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  1. I'm just going to start, bought dry artemia cysts from ArtemiaDirect online store and found the feeding instruction there, but dont know if it is right. please take a look: Artemia cysts are soaked in special solution under the specific temperature, light and air flow. Under these conditions you will receive up to 95% of nauplia. Incubation conditions: 1. Incubator 2. Constant air-supply 3. Water temperature 26 - 29 ° C 4. The necessary volume of salt water (30 g salt to 1l of water) 5. The level of illumination - 2000 lux 6. The incubation period - 24 hours The process of incubation: 1. Before the start of incubation, soak for 1 hour dry cysts (brine shrimp) in fresh water. The best proportion of dry cysts and water is 1:2. 2. Place the soaked cysts in the incubator and add salt water. 3. Turn on the aeration of the incubator. 4. The best time for artemia cysts under these conditions is 24 hours. 5. In order to maintain the pH in the water, you can add 0.5 g sodium hydrogen carbonate (soda) to 1 liter of water. 6. For getting more biomass, incubation period can be extended to 36 hours (in this case the size of some nauplii can be increased). so should I do as they say?
  2. hey guys I just wanted to ask you where do you usually buy the stuff? I'm rather new in this and want to have an expirience with artemia cysts cause i heard about it a lot, so Sera, Tetra? what do you recommend? thaaaanks
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