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  1. Has anyone ever buried a stock tank like this? I was thinking of burying some in my yard to help insulate it to temperature swings. Considering the 150s and the 610. I'm just worried about water inside them vs earth outside will pressure equalize? Looking at ones like on this page. https://www.ntotank.com/plastic-stock-tanks
  2. Here is a video on the quarantine ponds. I've got more to setup, just need to find another day off.
  3. Well the one tote that is setup using that same media that is in the 2 liter bottle. The k1. It can be incorporated into a bucket style filter as well. I don't use the 2 liter bottle style filters on IBC totes like that because they are so deep it takes a lot of air pressure to drive them. That being said I may end up dropping air stones in each one anyways, if that happens there is no reason to not do it. But a lot of times I just airate inside the bucket filter, with less pressure, it takes a smaller blower to run all of those ponds.
  4. Well I should be clear. I do 4x water changes a day which is equal to about 25% daily. I have a flow through system. Basically all tanks in the fish room/cold room have bulkheads. I flush water into them and then it goes out to my yard/garden. In my experience at the loads I carry koi at the store for instance 95% water change a day can't keep up with the ammonia produced. So filtration is still needed. In theory on an auto water change system I could change a lot more water, but I do have chlorine in my water. Very small amounts, so the effect that black worms don't die in it. But I don't really want to be burning gills or anything either. So I find that consistent water changes do what I need it to do. I shot the video of how the water change system works on the tote but it doesn't release on my youtube channel till next Friday.
  5. Probably not showers as it really ups humidity in a closed space. It'll be DIY bucket wet dry filters. I'll make a video on how I make em when I make some more next week. With 4x auto water change a day, I won't need something as powerful as a bakki shower in theory. But we'll see how it goes, Adjusting filtration and water changes as necessary.
  6. In my experience I get much longer use out of crushed coral for pH and alkalinity buffering. However it does very little for hardness. Wonder shells are a great thing for that. Or equilibrium etc. Also know that crushed coral's effectiveness depends on how often and how much water you change. If you're doing say 90% every 3 days, crushed coral won't do much for you and you'd be better off with additives. In systems where the water changes can be spread out more giving the coral time to react it can be very stable.
  7. Well I do import for resale as I own a retail fish store. But the display I'm setting up is a 230 gallon custom acrylic tank with hand carved rosewood stand from Vietnam. No idea what goldies I want to do in it yet. Part of me want Ranchus, I fell in love with some full black Orandas I brought in a few months back. I kind of really want to play with shubunkins, maybe event bristols as I've never had bristols yet. I'm waiting on getting the man power together to move the stand into my house. It takes 4 people cause the rosewood is so heavy. I think my storm door has to come off the hinges to get it through the front door . The tank dimensions are 77x32x21.5 tall. The stand is 33 inches front to back depth with trim, and 34 inches tall. So the slimist dimension is 33 inches which just BARELY fits through my front door.
  8. Finally had a sunny day yesterday so I could cut the tops off these IBC totes. Got it setup for auto water changes etc. Need to build a few more filters and cycle them. Then I can import goldfish for my new display tank Was just excited and had to share.
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