse me as I am horrible with numbers and I dearly want to do the right thing for my water babies. Can you please tell me how much salt I will need to add (in 3 lots 12 hours apart) over 36 hours, to bring a 60 litre tub to 0.03%? For future salt treatments in my display tank, can people confirm that for my 322 litre tank, to bring it to 0.03% salt, I'd add 3 X 320grams 12 hours apart, over 36 hours = total 960grams. ? I'll post below the tub I've set up for her QT. I GREATLY appreciate your help & advise. Kind regards
  9. Thanks guys, I'll definitely look into getting a timer in the new year. I will try those plants out thank you. Yes patience is something I'll need for sure lol it's fun experimenting Look forward to updating more photos as I progress..allbeit slowly
  10. Thanks Kate89 I have made sure that all pointy ends are covered and putting moss balls wedged into areas she could get stuck. There's no way any fish could swim behing my filter inlet hose and the outlet is just a little spout under water surface. I am making sure it's safe as much as I can for her before she goes in :)
  11. Thanks guys. I've got the bug now, I wish I ordered more of a variety in one go to make it look less spindily and more busy. I will wait until Christmas is out of the way and holdiays and then... I'm going to order at least five varieties to mix it up and have fun with experimenting. I took the sand out as I wanted to go back to bare bottom. Thanks guys & thanks for the moss rock idea
  12. Thanks guys So far the boys are loving it, they are leaving the Java alone pretty much but the moss..well they're really enjoying a nibble. I am going to try out Needle Fern, Java Fern & Anubias in the new year. I would get it now but Christmas requirements are taking priority regarding finances at the moment understandably lol. Hey while I'm here, anyone know of extremely realistic artificial moss plants? I am enjoying seeing my boys graze and probably will give them a live moss treat now and then but still want to keep a 'moss look' on some ends of my driftwood... let me know if you can help. Also please if you have any other recommendations for other live plant varieties, jump in. Thank you!! Anyway thank you and watch this space for further developments in new year lol :) :)
  13. Hello Fellow Koko Members!! :) Hope your all doing well where ever you are in the world. I have placed in some driftwood to my aquarium and tied down some Java Fern to it. I am going to try Anubias also but if there are any other pretty live plants you can recommend that you've had success with in your Fancy Goldfish tanks, please share below. So far my boys are leaving all the plants alone, they're curious and had a nip when first went in but they haven't tried again. Is there any advise you can share with me on how long my lighting should be on, (I've heard 8 hours minimum) and can you advise on whether fertilizers are required and or safe. I am looking forward to experimenting with more plants in the new year & would love to hear advise from those of you with planted tanks. How long does it take usually on average for the roots to attach to the driftwood? Thank you for your time & helpful advise. :) I will post photos as I progress and hopefully the plants have grown along the way. Current photos are as is now and water slightly cloudy as I took out sand and went back to bare bottom tank today with w/c.
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