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  1. First, thank you and everyone you conferred with to help me in this journey! I will go ahead with round 3 of Prazi tonight, as I want them healthier ASAP. After experimenting with water levels yesterday and some more today, I think Midnight's symptoms can be alleviated (at least somewhat) with lower water levels while doing this next round. Some good news is that Midnight and Spot both ate some pea this morning and at lunch, and I did vacuum the leftovers 2.5 minutes after feeding. Midnight tried to follow the peas up the siphon , so I'll have to be more careful in the future. On the flip-side, it's good to see him so animated again! Also, I just ordered a heater, and it should be here early next week. Should I be worried about the amount of time the fish have to be in the casserole dish during 100% water changes? It takes a loooooong time to bring the pH of new water up close to the old water...
  2. Anyone else have "Wiggle" by Jason Derulo/Snoop Dogg stuck in their heads now? (Not the verses, obviously; just the chorus!) Too cute, Jes!
  3. I have decent pictures of both sides of White Tip from 12/9 below. The only thing that looks strange to me is the shape of his head, especially where it dips in toward his nose/mouth. It also dips in above his eye. You might have to click on the picture to go to the actual Photobucket page and use the zoom function to see what I'm talking about...and none of this may help at all...I'm pretty much grasping at straws!
  4. Goldie's symptoms were clamping, bottom-sitting, and fuzzy white spots on his dorsal fin that were small the first day but grew together into a larger patch that spread down his side. I think it only took 4 - 5 days from the first fuzz until he died. (Also, "large" is relative; he was probably no bigger than Spot is now! ) Regarding Spot, someone had asked me yesterday how tall the tank was, and it got me thinking about pressure. Yesterday morning, I vacuumed the peas out with about 5 gallons of water and then got distracted with other things, so the water level sat at 20 gallons instead of 25 for at least an hour and a half. I noticed Midnight having an easier time of it and got excited and refilled the tank soon thereafter. A few hours later he seemed to be struggling with starts and stops again, and he stopped swimming around as much as he had been. Some time yesterday afternoon, Sharon asked about the dimensions and it got me thinking...as an experiment, I dropped the water level by 5 gallons again and left it to see how he would do. While he never regained full motor control, he became much more active within a half-hour, and appeared to have an easier time staying upright. I DID see him whirl twice more, but it had less of a "fish on a hook trying to get off" look, and was more of a "pilot doing a barrel roll" type thing. Oh, and I did not re-add Prazi yesterday to give them an extra day of rest from everything that's been going on. On top of that, I'm a bit worried about a 100% WC because of the length of time it takes to bring the new tank water's pH up to within .3 of the old tank water...it's a loooooong time to have the fish in the dish, and I don't want anyone else to die. Edited to fix the incomplete sentence right there at the beginning.
  5. Everyone ate the Omega One pellets after I started crushing them (but not before), no one ate the Spirulina 20, and no one ate the peas. Thinking back, Midnight and Spot did try to eat the peas, but they spit them right back out. White Tip swam past them, but was otherwise acting normal, swimming freely, no clamped fins or bottom sitting. The only thing I can think of that was different about yesterday than other recent days was the lowering of the salt, the eliminating of the Prazi from the water, and the 4 hours in the casserole dish. I'm worried about them being in the dish so long, but it didn't appear to affect Midnight or Spot. I did notice a darkening between White Tip's scales just behind his gills when I pulled him from the tank, but I don't know if that was a cause or an effect of death. Before Midnight got whirly, he and the other two were...tilty?...during round 2 of Prazi. On the last day of Prazi round 2, Spot and White Tip returned to 90 degrees, but Midnight got...floaty? I don't know how to describe it. It's like the other two had perfect control over where they were in the water, but Midnight kept overshooting everything he aimed for...like an astronaut in zero gravity who's not used to it.
  6. No, Spot is flashing against the sides and bottom of the tank as described here, and White Tip flashed occasionally but never whirled at all. I didn't think that Midnight was flashing (although he attempted it at at 1:02), but I asked because you said he was swimming alright...I didn't know you hadn't gotten that far in the video. :embarrassed: PS I'm learning how to use a video editor now so I can clip off all of the unnecessary bits!
