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  1. Just an update here. Gill has recovered from his injuries from one of his seizures, and is now swimming fine and eating on his own! Though unfortunately since he's had seizures for so long I doubt those will ever go away, I'm extremely happy and proud that he is once again able to function properly on his own. My big boy is a fighter!
  2. Thank you. I don't have an empty tank to move him to, but I can remove the decor to prevent further injuries. As for the seizures getting worse, they have been slowly progressing as time has gone by. And then within the last month probably is when they've been at their worst. A tumor could be possible though. He's had seizures for so long that it honestly wouldn't surprise me at all. I did salt the tank to try to help with stress because I know seizures can be stressful. He's having some difficulty swimming right now from hurting himself yesterday, but he's a fighter. He's still moving around and eating. And my other big guys have been trying to help him get to food, and a couple of them have even been spitting out food into smaller pieces to help him eat it. Pretty amazing actually. He's still seizing multiple times a day of course but he's trying hard to fight through it all. I will try treating with some prazi just to be on the safe side as well. Thank you guys. Hopefully something will help my poor guy!
  3. If I need to explain his seizures again, I can explain the whole ordeal as detailed as I possibly can.
  4. Just wanted to show pictures of what he looks like and as you can see he looks very healthy. As for the video still working on it. He's still in hiding and I really can't get a very good view of him. That is why I explained what he does when he has a seizure in a previous comment hoping that maybe an explanation would be helpful until I can get a video
  5. Thank you. I hate it. I always hoped he would get better instead of worse, but now I'm at a loss as to what I can do for him. The closest vet that deals with fish is a good 3 hours away (when considering the horrible traffic along the way) and I know that would be a lot of stress on him. Then several people suggested I come here to try to find some answers. Oh and still working on photobucket. Should be able to get a few pictures up soon.
  6. Okay thank you! I will make a photo bucket account as soon as I get my son down for a nap. Gill looks perfectly healthy in pictures but I know visuals can be helpful. Looking at him you'd never know he's had this problem for so long
  7. If any of you can tell me how to post a picture I can upload a picture of him.
  8. As for the tank...PH is 7.2 (has always been 7.2), temp is 68. Ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 0. 50% water change every week on Saturdays so last change was today. I use A I master kit for testing, AS I stress coat during water changes. Tank is 157 gallons. Filters are two 200 gallon sunsun canisters, one 110 gallon aquaclear. Also use a 4 port boyu air pimp with 2 bubble bars..rated for up to 300 gallons. Live plants include anubias and Java fern. Fish get fed once a day. 9 goldfish ranging from 2 inches to 11 inches in length (including tails). I've had this tank since january...was cycled before adding my guys to it. All fish have been treated with prazi, a while back I had an inch outbreak and was treated with API super ich treatment. Now there are no sick fish, no bloody fins, no fungus, no odd behaviors, no parasites...nothing weird or odd at all. No one else has had any problems at all. As I stated previously Gill has had seizures for about a year and a half...As far as I've noticed anyway, I'm not really sure if he had them before I noticed or if they just kind of came randomly
  9. He's been hiding for about 30 minutes now...His last long seizure he slammed into my drift wood and hasn't been swimming very well sense, but once he comes out I can try to get a video. Basically one minute he would swim around fine and then literally just start convulsing, shaking, getting knocked around from the convulsions, unable to control it at all, mouth wide open, then it would stop and he'd be fine. As I said he's had small seizures for a long time but they just keep getting worse...happening more frequently, lasting longer, and convulsions seem to be stronger. I knew one day he would likely get worse, I just always hoped that he wouldn't. I don't have a vet close that deals with fish, and all the local stores have just said yep that's a seizure but couldn't really give me any advice or anything at all..so I just did my best to keep him happy, but now that he just keeps getting worse I don't know if they'll continue to get worse or if there's anything I can do for him, if there isn't should I just let him ride it out and see what happens or put him out of his misery? I just don't know. He's the only fish I've ever had that has had seizures so I'm not really sure if anything can even be done to help him or not. He is still swimming...As best he can anyway, and he will still eat. To make eating easier for him I've been just catching him in a big net and putting a little food in it. My tank is 157 gallons and I figured that was just too much space for him to try to get food right now.
  10. Hi. So one of my common goldfish began having actual seizures about a year and a half ago. It started off as them only lasting about 5 or so seconds and only occurring occasionally, but of course over time they became a little more frequent, and now he's having seizures multiple times a day. In the 2 and a half years I've had him I have done my very best to keep him happy, healthy, and as comfortable as possible. He's always been very active and enjoys the other goldfish we have and has been extremely healthy. My water parameters are always great, temp is fine, ph stays stable, no bullying going on, no parasites or illness....etc. my question is with his seizures getting worse is there anything I can do for him to help him, or could this be close to the end for him?
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