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  1. Hi! My name is Christine and my son won a feeder goldfish 5 years ago at a carnival. He has grown to a significant size and has always been an active eater. I currently keep him in a 20 gallon tank which I upgraded a few months ago from a 10 gallon. About a week and a half ago, I noticed that he stopped eating. He spends most of the day at the bottom of the tank, in the corner. On occasion, he will swim around but not much. I read about a variety of goldfish diseases and I do not see any signs other than not eating. His poop is white/clear in color now. I changed 80% of the water and cleaned the plants and gravel 6 days ago. I treat the water with Goldfish Protect and I always add Aquarium Salt. Just in case he has a bacterial infection, I started adding Melafix to the water when I conducted the 80% water change. I stopped feeding him pellets and switched to peas. He has always loved peas. He won't go near them anymore. Today, I bought blood worms and he has no interest. My water levels are fine and I have a good filtration system. I change the filter once a week. Does anyone know what could be happening? My son is devastated because essentially, we are watching him die from not eating. I can't believe I am losing sleep over this fish, but I have taken care of him for the past 5 years. What should I do? Christine
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