  7. 30" x 12.5" x 18" L x D x H 1) Yes ma'am 2) Will do 3) Was he just flashing at 1:34? I thought he couldn't right himself...
  8. Coffee? But you're so far awaaaayyyy. I hope everyone's having a fantastic day!
  9. The is up. You can probably stop watching at the 2 minute mark; I need to play with a video editor so I can post only what you need. Also, the stuff on the bottom is where I cut up the pea last night and put half of the pieces on each side of the tank. Obviously, they didn't eat any! They're both flashing and glass-rubbing quite a bit this afternoon.
  10. Test Results for the Following: * Ammonia Level(Tank) 0 - .25 ppm: not green enough to be .25, but not totally yellow either * Nitrite Level(Tank) 0 * Nitrate level(Tank) 0 - 5 ppm * Ammonia Level(Tap) 0 * Nitrite Level(Tap) 0 * Nitrate level(Tap) 0 - 5 ppm * Ph Level, Tank (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) 8.2, 143.2, 71.6, 0 * Ph Level, Tap (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) 6.8 - 7.0 (REALLY hard to tell), 53.7, 71.6, 0 Other Required Info: * Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops? API drops * Water temperature? 67.9*F * Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running? 29 gal filled to 25 gal: since 11/12/14 * What is the name and "size of the filter"(s)? AquaClear 50 and HydroSponge IV with Million Air 600 pump * How often do you change the water and how much? Per 5 day Prazi protocol in this thread * How many days ago was the last water change and how much did you change? yesterday: 100% * How many fish in the tank and their size? 2 commons: 1.5" and 2" tl * What kind of water additives or conditioners? Prime and baking soda @ 2.5 tsp for 25 gallons * What do you feed your fish and how often? Omega One small GF pellets, usually 2-3 pellets each 3 times per day, but yesterday they only had that in the morning, no lunch, and one pea (total, not each) for supper, which they still have not finished * Any new fish added to the tank? No * Any medications added to the tank? 5 TBSP Morton's Pickling Salt for 25 gallons * List entire medication/treatment history for fish and tank. Please include salt, Prazi, PP, etc and the approximate time and duration of treatment. Since posting the last checklist, I have followed Lisa's instructions to the letter. I got rid of the methylene blue and followed the Prazi protocol as outlined above. The tank was at .3% salt to begin with, so I left it there and double-dosed Prazi for the first two rounds. Yesterday, I did 100% WC and dropped the salt down to .1% per Lisa, and am planning to add a single dose of Prazi for round 3 today (day 11). * Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? Spot has the same spots in his tail as he did in the beginning * Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.? Midnight has been bottom-sitting and off-balance for the past several days. He sits and swims at between 45 and 60 degrees tilted on his right side. When he swims through turbulence, he cannot stay upright and flips and twists in all directions. The last time I observed this was this morning. Spot is occasionally flashing and glass-surfing still. Just as an FYI, I have checked the tank water every day for ammonia, and it hasn't gone above .25 ppm. I also let the water age yesterday until it reached 7.8 - 8.0 pH before re-adding the fish since there's such a huge difference between the tap and tank. This means that the fish were in my large casserole dish for 3 - 4 hours... I have a video of Midnight from this morning uploading on youtube now, but it's taking forever! I'll post a link as soon as it's done. Edit: Lisa, you had said that Midnight might be constipated...should I do only peas for a bit and vacuum anything left after 2.5 minutes? I did read your posts from last night, and I'm looking forward to going back to being able to vacuum!
  11. I have got to be doing something wrong; White Tip had passed away when I woke up this morning...and he appeared to be fine yesterday! My daughter is going to be absolutely devastated. Is there some way to figure out why he died so that I can know what to do differently?
