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  1. All of my ryukins are 15 grams and are 2.5" from nose to beginning of tail. My one oranda 26 YO Ursula is 1.6 LBS. I have two single tails (since the raccoon ate the third) and I haven't weighed them yet. There just too darn fast. Hope this helps. Glenn
  2. I say change the tank all around so it doesn't seem like anyone's territory. I know that works for bunnies and cats. Glenn
  3. All of your fish seem so healthy and they all have really shiny scales. So beautiful. Especially Spitfire. I like your tub. Rubbermaid? I could put one of that size in my front yard. Where did you get it? How much did you pay for it? Oh Laura suggests you name your one eyed goldfish "Puka" which is Hawaiian for hole. What do you feed you gang? How hard is your water? I would LOVE to get mine to shine like that. They are all just gorgeous! Glenn
  4. Helen, Mrs. Piggy is so adorable. I love pearl scales, they look like little living golf balls. If anyone wants to buy some nice pearl scales you can get 6 of them for 39 dollars and free shipping on ebay. I just bought 6 and they should be here in 4 days. I'm going to put 5 in one of my 100 gallon tanks and put the nicest one in the 20 gallon tank I have sitting in the fireplace. I need to post a picture of the one I have in the fireplace. It's gas and for ornamental purposes only. Horribly expensive to run. So I just took everything out, put a bunch of violet LED's against the back wall and put in psychedelic colored gravel. I really gives a nice effect to the room. I also have my stick bug living in her container on top of the mantle. People always comment on how I have fresh roses on the mantel. Little do they know it's just food for my little critter. Glenn
  5. Scurrie, I'm so sorry about your fish. I've had many fish get caught in things, they keep struggling to the point of exhaustion and it troughs their metabolism out of balance. Like when a race horse gets black water from being run too much and then abruptly stopped. They usually struggle to recover for a day or two and then pass. My boss (a vet) said the next time I have a fish get caught in something to raise the temp to at least 70 and add salt 15 grams per gallon to help balance their osmotic density and aid in their resperation and just wait and hope they are strong enough to recover. Again I am SO sorry about your fish. I'm sure he had a good life with you. My deepest sympathies, Glenn
  6. I have a Fluval FX6. I put the intake and output at opposite sides of the tank. I pointed the output toward the top for moving the surface water oxygen exchange. I think having a "dead" spot is good since that's where the goldfish go to sleep and rest. I have SeaChem's Matrix and Purgin in my filter. It works great. Congrats on your present. I hope this helps. Glenn
  7. You can use Purgen anywhere water flows. It absorbs dissolved solid waste and makes the water crystal clear. I have two liters running in my Fluval FX6's I think it is the perfect addition to a cycled goldfish tank. You should recharge it about 20 times and then get rid of it. There is a vid on youtube on how to recharge your Purgin. It will discolor as it fills up with micron size particles all the way to a black color. Best of luck, Glenn
  8. There all so fat and happy! They also have a really healthy slime coat. I especially like the one that looks like a orange ryukin. There are a couple you describe as orandas but the look like ryukins. Could they be crosses? I want my fish to be as healthy and beautiful as yours. Glenn
  9. Really pretty ranchu. Perfect backbone and nice intense color. It's a TVR isn't it? Glenn
  10. Welcome to the forum Hukleberry, You'll find everyone here to be very kind and the Moderators, Helpers and members to be EXTREMELY helpful. This kind of thing is nothing new to the Moderators they should be able to fix you right up. I've been here for a few months and am still discovering how the forum works. Don't forget to introduce yourself in the Newby section, when you do a bunch of local members will pop up and say hi. I now have a bunch of aquarium friends an hour south. I have aquarium equipment detritus I share LOL! There is even a list posted here in the classifieds I think. People are always giving away equipment, food, dechlorinator,tanks, power heats etc. Oh they give away fish too. Many people (like me) quickly find they are overstocked and have to rehome some goldfish right quick. It's still really early, give the Moderators some time (they work as a team) and before you know it your fish will be right as rain. Welcome! Glenn Dalton
  11. Koko, I totally understand. Why fix what's not broken? Helping out with medical knowledge just leans toward my natural inclination being an AHT and EMT. Although to keep current as an EMT I now need to put in my 120 hours. Oh great news. I picked up my prazi (a case of it) at 9am this morning and began treatment at 10:30. At about 2PM my fish stopped flashing around and is resting comfortably. I even got him to eat a healthy amount of pellets. Thank you to everyone on the D&D who contributed to making my precious fish healthy again. Without your feed back I would have never have thought of flukes. Some sort of parasite did show up under the microscope from a gill scraping but my boss said he did not recognize it. But it's obvious we hit the mark by the reaction. Thank you all. Glenn
  12. "most members are asked not to participate in the giving of med suggestions unless cleared by the mod team." I was requesting to be cleared by the mod team. Despite my qualifications I think a Mod needs much more experience on the forum than I have. Glenn
  13. "Hi Glenn, Thank you for your vote of confidence. Since the entire mod team works as a team, anyone of us will be exactly the same as any other. In the future, please don't point out specific people, it puts the person on the spot, and seriously undermines everyone else who have put in valuable volunteer work to help out. Also, just FYI, D&D threads are strictly moderated, and most members are asked not to participate in the giving of med suggestions unless cleared by the mod team. Thanks for your understanding and future compliance. Alex" Well Alex, now that I understand you better I think your pretty great. I apologize to everyone else, I had no intention to minimize your dedication to the forum and all your hard work. If it counts for anything I have been a licensed Animal Health Technician since 1988, and only comment on things I'm sure about so thankfully I'm pretty sure I didn't do any damage. If I may, I'd like permission to chime in on subjects of alternative treatments. I have a Doctorate in Botany and frequently apply my knowledge in my job at an Emergency Animal Hospital. I can also offer opinions from my boss and friend who is a veterinarian. I have had him treating fish since 2000. Most vets won't even let you make an appointment. Anyway I think you guys on the D&D do the best job of any forum I know. As a matter of fact I may need your assistance if my fish doesn't stop flashing. Love all you guys! Glenn
  14. Unlike the front part of the eye the frog eyes and wen are not filled with aqueous humour. It's filled with synovial fluid like between your joints and is stagnant. It does not drain back into the blood stream as the eye fluid does. IF a portion of the wen gets too large you can simply drain it with a 27 gauge needle. It will take several months to build back up. Glenn
  15. Floaters and sinkers require radically different approaches to heal their swim bladder problems. The most common reason for floaters is exposure to nitrite which inflames the myofacial tissue covering the swim bladder, presumably making it painful for them to contract it making it impossible to sink. My boss routinely treats floaters with a shot of cortisone, and it usually works. If you can't arrange a shot of cortisone, you can try feeding them licorice root which is anti-inflammatory. Intestinal impaction (constipation) can cause sinking or floating. Try and refrain from feeding your fish for a couple days. They will be no worse for the wear. If they get better you'll know they need mostly vegetable matter and will do well on gell food. Burdock root is 15% inulin by dry weight. Inulin is very anti-inflammatory. You can find burdock root in health food stores. Dice it and boil it before giving it to your fish. I eat it like mashed potatoes. Trust the moderators. Best of luck, Glenn
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