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  1. I'm already planning my next tank to purchase after Christmas because our 2 (it probably will be 3 by then) common goldfish will quickly outgrow the tank they're currently in. I wanted a 125 gallon, but Hubby did some figuring, and while yes, we technically do have 6 feet of empty wall space, to put a tank there that will reach more than 18" into the room will leave us no walkway. By all accounts here, commons need between 30 and 40 gallons per fish, which would be a 90 or 120 gallon tank. Both of these are 48" long and 24" deep. Here's the dilemma. I found a tank in our budget that is 60" long, giving them 12" more swimming space than either the 90 or 120, but it's only 75 gallons. (It's 8" shorter than the 90 and 120.) Would this be acceptable, or do I need to keep looking?
  2. Hey, clear horizontal spaces make the whole room appear clean! I did end up doing dishes and laundry and general cleanup, but I'm saving the bathrooms 'til tomorrow...
  3. Me: I really need to clean the house today. Me: *whines* But I don't wanna! Me: Hubby will really appreciate it if the house is clean when he gets home... Me: *smirks* There are other things that'll make him happier...
  4. You can see the new spot for a few seconds each at 0:12 and 0:32 in the video (it's the only one on the lower half of his tail), but I will try to get a decent picture this afternoon during the WC.
  5. This afternoon is the end of round 3, and I promised an update. The fish are doing well with no clamping or bottom sitting this round, and their appetites have improved...they have resumed "begging" when people walk by the tank. I am slightly concerned because there is a new spot on Spot's tail, but I have at least one more Prazi round to go, so I'm hoping it will be taken care of soon, and the other spots have diminished a bit. I am still horrid at taking still pictures, but I managed to get one that wasn't terribly blurry, and I also posted a short video on . These aren't for diagnostic purposes, but to show you how excellent you all have been! Midnight appears to have regained complete motor control even with the tank filled to 25 gallons, so I think you were right - it was probably constipation! All fishy poo is now less than 1" in length and the same color as their food. The heater will be here tomorrow, so I'm hoping this will help us cycle a bit faster! How many rounds of Prazi do you think we'll need to complete?
  6. LOL, I've got some errands to run this morning, but I'll try to get some decent ones tonight!
  7. Just an update for anyone in the future who finds this thread via "Search:" I was corrected in a different post about how long to let them eat; it should be 2 1/2 minutes instead of 5, and vacuum immediately anything leftover to avoid overeating and constipation in the fish. (I definitely had a problem with this in my tank at first.) Crushing the pellets worked wonders. At first, they could only eat 1 pellet each in the allotted time, but during round three of the Prazi Protocol, their fluke symptoms vanished, and their appetites increased. Instead of taking 2 1/2 minutes to eat 1 pellet, it now takes about 30 seconds! We've moved back to 2 pellets each now, and they're doing well with only a small bit of vacuuming required at the end.
  8. I think you have a solid plan, especially if you beef up the stand a bit. DP, I now have a mental image of D. Blue and 3 friends visiting shops and climbing on the furniture to "test" it! I know you meant test the one she has, but still...
  9. That is a great idea! There is a space under the desk that, if I turn it sideways, I can fit a 12 gallon tote; that's not quite half, but it's better than a casserole dish for 4 - 6 hours! Kokonuts rock...just sayin'...
  10. I don't think I can while doing the Prazi schedule I linked to above; I think Lisa set it that way with 100% changes because my tank is uncycled.
  11. I think I may not have explained adequately, sorry! I'm worried that the fish are in the casserole bowl too long while I'm waiting 4-6 hours for the new water's pH to rise to 8. They're used to a pH of 8.2-8.4, and new water with baking soda is 7.6, which is more than a .5 difference, and in the "wrong" direction as well. I have read elsewhere on these forums that we should try not to go more than .3 all at once when going from a higher pH to a lower one... Thank you for both ideas! I can definitely do the small daily water changes once the fish make it through their rounds of Prazi, but my prescribed Prazi schedule calls for occasional 100% water changes. The water-aging tub would do the trick, but I don't have room for one. Two adults, four children, one 75 lb lap dog and three single-tailed goldfish in 1350 square feet might not have been our best idea!