  12. I think color-wise, he's just going through a color change. Below, you can see how the orange is creeping up and over above both eyes. Sorry that I freaked out over nothing! And I have to post this one, just because it's cute. Fish be like, "Where's the food?!?" The tank water is changed, at .1% salt and no Prazi. I'm waiting a bit with bubblers and filter going so the pH can come up before I re-add the fish. I'll let you know how they're doing in the morning. Thank you and the mods for all of the help so far!
  13. When you're already at the bottom, there's only one way to go! I hope things get better for you soon.
  14. Thank you for the well wishes...I'm just taking it one day at a time! The first time I saw anyone off-balance was Tuesday, but all of them were a bit tilted to one side and acting stressed on that day so I wasn't TOO worried. Yesterday, Midnight went tail-over-teakettle while trying to eat, and I began to watch more closely. This morning, all of them had unclamped their fins and were more active, but Midnight was having serious difficulty staying upright. (The other two were no longer leaning to either side.) I can take it down to .1% without too much trouble. I'm a bit confused about the instruction to add Prazi, though...today is day 10, and I thought that was a no-med water change. I'll just hang back on adding the last 5 gallons until I hear back from you.
  15. I went to get the aforementioned tupperware, and realized that while trying to be totally supportive and helpful (it's been a wretched week...our foster son of 3 years returned home to his parents on Monday) my mother washed it. With SOAP. And I'm out of vinegar!!
  16. I've got the tank halfway empty, so I'll get pictures when he's in the small tupperware. I usually move them when I'm down to < 5 gallons so they're easier to catch! I do have frozen peas.
  17. Regarding poop, it's been mostly casings or casings with small sections of normal poop in all three fish until this morning. This might have been influenced by the fact that none of them were eating very well until I started crushing their pellets yesterday. This morning, everyone's poop has been more normal-looking. There was still some "empty" poop mixed in, though. Re-reading this, I wonder just how many times I can say poop in one paragraph...
  18. OK, what looks like a grey band crossing his head from the side view (like in the picture above) looks like an orange band in the next picture, so maybe he's just changing color? He had a solid black line running from nose to tail last week...
  19. Yeah, they HATED the Spirulina 20, and didn't eat any at all. I tried feeding that alone for 2 feedings yesterday, (plus I think one of my kiddos added a giant full flake when I wasn't watching) which is why there's so much of that on the bottom. They've done better with the Omega One small pellets since I've started crushing them a bit per a suggestion in another thread, and they are close to clearing 9 pellets - 3 per fish - in 5 minutes. I was originally vacuuming all of the excess after that 5 minutes, but I've been a good girl and haven't vacuumed the bottom since Dec 8. Also, I feed them 3x / day. I'm absolutely dying to do the water change today...do you think it's alright to go ahead and do that and drop the salt to .2%, or should I wait for a mod to chime in because of Midnight's new symptoms? Also, the other meds arrived yesterday, so I now have the salt, Melafix, and PraziPro, plus Metro, Kanaplex, and Furan 2. Edited to add: I'll see what I can do about a better picture for you. Thanks for everything!
  20. I was trying very hard to get all the way through round 2 of Prazi before posting an update or concerns, as Jared recently posted that round 2 usually stresses fish the most, but this was pretty scary. Midnight appears to have some extreme (at least to me!) buoyancy issues and has been mostly laying on his side on the bottom of the tank since yesterday. I posted a video on showing what happens when he swims through a bubble stream. I apologize for the quality and lack of focus in the video, but I had to leave the bubbles on to show you. He also has some new grey discoloration on his head...I've circled it in the picture below. Also, I get to change the water today, hooray for day 10! The salt content has been at .3% since 11/20/14; can I lower it to .2% today when I do the 100% WC? And then again tomorrow to .1% and single-dose the Prazi for round 3?
  21. No idea on their age, but since they started eating so much better on the 9th with the pellets crushed, I upped the feedings to 3 pellets per fish. At this point, they're not quite getting through all of that in 5 minutes, but then there's still a lot of pellet spitting happening as well. As they heal from the flukes, I'm hoping that will change.
  22. Just an update: crushing the pellets helped tremendously. Thank you both!
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