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  1. What a lovely picture! I hope the gel food will help and they feel better soon.
  2. ^^This. SOOOOO much this! My goldfish journey began with a single fish my daughter won at a fair in November, and now I'm saving for a 60 inch tank and wondering if we could go 72 inches!
  3. Thank you for sharing! (You take such good pictures!)
  4. Congratulations on the new arrival! You could also simply fill your current 25 gallon tank with only 10 gallons of water for easy medicine/salt calculations. Then you could add more water in 5 gal increments if the fish requires it. Good luck, and let us know how the new little one does!
  5. There's a down-side to all of that fun...catching up on the forum every morning takes longer!
  6. Interpet Anti Internal Bacteria (Fish Health Treatment Number 9) Active ingredients: Bronopol (522mg), Formaldehyde (900mg) and Benzalkonium Chloride (250mg) Information copied from aquariacentral.com; same information found on mosterfishkeepers.com. I could not find ingredient information on Interpet's web page. Hope this helps!
  7. You definitely started off on the right foot with all of those pictures! Welcome to Koko's!
  8. Zula is a knockout, and she looks like she's wearing a pinstriped suit in that 3rd picture.
  9. Is that her "official" name now? Although, I liked the original as well. I hope she continues to improve!
  10. I give up...so you should totally post a picture!
  11. Petco is having their dollar per gallon sale until Jan 24th, if you'd like to save a bit on that 40! Edited because my spacebar has a mind of its own. Also, I removed my gravel recently while treating sick fish, and it made everything much easier. :
  12. Fathead? Your large no-name reminds me of moonlight reflecting off of the lake's surface. They're all very lovely!
  13. You're not a pain, and it's wonderful that you're doing all you can for your fish, especially with those work hours and 3 kiddos. Clean water is the best thing for the tear, the salt in the water will help stave off a bacterial infection while it heals, and the darkening is usually a sign of healing. You might want to see if you can get a picture for the moderators to see if they have any concerns or recommendations.
  14. It makes me wonder, though, if the original advice was to only change 25% at a time and it got transformed somehow into 25% per week...the former actually would make sense before test kits were readily available. 25% WC 2-3x/week would be easier on fish if pH levels were very different or if tap water was otherwise wonky.
  15. PS I don't think I've ever seen a cat being bathed...sounds interesting!
  16. No, it's not tar-coal stuff; it's made from the skins of plantains, cocoa pods, and/or palm leaves. There's an article here that has a bit of information. My aunt had to watch out for certain ingredients like aloe and shea butter, which actually make her skin worse, but everyone's skin is different, and things that make her flare up may not affect you at all. Always watch out for added fragrances and citrus oils as they can be particularly irritating and/or drying as well. She has to be careful of staying too long in the sun, but she has found that 10-20 minutes of un-sunscreened sun exposure on affected areas per day has also helped. Good luck!
  17. Find lots of reasons to keep your hands up high for maximum air circulation. An added benefit will be extra-strong shoulders... Seriously though, I know how tough and inconvenient and just dang frustrating that condition can be, and I hope the ointment helps quickly. My aunt uses African black soap and says it has helped.
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