  12. Ah, sorry that I misunderstood; where I live, the "first floor" is the same as the "ground floor!" And while the current stand may be great at displacing the load across the length, if you unknowingly have it running lengthwise with the joists, you could technically have zero direct joist support. Example: in my area of the US, floor joists typically are run 16" on center (center of the joist to center of the next joist), which is 40.64 cm. Your stand is 39 cm wide, which could theoretically fit between those joists. The best option is to find out how the joists run and adjust your plans accordingly. If you cannot, the short platform could help you (and the tenant below you) remain safe. So, if you went for the 120 cm tank @ 300 L, you could build a small platform that is 120 cm x 120 cm x 5-7 cm built from 2"x2"s and .5" plywood - substitute European equivalents here, as I don't know how nominal lumber is sized where you live. This would ensure that the weight of your tank is displaced over 2-3 joists instead of over 0-1 joist, and their direction won't matter. Edited to add: if you want to use your current stand, you'll need to go with one of the first three aquariums, at which point the platform may become unnecessary. If there are engineering folks here, please chime in!
  13. I have soft tap water with a pH of between 6.8 and 7.0 that rises naturally by .6-.8 points over a 24-48 hour period, which makes large water changes extremely stressful for this fish. I already add 5/8 tsp to every 5 gallons to bring the kH up to 9 drops, which also pushes the initial pH up to 7.6, but that doesn't really help, because it also pushes the eventual pH up to 8.2-8.4. So, for an example: Fish are in the tank with a pH of 8.2-8.4. I move the fish plus some tank water to a large casserole dish, empty the tank, add water, baking soda, and Prime (and PraziPro on applicable days), which brings the pH to around 7.6. It takes 4-6 hours with aerators on full blast to raise the new water to 8.0 so that I can re-add the fish, who have now been in that casserole dish a VERY long time. What can I do differently to make large water changes less stressful for the fish?
  14. I second Leo...for some reason, it just evokes the thought of a small lion.
  15. I'm a total goldfish n00b, so I had to look up "guanine." Thanks for posting the pictures, hissan.zidan, and for the explanation, Ichthius!
  16. If there's access to the crawlspace to the house, you may be able to simply peek in the door to see which way the joists run without actually having to go under. Another option is to build a shallow, heavily supported, square platform that is the length and width of your longest tank dimension to disperse the load evenly across joists no matter which way they run. This is not the best option, but it will work in a pinch.
  17. No, he didn't whirl up the siphon tube. Thank goodness! I actually did the WC and added the Prazi before you posted, I'm sorry! But I have been able to watch him this afternoon and evening, and he appears to be doing great: more active than I've seen in a week, almost swimming at 90 degrees, no clamping, and I haven't seen a whirl since this morning! He and Spot are both flashing some - the normal kind - so you're definitely right about them still having flukes. You were probably right about him being constipated as well. I'll post in the water quality thread after movie night with the kiddos...today I just put an air stone in the dish, covered one half of it so they had somewhere to hide, and tested ammonia every hour to make sure it didn't get toxic while they were waiting. They seemed to do alright, and the ammonia never went above .25 ppm. I'll post a progress report when we've completed round 3, assuming no one else dies or suffers a drastic behavior change!
  18. Thanks. But to be honest with two sick fish I feel quite the opposite. Bad things happen, even to people who are doing everything right. It's how we react to those bad things that tells us (and everyone else) who we really are. And you are a very good fish mom / doctor! Edited to fix parentheses.
  19. I am so glad that both Big Red and Blacky have survived the week and are on their way to recovery! You must be a very good fish mom / doctor!
  20. Mine has been sitting in the corner of my living room with no lights or decorations for over a week. It looks very sad!
  21. Wow, they are beautiful! What is the deep magenta on their gill covers?
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