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  1. Hi All, This is indeed marketing research, my apologies if this wasn't clear to anyone. However I can assure you that I am a hobbyist and not a big bad corporation, if you don't believe me you can go and check out my Instagram under the name jappiesfishies, there you will be able to see that I am just a guy with a few fish. That fact that the survey sounds professional is that I am marketing professional and so this is my job to ask the right questions. In regards to the personal info my apologies that this has caused concern for someone. I can assure you that there was no where that your name was taken down and there is also no feature to store info like, address, email, etc. The personal info that was captured was age, sex and location. I will explain why this is interesting for me. In regards to understanding the results if I see something that is interesting it gives me the plausibility of re-cutting this data based on demographics. Particularly interesting in finding a reasonable price, the right size of pack, etc. Please trust me that all of your info will be held strictly confidential and again there is no way that your personal data can be linked to any particular person. That said I would also say that if you don't want to share your info or thoughts the best thing to do is to not take the survey. ; ) Anyways I am humbled and very grateful for the help that I have received from everyone on this and other forums. Thank you to all those who have contributed and please watch this space! Interesting things ahead! : ) Best Regards, Ricky Jay. p.s: I am not a new member, I was an active member many years ago but lost my details and so started a new account, much of what I learned about fish keeping in the early days was from this forum! : )
  2. Thanks Mikey! Appreciate it! : )
  3. Hi Everyone, I am currently doing a little research on goldfish food and would appreciate any and all help I can get. Anyone interested in answering a few questions please follow the link below, it doesn't take more than a few minutes to complete: Thanks and appreciate your help! : ) Ricky Jay
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