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Community Answers

  1. They’re so great!! Congrats on the beautiful tank and goldfishies!! 😊
  2. Beautiful tank and set up. Plus the goldfish. They’re gorgeous. How are they now? @Lis.
  3. Hi Koko! Thanks for asking. Am still doing salt on my new 2 oranda. I got some prazipro. Read here in the forum that Prazipro doesn’t work out with salt. So after 2 weeks of using salt and if I find no problems(crossing fingers), then I’ll begin prazipro. You think the duration of my salt usage is enough?
  4. Beautiful goldfish man. Congrats on the nee pickups. 👍🏽
  5. Good article. Thank you Koko for the response. 👍🏽
  6. Thank you for the response Koko. For knowledge purposes both please. 😊
  7. Hello there Koko Members!! Hipe everyone’s fine. Just wanted to ask what brand of brine shrimp is the best for our goldfish. Thank you.
  8. Thank you for the response Koko. General quick cure is an API brand, right? Okay so 1st thing o do after getting a fish is acclimate them and then if found no issue with the fish then start the round of general quick cure? again apppreciate the help.
  9. Yeah they’d be together. So first use salt? Then how many days after would I use Prazi?
  10. Hey there Koko peeps, I’ve been shopping for Goldfish online and found this site(which I know is a good source). I want to get two goldfish in short. My situation right now is that I have this 40g breeder(new) standing by. Am not sure if I can use the 40G tank as the QT tank and as the main tank? Planning to use seeded filter from my other tank. Should I just use salt? Or do I need medication? Thanks in advance!
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