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  1. Hi everyone,thank you all for your help but unfortunately my poor baby didn't make it? Absolutely gutted as he was lovely. Sip little guy ? and thanks again everyone ?
  2. Hi alicia, yes hes still eating ok. Apart from the obvious appearance you wouldnt really know as he still seems normal bless him. I have paypal to pay you for anything you send How much would you think i need ?
  3. Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately we actually bought him like this :/ The place should have noticed where we bought him from. Tested the waters and levels are normal. A couple of places recommended fin rot and ulcer treatment which is in his water atm, but ive also been told it makes it worse :/ Hes currently in a bucket as that was all we had to hand but i will buy a hospital tank for him today!!! I hate seeing him suffer
  4. Hi guys, My redcap oranda appears to have dropsy Would anyone be able to give me some advice on whats the best thing to do please. Hes been separated from the tank so hes now on his own. Hopefully these photos help Thank you
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