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  1. They will need to know your tank size . Last water change . .temperature of water . .any treatments . .tank readings nitrites . .nitrates . .ammonia . .ph..how long your tsnk has been up and running . .the more information you give them the easier it will be for them to help you
  2. I hope you're water baby feels better someone will be a long in a few to guide you (((((hug))))
  3. Good luck with your water baby (hug)
  4. Good luck on your water babies...[emoji97] [emoji5] [emoji97]
  5. Awww someone will be here to help you shortly. Im sure. .good luck with your water baby
  6. Well today my fish buddy MeanAzz lost his battle..but im ok with his passing. .I did my best and gave him a great life and with you'lls help..we made him comfortable..last night all his tumors burst and im guessing that was to much for him. .he is now swimming in bigger streams...
  7. What a cutie pie. ..I wish you and him well.... big hug...
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