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  1. Ooh, pretty! Thank you for updating us with pictures...
  2. Your mini-tank was actually quite lovely, and it's awesome how committed you were to keeping their water clean. Don't forget to update us with pictures of your 40B once it is settled!
  3. That is amazing, precious, and more than a little humbling to think we all start out similarly. Thank you for sharing!
  4. Grandmother is visited, dog is clean, tanks are clean, laundry is clean, kiddos are clean, but the dishes are dirty and I'm too lazy to get back up now that I've sat down. I'm thinking Chinese delivery...
  5. I need a thesaurus for "cute"...delightful!
  6. Hello, and welcome to Kokos! I'm sorry that your fish are sick, but I'm glad it brought you here! The mods recently helped me treat my sick fish (it's what brought me here as well), and they're doing so much better now. It seems like a lot at first, but the moderators and/or helpers walk you through everything step by step, and they're very patient.
  7. I have not, but I am looking forward to others' replies. I recently lost out (read: took too long to decide!) on a Craigslist possibility that was the *perfect* size and now am coming to realize that it is a particularly difficult size to come by! Good luck, and let us know how things go.
  8. Morning! My New Year's resolution is to use every emoticon at least once...
  9. He looks extremely chill for a living flame... PS He's gorgeous!
  10. I couldn't have done it without you, so maybe they're saying, "Thank you Lisa, for helping Mommy not accidentally kill us!" The new guy is active and alert in the QT tank, so I'm hopeful!
  11. Uh-oh...you asked a question in another thread that I didn't answer?
  12. I promised an update, and I've been slacking! Spot and Midnight (who is morphing into Sunrise, as you'll see below) are doing great. We've finished 4 rounds of Prazi, and Spot's spots are all gone. They're active and eating well...even Sprulina 20, which I thought they hated! We have recently come into some Repashy (thanks, Koko!) and I'm looking forward to seeing how they do with that as well. Here they are at the last 100% WC. Here's what Midnight looked like when he first arrived...what a difference! Also, : I bought a 12.5 gallon Sterilite tote so it would hold 10 without being too full as a quarantine tank, plus an extra airstone. We went to Petsmart for my daughter to pick a fish since both of those that died were hers. Did she pick a fish for its beautiful coloring? For it's body or tail shape or size? Of course not! She picked the one with obvious burns and missing scales and part of its tail. She named him Lucky. Wish us luck!
  13. I'm so sorry that you and Lettest have suffered so. Others can advise on how to best release him from his pain if that's what you choose.
  14. Chili sounds really good! *Checks freezer for beef* *Checks cupboard for tomatoes* *Checks potato box for onions* Apparently, I'm going to the store this morning!
  15. Mistakes are how we learn and grow; don't beat yourself up over it. As long as you're doing it correctly now, you're golden. And your mistake today might help someone else avoid the same one tomorrow.
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