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  1. Could be sand, of his wen is one of the "loose types" as in, if you press on the ridges in his wen, does the growth part between your finger? If he's got a more solid type of growth that doesn't part along the ridges, then I don't see how it could be the sand getting in.

    If you just got him it could be signs of having been exposed to elevated ammonia levels either before you got him or recently since you've been housing him.

  2. I am most interested in the ranchu, but if you still need to rehome the lionhead I'd be willing to take it as well. I qt all fish in separate 10 tubs, but if they're on the big side, the tub holds 20 gallons, so I can add more water. After that, a 75 gallon would be their home along with an azumanishiki I've got

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